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POLIVOKS is a legendary polyphonic 2 OSC analog synthesizer; it was among the first synthesizers produced in the USSR. Polivoks had been produced since 1982 by Formanta electronic factory (one of the biggest at the time); it was sold exclusively in the USSR. Polivoks has its own particular electronic parts, reliable keyboard (49 notes F–E) made in magnetically controlled contacts; synthesis modules consist of independent boards, which is convenient for maintenance. The synthesizer has 2-voices polyphony; each oscillator works with a keyboard note independently; two types of filters – bandpass/lowpass and external input for cutoff control. In addition, Polivoks is housed in an original body of uncommon design with handy controls. Being closed with a cover, the synthesizer turns into a strong aluminum case.

Sound synthesis control consists of 8 sections – MODULATOR, MASTER, OSCs TUNING(under the cover with the label "Polivoks"), OSC 1, OSC 2, MIXER, FILTER, AMPLIFIER.
LFO Section consists of LFO speed and modulation waveforms (triangle, saw, square, random).
MASTER section is designed to control global parameters of the synthesizer – phones, master tuning, glissando, 1 or 2 voices mode switch, master volume, signal output on/off.
Oscillators tuning (the cover with the "Polivoks" label must be taken off) has the following adjustment parameters – registers, pitch and shift (for each of the oscillators).
VCO 1 – registers from 2" to 32", oscillators waveforms (triangle, saw, square, sine), LFO level, crossfade modulation amount.
VCO 2 – registers, waveforms, LFO level, osc pitch.
MIXER section – VCO 1, VCO 2 level, noise generator, external input level.
VCF(Filter) – ADSR knobs, ADSR mode (/\ or /\/\, switched to auto-trigger), cutoff, resonance, BPF/LPF mode, filter LFO level, envelope level.
VCA (Amplifier) – ADSR knobs, ADSR mode (/\ or /\/\, switched to auto-trigger), mod level, keyb memory.
Power knob on/off.

CONNECTION panel – phones, pedal in (for filter cutoff control), line input and output. Power source and fuse.
Dimensions – 780x490x195
Weight (with case) – about 20 kg.

Polivoks is the most popular vintage Russian synthesizer all over the world. It has inimitable peculiar sound and very powerful aggressive filters outperforming the famous Minimoog! A fat, lush and very analogue sound is achieved through instability and thanks to unique architecture of the Soviet-era components; in addition, highly reliable military technologies were applied in the process of production. The synthesizer may be used for hard electronic music, or for soft ambient/old school projects and for modelling various effects as well.

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