5th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company A
Richland District

Miller, William H., Captain, born about 1813

Smith, J. A., 1st Lieutenant, born about 1817

Thompson, N., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

Linfois ( Linfors ), C. J., 2nd Lieutenant

Thomson, N., 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Bollinger, W., 1st Sergeant

Casson, William H., Sergeant, born about 1817

Ehrlich, E., Sergeant

Gates, John D., Sergeant, born about 1815

Hipp, George, Sergeant

Dark ( Dar ), J., Corporal

Kinsler, Charles H., Corporal, born 24 Feb 1947, enlisted in Feb 1864, discharged Apr 1865 at Greensboro, living in Columbia in 1919

McKay, R. B., Corporal

Tarrah, W., Corporal

Aarons ( Aaron ), James, born about 1818

Addison, John P. ( J. R. ), discharged Apr 1865 at Wake Forest Hospital, NC living in Eastover in 1919

Allmon, Philip

Beck, W. G.

Becknel, J. W.

Blizzard, Arthur, born 19 Oct 1847, discharged Apr 1865 in Raleigh, married 14 Feb 1853 Susanna ?, died 18 Dec 1919 in Columbia

Boney, Andrew L.

Brazell ( Brazil ), William

Burke, John

Campbell, F.

Clarke, S. S.

Clarkson, Julius Eugene, was born in Charleston in 9 August 1847. He received appointment to Cadetship in the SC State Military Academy and was relieved from duty with the Reserve Forces of this State on 30 January 1865. He died in Seneca in 30 January 1910. Great Nephew - Ben Clarkson

Coogler, William C. ( W. G. )

Cooper, Thomas, born about 1815

Corley, John H., born 4 Oct 1947, discharged Apr 1865 at Raleigh, living in Columbia in 1919

Daniels, William, born about 1815

Davaraux ( Davarant ), F.

Dent, W. G.

Dinkins, John, born about 1817

Dinkins, William

Drennan, John

Due, James H.

Duncan ( Duane ), John M.. surrendered Apr 1865 in Greensboro, married Sarah F. ?, 12 Jun 1869, and died 16 Dec 1914

Egg, Edward

Flanigan, Patrick H.

Fowler, H.

Freeman, Thomas

Friday, J. T.

Furnace ( Furness) , Joseph Y. ( J. F. )

Gray, William

Guerry, William

Harris, E. C.

Harvin, J. A.

Hay, D. J.

Herron, William

Hornsby ( Homesby ), Zackariah Taylor, born 12 Apr 1946. discharged Apr 1865 at Columbia, living in Columbia in 1919

Hunt, Thomas

Hutchison ( Hutcheson ), James B.

Jones, Isaac

Kelly, Daniel F.

Kelly, Samuel, born about 1820

Kelly, W. H.

Kelly, W. M.

Kennedy, H. A.

Keopper, Aigust

Koon, Jacob

Lanneau, C. B.

Lowman, B. L.

Mathews, John T. ( J. R. ), Died Raleigh, NC, 1865 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh.

McGinnis ( McGuinnis ), William

Medlin, J.

Moise, D. C.

Muller, Henry, , born about 1817

Oleary, Commer W.

Orchard, T. E. ( I. E. )

Orchard, William E.

Paget ( Pagett ), James R., born about 1820

Perry, Allen, born about 1818

Perry, Jacob

Rawlinson, Hezekiah

Robinson, J. K.

Sloan, William, born about 1820

Smith, Daniel , born about 1820

Spigener, J. G.

Sprowl ( Sprowls ), Thomas

Starling, Gabriel R.

Stork, Edward

Strickland, Joseph

Taylor, John

Wincey, John

Wooten, John

Wright, S. W.

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