Electronika EM - 25 is a poly synthesizer-strings that has 3 timbre sections: strings - contrabasses, violins, organ-registers ("16'","8'","4'","2'"), brass, trumpets.

Stringed and organ sections have: polyphonic attack and release of sound with duration control, switching decay mode.

Brass instruments section has:

LFO with controls - ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN;
modulator with controls: RATE, DELAY, VIBRATO;
controlled filter with: LFO, MODULATOR, CUTOFF, ACCENT;
starting of filter -mono or polyphonic condition.

There is also a possibility to split the keyboard to 2 section (with setting up different timbres of sounding)

Sound phrases - sample1  sample2  sample3

Manual - page1  page2  page3  page4  page5  page6

Schematics - map1  map2  map3  map4  map5  map6  map7  map8
Sound maps - list1  list2