By Timothy S. Cooper
Published 2000/04/07

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Governments and religious authority have a long history of suppressing knowledge that conflicts with traditional beliefs regarding man's origin and contact with extraterrestrials. As with UFO/alien secrecy, the Hebrew Bible containing secrets of Jehovah (YHWH known by scholars as the Tetregrammaton, Greek, for the four letters for the name of God) were classified and held secret by tyrants, kings, princes, yes, even by whole empires, have striven to destroy these truly majestic documents.

At times it appeared to opposers that the destruction of these documents was assured. Government authorities formed edicts and prohibitions condemning it to the fire, only to sound its death knell in vain. These documents and copies of them survived. The book survived. Its preservation through wave after wave of assault throughout centuries has been termed "a miracle of history."

What has been more remarkable, is the fact that a collection of knowledge 7000 years old has been subjected to such opposition and secrecy would be the all time best seller? In some respects, books are like humans. They have a beginning, may grow in popularity, and usually become old and die. Libraries are often the grave yard for millions of dead books as are formerly classified government UFO intelligence documents. Their usefulness is no longer considered relevant and are archived or destroyed.


The laws for space flight found in the Hebrew scrolls as former NASA flight director Dr. Wernher von Braun said, "are so precise that we have no difficulty building a spaceship to fly to the moon and can time the flight with the precision of a fraction of a second. These laws must have been set by somebody." The planets in our solar system, also the stars in the entire universe, move at a rate that is more precise than most clocks designed and manufactured by man. The galaxy in which our solar system is located includes over 100 billion stars, and astronomers estimate that there are 100 billion such galaxies in the universe! One of the great mysteries of extraterrestrials and space flight as discussed in the Ezekiel document had to do with the Merkaba, Jehovah's celestial time conveyance traditionally known as the "Divine Chariot" as documented by the prophet Ezekiel accompanied by the four-faced living creatures. This knowledge was so secret that as the commentary to The Pentateuch and Haftorahs edited by Dr. J.H. Hertz, late Chief Rabbi of the British Empire explains; "a study reserved for men of the highest degree of mental and moral being rightly feared that undertaken by lesser men, it could lead to mental and emotional imbalance" was forbidden even to a single man to know.

Besides the obvious Divine laws and moral statutes it contains, the genetic and physical laws which are now only being appreciated by modern science are extraordinary. The Apostle John commented in his Gospel account that "All things came into existence through him [Jehovah's Son and the Archangel Michael], and apart from him not even one thing came into existence."-Proverbs 8:22,30,31. Today, scientists have learned that matter is a concentrated form of energy. This was demonstrated with the explosion of the world's first atomic bomb on 16 July, 1945. Astrophysicist Josip Klecyek observed: "Most and possibly all elementary particles may be created by materialization of energy." - The Universe (Boston, 1976), Vol. 11, p. 17.

The genetic origins of the human race also invokes mystery and scientific debate. The recent decoding of human DNA has established that we are all of one genetic mix and have but one single origin-Eve. The Genesis document says simply that God created each "according to its kind." (Gen.1:12,21,24,25) In preparation for the Global Flood in Noah's day, God directed that representative members of each "kind" of land animal and birds be taken into the ark. (Gen. 7:2,3,14) Each "kind" has the genetic potential for great variety. Thus there are up to reportedly more than 400 different breeds of dogs and upwards of 250 breeds and types of horses. All interfertile varieties of any animal are just one Genesis "kind." Similarly, all varieties of humans-Oriental, African, Caucasian, those tall as the seven-foot Dinka in the Sudan and as short as the four-footed Pygmies-stem from the one original pair, Adam and Eve.-Gen. 1:27,28; 3:20.

The other reason why the Hebrew Scriptures were a target of suppression (and, I might add, still a controversy even today) is the text in Genesis 1:26 that says, "Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness." Each cell of the human body has been likened to a walled city, with a central government to maintain order, a power plant to generate energy, factories to produce proteins, a complex transportation system, and guards to regulate what is permitted to enter. And a single human body is made up of as many as 100 trillion cells. In the human brain there is evidence of intensive research and careful engineering. How it functions is still largely a mystery to scientists. Our brain has the built-in capacity to learn complex languages, to appreciate beauty, to compose music, to contemplate the origin and meaning of life. Robert White, a noted brain surgeon commented: "I am left with no choice but to acknowledge the existence of a Superior Intellect, responsible for the design and development of the incredible brain-mind relationship-something far beyond man's capacity to understand."

The Hebrew books contain references to watchful extraterrestrials above, about, and on the earth who, on occasions, have contacted and interfered with political agendas of world governments since recorded time. One only has to study ancient history of the Egyptians, Bablylonians, Persians, Greeks, and the Romans (not to mention the modern-day Anglo-American world power) in light of Biblical prophecy to appreciate why it has been suppressed and attacked for centuries. One might wonder: 'Just why was such effort put forth to preserve it? Is it simply so that the Bible can have a good effect on our lives? Could there be a much deeper and more profound reason? Yes, why is it that strenuous efforts were made in the past, and are still made, to prevent its message to be known and understood in our day? One reason is that its prophecies have proven to be 100% accurate. The second, and most important reason, it contains a code that, only until recently, has been discovered in limited code breaking as found in the recent best selling book, The Bible Code and lightly touched on in the Majestic documents-they have returned and will intervene again.


