5th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company C
Chesterfield District

Harrall, James P., Captain

Timmons, Samuel C., 1st Lieutenant

Huntley, John Isaac, 2nd Lieutenant, born Anson County, NC, 13 Oct 1814. Married Rebecca A. Timmons around 1837. Died Mt. Croghan, Chesterfield County, SC, 22 Dec 1895. Both he and his wife are buried at Elizabeth Church Cemetery near Mt. Croghan, SC.

Holmes, Charles, Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Perkins, John H., 1st Sergeant

Baker, Stephen, Sergeant

Chapman, Allen, Sergeant

Shaw, Murdoch, Sergeant

Evans, Benjamin A., Corporal

Landin ( Landon) , William C., Corporal, born 1820, died after 1890 in Chesterfield District

Newman, John C., Corporal

Taylor, Charles G., Corporal

Adains, A. J.

Agerton, John

Alexander, Wesley

Baker, George W.

Barfield, G. N.

Barrentine, Phillip

Bell, Alex H. ( A. W. )

Blackwell, Abram

Boan, Pressley

Briggman, Griffm

Britt, Thomas P.

Brock, Hezekiah

Brock, Samuel W. H.

Burchmore, William T. ( W. J. )

Burr, John

Campbell, Allison

Campbell, Duncan

Campbell, John C.

Carnes ( Cames ), E.

Carnes ( Cames ), Leander

Caron, E. H.

Carter, Simon H.

Cassiday, Ben C.

Cassiday, James

Cassiday, Thomas

Chapman, Ben A.

Chapman, Thomas

Clark, Ed. C.

Copeland, William

Craig, William T.

Crawford, Mike

Dease, Alexander

Dease, Levi

Dease ( Dees ) , Newitt, born about 1849, son of Levi. Died Raleigh, NC, 24 Mar 1865 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC.

Duvall, Hy. P.

Ellexson, Bryant

Eubanks, A.

Eubanks, Jackson

Evans, Augustus Lacoste, born about 1848

Funderburk, Elbert

Funderburk, J. Thomas

Funderburk, John

Gainey ( Ganey ), Alexander

Gainey ( Ganey ), Barney

Gainey ( Ganey ), Jacob

Gainey ( Ganey ), Lewis J.

Gainey ( Ganey ), Mathew

Gibson, Nelson

Gooch, Joseph H.

Goodale, William H.

Hagner, John G.

Hall, Charles

Hancock, Daniel

Hendrick, Hardy G.

Hicks, Thomas

Hilton, Terrill ( Terrell )

Hinton, Ransom

Horn, James P.

Horn, Sampson

Hough, Amos

Huggins, John H.

Hunter, Barny ( Bamy )

Jenkins, Willis

Johnson, Warren

Jordan, Madison

Jowers, John

Killen, Robert D.

Knight, John

Knight, Sydney T.

Lovick, Hardy

Lowry, Frank, born 7 June 1847. He enlisted Sept 1864 and was discharged 26 Apr 1865 at Greensboro.

Mangum, John F.

Marshall, Benjamin

Martin, Daniel

Melton, Allen

Melton, John

Miles, William F.

Miller, James Madison, born 7 Apr 1816 in Jefferson, Chesterfield County, SC., murdered Mar 1865 in Lancaster County, SC. The cold blooded murder of Mr. James MILLER, a brave Confederate soldier then at home, under the pretense of military retaliation is one of the many unjustifiable atrocities committed by SHERMAN'S men. A negro happened upon a Federal soldier asleep in the woods, and, having a great antipathy for the desperadoes who were ruining his masterís country, picked up a large rock and crushed the soldierís head. No white person in the world had anything to do with the deed, least of all the brave Confederate soldiers at home on parole. Yet a number of the old men and wounded soldiers of the neighborhood were taken up and compelled to draw lots to see which one should be shot in retaliation for the deed. The lot fell upon Mr. James MILLER and he was shot like a dog, but of course died like a Southern and a cavalier.
2 May 1905, THE MONROE JOURNAL (Union County, N.C.)

Miller, Love

Norton, Laney

Norton, William R.

Odom, John D.

Ogbum, Hugh E.

Outlaw, Angus

Outlaw, Daniel A.

Outlaw, Rod

PerDue, Neil, born 20 June 1845 and enlisted 15 Sept 1864 by Captain Manning 1864 in Cheraw, S.C. He died 15 feb 1927 and is buried at Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Chesterfield County.

Pervis, John C.

Phillips, Davis C.

Pigg, Hiram

Pigg, James M.

Plyler, Pleasant P.

Powell, Charles Arnold, discharged at Florence

Presslar, Dargan

Rivers, Charles Henry, born 28 October 1846 in South Carolina, probably Chesterfield District, son of Lewis Rivers and Harriett Anne Huntley Rivers. Enlisted 15 Sept 1864 at Cheraw, by Captain Manning and served until he transferred to 15th (Lucas') Battalion, Heavy Artillery on 20 Nov 1864 at Battery Tynes, SC, due to turning 18, CSA age of conscription. Paroled 5 March 1865 at Cheraw. "Prisoner released on parole of honor." He died 28 January 1939 in White Store Twp., Anson County, NC and is buried at Mt. Olive Baptist Church, White Store, Anson County, NC. He married Harriet, one 2nd Lieutenant Huntley's daughters about 1873.

Rivers, Hugh

Robeson, John E.

Sellers ( Sellars ), David

Sellers, Jo. B.

Short, William P.

Smith, John

Smith, Richard W.

Smith, Riley W.

Smith, Robert E.

Stacy, Oliver

Steen, Jack

Stroud, Archibald

Stubbs, M.

Sunimerford, William

Talbox, H. W.

Taylor, George

Taylor, Samuel

Watson, Andrew J.

Watts, John F.

Watson, George

White, Andrew J.

White, Benjamin Franklin ( Frank )

White, Samuel W.

White, William M.

Williams, David John, was born 10 Mar 1847, died June 11 1930 and is buried in the Patrick Cemetery in Chesterfield County

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