Miscellaneous devices
LIDER-1 - guitar microsynthesizer (Formanta factory)

LIDER - the 1-st Soviet guitar processor, produced in 1982; it has 5 main series sections - Mixer>Phazer>Controlled filter>Modulator>Output and four rubber footswitches for realtime effect control. Includes such parameters as: rocktone, suboctave, phazer freq, filter resonance, speed, modulator release, attack and others. It can be used as the external effect processor for synthesizer since it has powerful analog resonance filter with envelope, retro phazer, overdrive etc. There is a control wheel for effect and scale. Connections: input, main out (line, phone, amplifier).

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Demo - sound1 sound2

ROKTON - analog drummachine/module (Formanta factory)

Drum module Rokton is the only "brain" of the electronic percussion kit (complete set incl. trigger pads, stands, cables, pedals). It has 5 independent channels with a complete spectrum of synthesis (sensitivity, filter, pitch, balance tone/noise, decay etc) and two channels for cymbals. There is a built-in autorhythm machine with 16 preset patterns, basic control functions and various styles, which can use any edited or factory sounds. It can also produce preset styles and live triggered sounds simultaneously. The module has standard 1/4 jacks for triggers connection, pedals input and line-outs.

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LIDER-2 - guitar synthesizer (Formanta factory)

The floor guitar microsynthesizer Lider-2 is designed for using with an external source, for example guitar, organ and so on. The instrument can process sounds in different ways and mix signal inside the synthesizer. There are 5 rubber pedal controls which are likely to be used during playing. The following effects can be used by a player: tonecorrector, flanger, chorus, solo, rhythm.

ELSITA - drum "brain" (RMIF factory)

RMIF Elsita is an analog drum module. It contains pads for live playing on the uprights. There are 4 percussion sections in the instrument (from bass drum, snare, to high-hat). Control on the front panel: gain, tone, release, filter, balance, tone/noise, level, channels on(1-4), metronome.

Download demo sound1 sound2 sound3

MARSH UDS - drum module

Marsh UDS is an analog drum module that has 6 independent drum channels with basic synthesis such - sensitivity, tune, noise/tone, env, filter etc.. Has 6 standard velocity triggers inputs, L-R outputs, all on 1/4" jacks. Additional Hi-Low EQ om main output. The phones jack is available too.

Download demo sound1 sound2 sound3

EXO - analog tape delay

Tape delay Exo(Echo)is the retro effect unit. It has 5 channels for heads control (to adjust the character of delay - on/off, level), play/record amount, scale level, "reverberation" on/off. On the back panel there are four 5 din plugs - line in, out, micr input and connection for remote control; there is also knob RC on/off.

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RUBIKON - early digital processor

Digital stereo multitap delay Rubikon has 16 programs with parameters: effect, time and feedback level. It also has such functions as write/read, repeat, reverse effect. On the front panel there are a line input and two stereo outputs (standard jacks) with regulators. Internal batteries are intended for storing presets memory.

LELL UDS - drum module (SAM factory)

Lell UDS is a compact analog electronic percussion module like SIMMONS, ELSITA or similar...Good for play a 80-th type drum sounds or modern and experimental warm percussions. It has 2 independent and identical channels with powerfull parameters of synthesis, such: gain, tune, attack, decay, filter rez, mod, noise, noise filter, accent, balance etc. Main 5-din audio output and 2 trigger inputs.

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LELL RC- early multi-processor (SAM factory)

Lell RC - it is a early digital multi-effect processor, it has the following FX - chorus, flanger, delay, hall, record loop, also parameters like reverb depth and time, level etc. Many of this effects is work in chain. Connections: in, out, stereo, mono. Warm and big effects!

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LELL PSR - 8-bit drum machine (SAM factory)

Lell PSR is the digital drum machine that has a built-in sequencer for 8 songs, 32 factory patterns (64 user), 16 preset styles, each of them contains 2 variations. Maximum song lenghth - 255 bars, minimum tempo value from 40 to 250. It has 12 internal sounds of percussion instruments: bass drum, bongo, clap, cymbal, rim, snare, tom1, tom2, tom3. Each of sounds has an accent. Included power adaptor and internal battery slot for memory backup.

Download demo sound1 sound2

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VERMONA SYNTHESIZER - monosynth (made in DDR)

This is analog synthesizer produced by German music company Vermona throughout the 1980's. It is a 2-VCO monophonic analog synthesizer. It has most basic analog edit parameters. A 24 dB/oct analog VCF filter with 4 knobs (Brilliance, CutOff, Resonance, Contour), a single LFO to modulate the VCO or VCF sections and a typical ADSR VCA envelope. There are preset VCF and VCA settings as well as a Manual mode, but there is no real Patch setting storage available. Also absent are MIDI and CV or Gate.

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