One of the obstacles to the preservation of the Jehovah scrolls was met with fire. The imposing library at Alexandria, Egypt, was without question the greatest collection of ancient books the world had yet seen. At one time its ancient shelves bulged with over a half million documents administered by the Egyptian government. Scarcely 350 years from its construction in the third century B.C.E. (before the common era), a fire was set by a mob determined to destroy the secret history of the ancient world before the Noachian Flood. Soon what was left of its valuable documents was pillaged and destroyed. Among these archives was the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scrolls of the Jewish Nation known as the Greek Septuagint (the work of the Seventy scribes). This huge collection of books, written for the most part on papyrus (a paper-like material made from the fibers of the plentiful Egyptian papyrus plant), was a natural obstacle to a book's survival-fire, along with ravishing man. Had the books been stone or clay tablets rather than perishable papyrus, they may might have fared better. Yet on this same perishable material papyrus, parts of the Christian Greek Scriptures (the New Testament) may have been written in the first century C.E. (common era). Mainly used in Bible writings was parchment or vellum (a writing material made from the skins of animals). This too can be burned and in time will rot. How easily the original handwritten copies of the Bible could have perished forever without a duplicate to replace their priceless content. However, many copies were made and circulated, so the knowledge was not lost, though written on perishable materials. Very few people can read ancient Hebrew. Yet this is the language Jehovah communicated his disclosure in. Obviously if it were only in this script today, it would be a dead book! However, at the time the script was used, all who utilized the Hebrew documents, as well as many in the surrounding countries, could read that style of writing with understanding. The ancient Bible code was understandable to those who worshiped Jehovah.

After the death of Jesus the founder of Christianity (Greek Kristos, Hebrew Meshia, the anointed One) Roman authorities persecuted Christians with the first assault against the Bible coming in 303 C.E. Emperor Diocletian then decreed that all Christian books be handed over and burned. Refusal would bring arrest and death! Sadly, scores of precious Bible manuscripts were burned in the streets. However, some like Felix of Thiabara (Africa), refused to turn over the Scriptures. He said: 'It is better for me to be burned than the divine Scriptures.' He paid with his life.

In time, the Bible was translated into Latin, the secret and sacred language of the Roman Catholic Church. No longer willing to put forth effort to understand the Bible, many found it easier simply to revere its pages and became a "sacred relic." In 1223, James the First, King of Aragon, Spain, ordered that "No man shall possess books of the Old or New Testament in Romance [the common language]." Similarly, in 1229 the Religious Synod of Toulouse, France, issued an edict that said: "Lay [common] people shall not have books of scripture." In 1369, King Charles IV, Emperor of Germany issued an edict that ordered Archbishops to launch "inquisitors and confiscate" Bibles written in the common language. Though valiant efforts by a few to translate portions from the "sacred" Latin Bible did occur, it did not stop official sanctions against them. Government decrees placed the death sentence on any who possessed a Bible in the common language were burned to death.

Even the translators were in peril themselves. When the printing press came unto the scene, translated copies of the Bible could be reproduced faster than they were destroyed. William Tyndale, who translated from the original languages, not merely from the Latin said: 'a boy that drives a plow' could read and comprehend it. Through bribery and betrayal, Tyndale was strangled and burned at the stake. What were the real reasons? Noted Catholic scholar Eramus wrote: "In many places in the sacred volumes the vices of pastors and princes are reproved, and if the people were to read them, they would murmur against those set over them." Those in power in the Courts and in the Vatican mistakenly feared that unauthorized persons would make faulty translations in the vernacular and kept it hidden in the Latin language for which only the educated and privileged could read.


There were attempts to tamper with the text of the Hebrew Scriptures and the Greek text of the writings of the Jewish apostles of Jesus. Unscrupulous bishops and scholars began removing texts and adding others. Tertullian was suspected of "openly used the knife, not the pen" to excise portions of the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible where it "suited his own subject matter" and erased "everything that was contrary to his own opinion." Like all secret documents, sensors find it convenient to redact or remove what they consider damaging to their power base and the Bible, you could say, became the first of classified documents in history.

Centuries before the Common Era, the Hebrew Scriptures were meticulously copied by devoted scribes. These were called Sopherim, a term apparently derived from the Hebrew verb "to count." Why? 'The early scholars were called Sof'rim,' according to the Talmud, 'because they counted all the letters of the Law.' Yet, to have no mistakes in copying would require the attention of Jehovah himself every time a scribe picked up a pen. Were these serious enough to destroy the Bible code? Or is there evidence to show that, despite thousands of years of recopying, the Hebrew text is virtually the same? For many years such questions were unanswered, because the oldest Hebrew manuscripts went back to only around 900 C.E. This is an important point, for the key to solving events that occurred in America in 1947 rested in the text of a "book" discovered in the New Mexican desert and another discovery in Palestine that same year that would forever alter our understanding of extraterrestrial life.


