CD-ROM LIBRARY DISK - "Potential of the powerful Soviet synthesizers vol.1"

The first collection of original sounds of various CCCP synthesizers in one disk!

CD library with the sounds of Soviet synthesizers is represented to you now. Use this library to create unique patches for your hard or soft sampler. More than 600Mb of analog synthesizer samples are available – fat bass lines, warm pads, aggressive razor leads, smooth classic waveforms, cosmo FX, sounds of noises and machines, percussion, original realtime phrases and much more...Thanks to unique architecture and powerful resonance filters, Soviet-made synthesizers have inimitable colour in their sound; you get a lot of cool stuff for creating killer patches!

CD disk contains raw .wav files (no EQ, FX, compress etc.) in professional format 24 bit/48 kHz. Every patch folder includes some 15 to 20 detailed mono samples (for example, "Polivoks" folder> HardLead1> sample1_C 2), accuracy recorded from the every other note in the range of two or three octaves of the synthesizer. It must be noted that before sampling, analog synthesizer is adjusted against standard sound tune. While operating, some analog oscillators may have small pitch deviations in the lower or upper range of the keyboard. Therefore, before starting to work on your patch, you should tune some extreme notes if needed. The notes length is 1 to 6 sec.(the longer length is necessary for realistic pads). Some sets contain repeated notes, but with various filter cutoff parameters. Long individual samples with realtime opening and closed filter, LFO, X-modulation and others are also available. The disk contains the sounds of such synthesizers as Aelita, Polivoks, Faemi-1M, Alisa-1387, Maestro, Ritm-2 and others. The sounds of some drum machines, such as Lell PSR, Rockton, Elsita, are also available.

Original disk with individual sounds of some Soviet synthesizers you have selected may be created, too. Such a CD may contain the collection of detailed samples of the selected model. Sampling with the use of Soviet analog effects – tape delay, phaser, distortion, external rez filter, and others – is also possible. Ask me your questions on the subject...

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