Sergius Bulgakov

Fr. Sergei Nikolaevich Bulgakov
(June 16, 1871, Livny - July 12, 1944, Paris)

"The greatest Orthodox theologian since Saint Gregory Palamas"
-- Constantin Andronikov (d. 1997), French translator and editor

Fr. Bulgakov's grave at
(Tomb 579, Plan I)
near Paris
Fr. Bulgakov's funeral
was held at Cathedrale
St. Alexandre Nevsky
12, rue Daru, Paris

Dear Father Sergius,

You were a Christian sage, a teacher of the Church in the purest and most lofty sense. You were enlightened by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Understanding, the Comforter to Whom you dedicated your scholarly work. He transformed the Saul in you into Paul. He guided you to your last breath. Twenty-six years ago you partook of His gracious gifts in the sacrament of ordination and you bore the cross of priesthood in the Holy Spirit. It is significant that you received this gift on the day of the Holy Spirit--when He descended upon the holy apostles in tongues of fire. Thus you had a share in them. You were an apostle in your life...It is significant too that you celebrated your last liturgy on earth on that very day of the Holy Spirit, the anniversary of your ordination as a priest...How bright your countenance that day! Your soul was conscious of its last triumph in this world. And it was on that day that the Lord called you to cease your priestly service on earth so as to continue it there, at the throne of God, in the choir of holy angels and apostles.

-- Excerpt from funeral homily by Metropolitan Evlogy

Sophia (Divine Wisdom)
Sophia (Divine Wisdom)

Displayed here by kind permission of
iconographer Eileen McGuckin

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"The liturgy is heaven on earth." -- Fr. Sergius Bulgakov