5th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company E
Lancaster District

Small, James, Captain, born 24 Dec 1817, died 10 Dec 1898 in Monroe, Union County, North Carolina

Plyler, Ransom, 1st Lieutenant, born about 1816

Belk, Calvin, 2nd Lieutenant (joined as 1st Lieutenant), born about 1822 in North Carolina

Hinson ( Henson ), Charles ( Charley ) F., 3rd Lieutenant, born about 1819

NonCommissioned Officers
Nisbet (Nesbett), John D, 1st Sergeant, born 2 Apr 1817, died 1 Jul 1889

Caston, Samuel Jackson, Sergeant, joined as Private, born 1817, died after 1870

Massey, Alvin, Sergeant,. joined as Private, born about 1817

Robinson, Wylie ( Hardy ), Sergeant

Vincent, Samuel J., Sergeant, born about 1821

Adams, Samuel, Corporal, joined as Private, born about 1819

Courtney, James, Corporal

Gardner, William, Corporal, born about 1816

Helton John, Corporal

Johnson, Herod ( Hearod ), Corporal. joined as Private, born about 1817

Adams, Bynum (Bynahm), born about 1818

Adams, William H., joined as Corporal, born about 1817

Bailey, Reuben, born 13 Jul 1814, died Feb 1895, and is buried Salem Cemetery, Heath Springs, Lancaster District

Bailey, William J., born 1847

Baker, B. F., born about 1839

Barr, Samuel, born 27 June 1847. He enlisted Sept 1864 and was discharged Apr 1865 in Greensboro.

Barton, R. O. G.

Barton, T. F. ( T. L. )

Bell, John F., born about 1847

Blackmon, A. B., born about 1820

Blaclanon, C.

Blackmon, William J., born about 1816

Bryant, J. C.

Campbell, John C.

Carnes, John W., born about 1847

Caskey, J. P. C., born about 1848

Caskey, John Harper, born 10 Oct 1846, died 27 Jan 1922, and is buried Gills Creek ARP Church, Lancaster District

Catoe, James, born about 1820

Cauthen, James M., born 8 Feb 1823, died 10 Jan 1898, and is buried Courtland Cemetery, Cass County, TX

Cauthen, John T. Barksdale, born 22 Jan 1849, died 8 Jul 1875, and is buried Hanging Rock Methodist Church, Lancaster District

Cauthen, James M., born 8 Feb 1823, died 10 Jan 1898, and is buried Courtland Cemetery, Cass County, TX

Cauthen, John N., born 8 Feb 1823, died 10 Jan 1898, and is buried Courtland Cemetery, Cass County, TX

Cauthen, Martin Otis, born 7 May 1847. He enlisted 9 Sep 1864 and was discharged 1 Feb 1865 at Florence. He died 16 Dec 1919 and is buried Salem Cemetery, Heath Springs, Lancaster District

Cauthen, Phillip Thorn, born 6 Oct 1847, died about 1913

Clanton, William R., born about 1813

Cook Sr., Amos F., born about 1817

Cook Jr., Amos F., born about 1847

Cousart, R. H., born about 1820

Craig, J. F., born about 1830

Crowell, Doctor F., born about 1820

Crowell, John

Cunningham, Joseph A., born about 1818

Davis, George W., born about 1846

Deas, Alex

Deas, Hiel, born about 1830

Deas, John, born about 1820. He previously served in Company I, 17th Regiment, and was discharged on 20 February 1863 for being over the age of the "concsciprt act". His brothers, Frank, William and Lewis. continued serving Company I and were captured 30 July 1863 at the Crater. They were all part of the Buffalo Creek Deas Clan.

Dunlap, Samuel J., born about 1815

Evans, Charles P.

Fail, Davis, born about 1847

Farmer, A.

Faulkner, J. H.

Fraser, Alexander H. or A., born about 1847

Funderburk, Uriah T.

Funderburk, W. T., born about 1847

Gamble, Stephen ( Smiley ) James, born about 1828

Gardner, George W., born about 1847

Gardner, Isaac, born about 1846

Gardner, John, born about 1819

Gardner, Marion C. He enlisted Aug 1864 and was discharged July 1865 in Charleston. He died 10 March 1915.

Gant ( Ghent ), Jonathan W., born about 1825

Griffin, Joseph

Hall, Calvin, born 16 Jul 1820 in Montgomery County, NC, died 22 May 1902, Lancaster County, and is buried at Harrison United Methodist Church, south of Pineville, Mecklenburg County, NC.

