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MAESTRO this is a polyphonic compact instrument and the first in Russia microprocessor controlled synthesizer.

It has 20 preset voices of main groups of the traditional instruments, chorus, arpeggiator with memory and joystick for pitch and modulation depth.

Polyphony - 4 voices
Oscillator - 1
Preset sounds - 20 (sorted on category), registers 2',4',8',16'
Filter - 2-pole resonant lowpass 12dB/oct
Pitch - tuning, chorus
Modulation - vibrato depth, frequency
Amplifier - release, volume
Arpeggiator/tremolo - rate, up/down, single/double, note memory
Control - joystick pitch/modulation depth (X-Y)
Outs - line, phones(jack)
Weight - 15kg (with case)

Sound phrases - sample1  sample2 

Knobs translation - click here

Manual - page1  page2  page3  page4  page5  page6  page7  page8  page9

Schematics - map1  map2  map3  map4