John Cloonan wrote: Thanks a bunch for doing the car show (Atlanta's S/E VW Club) - I actually had a couple of
                                       people tell me that our DJ this year  was much better than any we've used in the past. We really
                                       appreciate your support.

Joni Lawless wrote: Everyone thought you were terrific (pool party)! You definitely understand your audience & the
                                     music fit perfectly. Will definitely recommend you to my friends and look forward to using you again.

Debby Porter wrote: Thank you again for doing such a super job at our Street Festival. We especially appreciate your
                                      willingness to hang in there during that unexpected downpour of rain. You truly have a gift with your
                                      DJ abilities, knowing how to work a crowd & get everyone involved.

Drew & Nancy wrote:
Thank you so much for doing such a great job (wedding reception)!

Erin Simpson wrote:
Thank you for doing such a great job (Grand Opening) & being so helpful. It made such a
                                      difference to get invovled with everyone there.
Jamie Fricker wrote:
Consensus was everyone had a blast (wedding reception)! Thank you again, I will
                                       recommend you to others!

Mary & Daniel Smith wrote: You did a hell of a job (at our wedding reception)! It was great! Thank you.

Wendy Luce wrote: Just a quick update on the (Father / daughter) far we've had RAVE reviews.
                                    Everyone had a great time and have been very compilmentary about you and the entire
                           of all we raised over $1100.00 for the dance company!

Allison Kelly wrote: Thank you for volunteering your time to help with our MS walk. Many of the walkers
                                     & participants mentioned that they enjoyed your enthusiasm and liveliness. Again, thank you.
                                     One day will we win the fight against MS, thanks to caring individuals like yourself.

Billy Morton wrote: Thank you for the outstanding job you did for my event  (1st Annual Peach State Charity Bash).
                                     It was a huge success, and you played a big part in that. If there is anyone who wants to get
                                     a reference, I will give you high praise. I look forward to working with you again.

Angela Zachry wrote: I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had at the reception.You did a FANTASTIC
                                        job!!!! Everyone was has been talking about how great a job you did. Not only were you very
                                        involved in the music part of it, but also very thoughtful with us on our very stressful (but
                                        wonderful and beautiful day) from everything on letting me change my mind a million different
                                        times on music to bringing a glass of ice water to me before I made that walk down the aisle!

My promise to you, my VIP client;

You will deal direct with me, the person who will be the DJ for your very important event. I offer a free consultation before your event to sit down and work out details with you. This means no problems or miscommunications from third party intervention. I am a professional Disc Jockey and I take my work very seriously. You may have heard me on the radio right here in Atlanta, as I worked at WKLS (96 Rock) as an on-air personality on the Bladerunner 7-12 pm show. I am also a proud member of the Georgia Mobile Disc Jockey Association & the Atlanta Disc Jockey Network.

I guarantee I will be dressed in proper attire (tux or what you prefer), punctual (never been late or missed an event), prepared, and courteous to any & all participants of your function. I like to deal "one on one" with you, and I will happily be as involved with any planning concerning your event as you would like. I have contacts for videography, photography, caterers, limos, and sites to hold your event available at your disposal. I offer over 10,000+ song titles in my ever expanding music library. It covers all genres from:   Rock & Roll, Top 40 / Dance, Country, Big Band / Swing & Oldies, Beach, Blues, even Rap & Old School.

Bottom Line: I will work hard to please you and your guests.

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