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Chili Cookoff 2004!

Rocco's Pub Marietta, Ga 770.971.8806

February 7, 2004 was a cool morning, but warmed up a little. Our 49 entrants didn't seem to mind to much! There is something almost magical about being a participant in any form (ie: cooking, tasting, drinking or just being the DJ) for this event. The smell of the meat cooking, the various seasonings in the air, freshly diced ingredients being lovingly administered into their secret "brews". One thing is for sure though... these people are passionate about their chili & they mean business!! They come from all over the United states to be here for the chance to go to the World Finals in Las Vegas. And they love their music! This is such a fun crowd to perform for. Country & classic rock are the mainstay of this event, with just a pinch of dance & rhytym & blues thrown in the mix.

Every year Danny (owner) donates a Roccos jacket to be raffled off with all proceeds to be donated to St. Judes Childrens Hospital. Chili tasting spoons, shirts, hats, Rocco's chili mix & hot sauce are all available daily too.

Danny "Rocco" Ciorrocco & his wife Mindy put on a good show for all. They opened up Roccos Pub in 1980, and have been going strong every since.  A neighborhood "Cheers" type atmosphere (and yes.. everyone knows MY name!) with a great staff catering to all of your needs.  Great food, but especially known for their... what else... CHILI! Try the NAPALM WINGS too!



It's gettin, It's gettin, It's Gettin' Kinda CHILI!  Is it supposed to smell like that?!?!?

And finally.. the winner of 2004 Rocco's Pub Chili Cookoff & who will go on to the World Finals in Vegas...


2003 photos & silliness

Yes... That is a stake!       the beer munchkins... but a fine draft you will receive!
click here to see Gina get busted singing into a spoon (549k)!

Gina is on the prowl for raffle ticket purchases...       Now where did I leave my beer?

The raffle winner of a Roccos Pub Jacket!       I told you it got warmer....

And finally.. the winner of 2003 Rocco's Pub Chili Cookoff & who will go on to the World Finals...

Congrats to all those who entered  The winning 2003 team Nikki's Revenge!
Congrats to: Nikki's Revenge

Lots of regulars keep it interesting too! Lefty, Wes & Gina, Marci & Earl, Mike & Irene, Danny (little man), Spanky, "English" Dave & Christine, Chuck & Donna, Carter, Chris, Jack, David, Tennessee Terry, Linda, Todd, Randy, Pete & Nancy, Rod & Shelia, Big Dog, Andy and so many others are found here (my daughter Katelyn, my wife Susan, and myself are guilty also!) Always a good conversation or heavily opinionated debate at the bar! Or there are always 18 TV's to watch your favorite sports or other events on (just don't ask Chip to turn on Survivor!). Come route on your favorite teams here over a cold pint or two!

So come see: Sam, Chip (the best Long Island Tea in Atlanta!), Jennifer, Heather,
Jolie, Debbie, Tommy, David Z, Jehad, Aaron, Snappy, & Patty & everybody else.

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