2006 World UFO Day - 2nd annual 'Unbind Your Mind' conference, Cape Town, South Africa, 1 July

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It is that time of the year again where World UFO Day (2 July) is creeping closer. The idea for the celebration of this day was conceived by Turkish UFO researcher Haktan Akdogan and chose this specific date because it is the traditional anniversary of the Roswell incident where a spacecraft & occupants crashed in New Mexico, USA in 1947 quite near the 509th Bomber group stationed at Roswell Army Air Force Base who were later to drop the atomic bombs in Japan.. This was also the very 1st public indication that our governments and military were actively lying to the public..

We celebrate this day because the public needs to know that UFOs are an integral part of our reality, whether they are top secret military projects, misidentified natural phenomena, extraterrestrially piloted craft, inter-dimensional or time travellers, or an as yet unknown phenomenon..

With the recent UFO craze that hit the town of Port Shepstone (20 May 2006) and how fast the story spread worldwide, we can clearly see the level of active interest from the public. More and more people are opening up to the possibility of UFO reality.

Why is this important to us in our daily lives? For one thing, we know that there exists a level of public mind control by unscrupulous groups who have near-unlimited financial and other resources and that these few use this power for controlling the many. We are the many. The only reason why they can still get away with this is because they bank on our ignorance of them, their plans and modus operandi.. It is time that the people of this world stand together and take our individual control over ourselves back and aim to reach our true potential.. This cannot be done with oppression still in place and the oppression cannot work when it is out in plain view in stead of working its menace from behind the scenes as is currently the case..

Another point that the public should understand is that advanced technologies have been recovered from UFOs and have been in use by the elite to further the gap between the few and the many.. A direct effect when certain of these technologies are allowed to be made public is that most of the elements of our world economy which are dependant on the oil industry, will fail to exist.. this most probably will shatter world economy, and as is clearly understood by all of us who know that money is essential (at this stage of our civilisation's developement), this would be disastrous on an unprecedented scale.. However, there are alternatives..

Here in Cape Town, we have been hit by electricity shortages and the public has realized how dependent we are on this when it is no longer there.. This is totally unnecessary as alternative ways of generating electricity exists, but (and again this is tied in to the oil-cabals) the few do not want the many to know that free universal energy exists all around us at this very moment and that the technology exists to tap this energy..

The only way we can gain access to these very necessary technologies is to stop accepting our leaders lies and demand that complete transparency of the spending of the tax-Rands be implemented.. We do NOT need to spend billions of Rands on a Defense Budget while people are dying of hunger, the unemployment figure is so high, healing & preventative medical care is needed, our educational system is in such a state, their is corruption at the highest levels of government, our environment is suffering more and more each day (what planet will our children inherit?) etc, etc.. And oh, we are not at war!

If you want to know more of what is really going on in the world around us and think that knowing more about UFOs and related issues can be gateways to higher dimensions of human knowledge, feel free to come and support us at our "Unbind Your Mind" World UFO Day conference on 1 July 2006 in Cape Town, South Africa. There are still a few openings for guest speakers who wish to assist in removing the shackles of institutionalised thought.

For more info contact:
Email: saufor@mweb.co.za
Mobile: CRiSTo LouW - 0843022660 (Founder of SAUFOR)

or keep an eye on this page for updates..

May Love & Peace prevail on Earth!

SAUFOR (South Africa's UFO Resource) is a private & public group working towards bringing South Africa out of the UFOlogical 'Dark Age' and we cooperate with other research groups locally and internationally.

SAUFOR Media Release – 6 June 2006

Are there UFOs in South Africa?

South Africa’s Unidentified Flying Objects Resource (SAUFOR) is hosting their second annual “Unbind Your Mind” UFO conference in celebration of World UFO Day where the timeline of UFO events in South Africa will be revealed. Besides covering the history of this phenomenon, other topics include Identified Flying Objects, How to Report a UFO, UFO witnesses and hallucinations, UFOs as a gateway to higher knowledge, the ET Open Contact Initiative, important current international developments, and more.

“The time is ripe for the South African public to be informed about the true nature of the UFO issue,” says Cristo Louw, founder of SAUFOR. “We are a private and public organisation whose mission it is to bring South Africa out of the UFOlogical ‘Dark Age’”, he says.

With a recent event which occurred in Port Shepstone where an alleged UFO crashed into the sea as reported by numerous eye-witnesses on a Saturday afternoon and the speed at which this story spread not only locally, but also internationally, we can clearly see the level of interest that the public has in this issue.

And why is this important? The whole UFO debacle and the related conspiracies of government cover-ups, extraterrestrial visitations and an international underground secret government cabal pulling their strings from behind the scenes, is probably the most important issue facing humanity at this point in our global evolution. According to international researchers, it all boils down to keeping the status quo, because when the public finds out that alternative methods for generating free energy derived from advanced extraterrestrial technologies is revealed as not only possible but have been in use for many years, the oil industry and all parts of world economy dependent on it, will have to be seriously revised. The impact on our daily lives will be permanent and lasting. And no more power outages in South Africa!

When is the conference: Saturday, 1 July 2006
Where is it held? Cape Town


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