Hammond, John Hawkins, born 16 Apr 1847, died 21 Jul 1912, and is buried Fork Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Lancaster District

Harris, Jackson, born about 1819

Helton ( Hilton ), James P., born about 1822

Helton ( Hilton ) , John, born about 1814

Hendrix ( Hendricks ), William J., born 29 Aug 1848. He enlisted 2 Sep 1864 and was discharged April 1865 in Goldsboro.

Hinson, Elisha Lewis ( Doc ), born 19 May 1847. He enlisted Aug 1864 and was discharged March 1865 in Florence.

Hopkins, Thomas, born about 1815

Horton, John Wesley, born 10 August 1847

Hunter, W. C., born about 1847

Ingram, William A.

Key, Hiram, born about 1818

Kirkpatrick, David, born about 1818

Knight, Irvin ( Ervin ), born about 1815

Knight, J. J. T. ( J. J. E. ), son of Irvin Knight

Knight, J. Massey, born 28 Dec 1845. He enlisted 9 Sept 1964 and was discharged 4 Mar 1865 at Goldsboro, NC.

Langley, James F., born about 1847

Langley, J. N.

Lathan, John H. C. ( G. C. ), born about 1847

Lemmond, W. D., born 4 June Dec 1847. He enlisted 9 Sept 1964 and was discharged 4 Mar 1865 at Chester, SC.

Locust ( Lucus ), Arthur ( Arter ), born about 1819

Lyles, Durin ( Duren ), born 16 Oct 1845. He enlisted August 1864 and was discharged Apr 1865 at Greensboro.

Lyles, Joseph

Lyles, Samuel

Marshall, William K.

Massey, B. Henry, born about 1848

Massey, Samuel T. ( I. S. ), born about 1847

McCarley, Robert, born about 1820

McKibbon, Benjamin, born about 1846

McManus, W. Amon, born about 1834

McMurray, John C., born about 1818

Mobley, John Caswell, born 27 Nov 1847, died 2 Dec 1921

Montgomery, Robert M., born about 1847

Moore, Willis George, from Taxahaw, born in 1839, marrieed Martha A. Funderburk of Tradesville in 1870, died in 2 Feb 1917, and is buried in the Old First Baptist Church Cemetary in Downtown Hartsville

Neal, Matthew, born about 1815

Nelson, John N., born about 1817

Nelson, William B., born about 1815

Plyler, Harrison, born about 1847

Robertson ( Robinson ), Wylie ( Willey ). He enlisted 15 Sep 1864 and was discharged 26 Apr 1865 at Greensboro. He died 18 Apr 1875.

Robinson, Hardy

Robinson, Phillip, born about 1815

Robinson, Samuel U.

Robinson, T.

Shoot ( Shute ), John H.

Simmons, Lloyd ( Chloid )

Sims, Mathias Dixon ( Matt ), born 19 March 1818, died 28 Jul 1895, and is buried Camp Creek Baptist Church, Lancaster District

Small, C.

Small, Joel Bennie Columbus, born 1847, died 29 Jan 1921, Macon County, Alabama, and is buried Liberty City Methodist Church Cemetery, Macon County, Alabama Gr Grandson

Small, Thomas Sylvester, born 22 Aug 1846. He enlisted 9 Aug 1864 and was discharged 7 Apr 1865 at Greensboro.

Sowell, Lewis, born about 1847

Steele, John Harvey, born about 1809, uncle to "Red Headed Harvey"

Steele, John Harvey "Red Headed Harvey" , born 1 Dec 1846. He enlisted 15 Sep 1864 and was discharged 26 Apr 1865 at Greensboro. He died 24 Oct 1909 and is buried Shiloh A R P Church Cemetery, Lancaster County.

Stogner, William Jackson, born about 1819, previously served in Stognerville Home Guards as a 1st Lieutenant. died before 1870

Sullivan, James, born about 1815

Taylor, John, born about 1818

Thompson, Henry J., born about 1847

Trusdel ( Truesdale ) , James R., born about 1817

Twitty, Francis. R., born about 1848

Waters, Asa

Watts, Clinton, born about 1827

Wilkerson, James A.

Williams, Thomas, born about 1848

Witherspoon, M. R., born 11 May 1847. He enlisted 15 Sep 1864 and was discharged at Florence.

Wright, Francis

Wright, William, born March 1826, died after 1900 in Lancaster County. Burial location is in Lancaster but actual place is not known.

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