In the spring of 1947, in a small cave overlooking the Dead Sea in Palestine, a 15-year-old boy stood in the dim light and stared bewilderedly at a mass of leather wrapped in a linen cloth. The unsightly bundle was stored in a large, two-foot-high clay pot.

This lad held in his hands what has since been termed "the greatest manuscript discovery of modern absolutely incredible find!" Here were parts of the Bible that date back into the second century B.C.E., 1000 years earlier than the oldest copies available up to that time. How would they compare with the more recent copies? Millar Burrows, who worked with the scrolls for years, analyzing carefully their contents, stated there was "a remarkable agreement, on the whole, with the text found in medieval manuscripts." The differences were so slight and negligible that it gave "reassuring testimony to the general accuracy of the traditional text," and Burrows exclaimed that "It is a matter for wonder that through something like a thousand years the text underwent so little alteration."

A textual discovery of another kind occurred some months later in the New Mexican desert by U.S. military authorities of what is reportedly a very ancient Bible written in a form of a Hebrew language predating anything so far discovered. News of the Dead Sea Scrolls caught the attention of U.S. intelligence and liaison was established with a Hebrew language scholar for a textual comparison of what was found in New Mexico among the debris of what can only be best described as a space craft of unknown origin. In 1955, senior code breakers of the U.S. National Security Agency completed deciphering the "alien" Bible code and this information was transmitted to the infamous secret government UFO investigative group known as MJ-12. According to sources who leaked the MJ-12 documents in the 1990's "the Hebrew Bible was confirmed as the long sought after key to understanding extraterrestrial UFO sightings...and this information was shared with the Vatican as early as 1949." As incredible as this sounds, it must be remembered that the Air Force's Project SIGN staff had considered Biblical UFO sightings and the writings of Charles Fort in its attempt to put a historical label on flying saucer reports prior to the twentieth century.

Recently, the Vatican has expressed interest in extraterrestrial life and the possibility that the modern-day UFO phenomenon may in reality be attempts at human contact by another celestial race. Recent meetings between noted Hebrew scholar Zecharia Sitchin and Monsignor Corrado Balducci, Prelate of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the Propagation of the Faith (official sensor of the Vatican) may substantiate the claim that the Vatican has been monitoring the situation for many years and is now expressing official Papal interest. When asked if the Vatican has stated official opinions on extraterrestrial contact, Balducci said: "There must be something in it." He also said that extraterrestrials could be "beings who are like us-more probably, beings more advanced than us...although in different proportions than human beings on Earth."

Institutions from the U.S., England, and the Vatican funded a small group of Hebrew scholars in a joint venture to reconstruct the fragments of over 800 scrolls and the translation of Biblical scrolls recovered from caves near Qumram. This effort was done in great secrecy and for over forty years the results of the research were kept from scholars which created rumors that something damaging to traditional church doctrines was at stake. Finally, in 1991 after threatened law suits from the director of the Huntington Library of San Marino, California, the Dead Sea Scroll group and the Israeli Antiquities Authority announced it "agrees in principle" to the opening of access to photos of the scrolls and called a meeting of scroll editors in December 1991 "to make plans for officially disseminating the material" which led to a computerized reconstruction of some of the "unpublished material" from an official concordance showing "key words" and their locations in the text. But scroll editors opposed releasing any photographic copies predicted that "open access to the documents would jeopardize years of careful, tedious work." Professor John Strugnell, former editor-in-chief of the scroll project from Harvard called the "unauthorized" release "thievery". Frank M. Cross, another Harvard scroll editor and professor of Hebrew and other Oriental languages, warned that "unlimited" access to the scrolls could "attract a good many cranks" and actually impede the publishing process. But such claims didn't satisfy outside scholars much the same way U.S. intelligence claims of national security interests have been shown for not releasing all UFO files to outside researchers. Critics charged that the editors have been engaged in deliberate suppressing scroll material that would prove damaging to traditional religious views. One theory that has been widely accepted, is that the Vatican has launched a conspiracy to hide sensitive information regarding the Qumram documents for fear its legitimacy may be challenged.


As we have seen from this article, there is a common link to the Hebrew Bible and the UFO intelligence documents still hidden from public view. The leaked photos of the Dead Sea Scrolls now appearing in publication and the leaked MJ-12 documents also being published share a common bond. Both contain damaging information to religion and politics if confirmed by official authority and perhaps is well, for the time being. But as the history of devoted individuals seeking truth were martyred for their beliefs, the truth will eventually come out for extraterrestrial contact and will vindicate the sacrifices of a few who dared to publish in defiance of authority what people should know. Authority looses credibility when it begins to deceive and takes executive action to suppress what it feels is 'State' property. If the long history of the Hebrew Scriptures is our best example of Truth surviving all attempts at suppression, we may one day know it, and, be the better for it. As Napoleon once said: "The Bible is no mere book, but a Living Creature, with a power that conquers all that oppose it."

Copyrightę 2001 by Timothy S. Cooper

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