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JUNOST’ 21 - is a polyphonic synthesizer/strings. This synth has grip on the left side out of body, for use like a guitar. It has 4 octave keyboard starting from F till E (velocity sensitive). Control knobs on the grip - unison/chorus switch;- volume fader;- pitch bend fader;- octave switch;

Synthesis sections:
- TUNING zone: 2 X small screws for tuning ... no midi/etc and you must tune your oscs ...
- MODULATIONS zone: depth; frequency; delay; switch between filter/oscillator (this is lfo which can modulate either filter or osc ... all the basic params of lfo)
- FILTER zone: range; brightness; depth;
- ENVELOPE zone: attack; decay; level;
- PRESET zone (this synth has some presets, but presets can be turned on or off ... when on - you get a preset sound, when off - make your own):* 3 bank buttons (there are three banks - 1, 2 and 3);* 4 preset buttons (3 banks of 4 sounds in each);* preset off button (when you press any bank/preset buttons - presets turn on ...then you must press off - well, to get them off);* keyb control knob;* screen - 2 digi/number led - showing bank/preset as well as small 'commas'indicating if preset is turned off and if keyb contrl is turned off;- on/off switch;
- CONNECTIONS... this one has just 2 X 5din connectors ... one is output, the other is ac in ... shouldn't it have some kind of batteries inside ...

Sound phrases - sample1  sample2  sample3  sample4  sample5  sample6
Manual - page1  page2  page3  page4  page5
Schematics - map1  map2  map3  map4  map5  map6  map7  map8  map9  map10