Ritm-2 this is portable solo synthesizer, it has 1-osc (plus sub osc), 1LFO, 2 adsr and more..

First section - portamento/glisando;

Modulations section:- modulation frequency knob (LFO); osc section: tuning knob from - to + ; modulation switch from saw, tri and random; tone switch from 32', 16', 8' or 4' ; modulation ammount knob from 10 till 2; modulaton on/off switch (linked to ammount knob);

Mixer section:- noise ammount knob; saw wave ammount knob; tri wave/rising tri wave switch; ammount of tri/rising wave;

Filter section: cutoff freq knob; resonance; modulaton switch ... choose envelope, tri wave or random; modulation ammount knob; keytrack button (between 1/1 keytrack or 1/2); 4 x faders for adsr envelope;

Output section: output volume knob; phones volume knob;

Amp section: switch between single-triggered envelope and repeating envelope; memory knob; 4 x faders for adsr envelope;

Connection on the back panel:- on/off switch; electr. wire connection ; fuse (0,25A);- output; On the front: 2,5 octave keyboard (F-C), to the left of keyboard there are:- pitch bend slider; modulaton whell; below keyboard there is a headphones 5din plug;

Size: 600X400X200 mm, weight: 9 kgs.

Sound phrases - sample1  sample2  sample3
Knobs translation - click here
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Schematics - map1  map2