THE GEAR LEVER LINKAGE (or lack thereof)


If the (manual) gear lever goes sloppy and rubbery, and the gearbox locks in second, fourth or reverse while the gearlever can be moved all over the place, the linkage is to blame. At least for m82 and m83 (and possibly other) models Saab used a HARDY-SPICER disc with two tripods pointing each way, to connect the gear lever to the gearbox selector rod. Over the years the rubber hardy-spicer disc will get soaked with leaking engine/gear oil, until it disintegrates. The gear lever is no longer connected to the gearbox.

Later models were fitted with a less complicated and more reliable linkage, which also happens to be the same as fitted to the 900. It takes away the mushy feel in the gearlever, but adds a little more drivetrain vibrations.
I recently checked the prices for these two, and Saab demands 1050.- NOK either version. Hmmm... I paid 20 at the scrap.