5th Battalion of State Troops
Senior Reserves
Company F
Clarendon District

Butler, William Francis, Captain

Belser, J. J., 1st Lieutenant

Rhodus, J. G., 2nd Lieutenant

Tradewell, F. A., 2nd Lieutenant

McKnight, J. H., 3rd Lieutenant, enlisted as 1st Sergeant

NonCommissioned Officers
Husbands, H. H., 1st Sergeant

Langston, Benjamin, Sergeant

Mellett, W. E., Sergeant

Tindal, A. J., Sergeant

White, J. C., Sergeant

Chrisanas (Christimas ), R. L., Corporal

Geddings, J. G., Corporal

McKinzie, James, Corporal

Abbott, John H, enlisted at Marion. Marion County, March of 1864 and still alive in July 1915, Jacksonville, FL

Andress, H. M.

Baker, J. F.

Barfield, G. W.

Barfield, J. J. ( I. J. )

Barfield, R.

Barwick, F.

Bochett, J. H.

Brailsford, W. W.

Brewer, W. L. ( W. S. )

Brock, A. P.

Brown, Victor C,

Brunson, S. C.

Bryant, E. E.

Bryant ( Briant ), J. O.

Butler, W. M.

Carrigan, H. C.

Carriway, J. J.

Chewning, R. R.

Cobia, J. N.

Coker, G. M. ( T. M. )

Coker, R. H.

Currin, James, enlisted Manning, SC - Clarendon District, died 17 Oct 1864

Cuttino, D. M., died in Florence, 21 Dec 1864, buried there

Dickerson, T. E.

Dingle, G. W.

Eubanks, Jackson

Evins, W. H.

Floyd, J. F.

Floyd, Morris

Floyd, N. R.

Funderburk, Albert, enlisted Chesterfield District, died 28 Dec 1864 at Florence. Might be Elbert Funderburk from Company C

Griffin, W. H.

Hodge, Alfred

Hodge, B. R.

Hodge, J. W.

Hodge, P. D.

Holladay ( Holliday ), John James ( J. J. ), born 1812, died 5 June 1890. Buried at Andrews Chapel Cemetery - Clarendon County

Holladay ( Holliday ), Shields Priestly ( S. P. ). son of John James Holladay, Born 19 Nov 1847, died 22 Oct 1909. Buried at Andrews Chapel Cemetery - Clarendon County

James, E. F.

Jayroe, P. W.

Johnson, E. P.

Jones, Calvin

Kelly, Redick

Kolb, Aaron

Lee, W. G. ( G. W. )

Livingston, B.

Mahoney, G. W.

McLeod, Frank

Morris, S. W. ( S. N. )

Pack, W. F.

Ragin, A. P. ( A. R. ), enlisted at Manning, Clarendon District. Died at Florence, SC - Hospital, 30 Dec 1864

Richbourg, A. M.

Richbourg, J. D.

Richbourg, J. F. ( J. E. )

Ridgeway, L. M.

Ridgeway, R. F.

Roberson, Samuel

Schwarty, Phillip

Scurry, J. L.

Stidham, D.

Stokes ( Stukes ), J. N. ( J. M. )

Thames, Andrew

Thames, W. E.

Tharin, W. E.

Thompson, A. H.

Thompson, J. A.

Watts, D. M.

Watts, T. S.

Weaver, D. W.

Weeks, A. S.

Welch, J. W., died in Florence Hospital, 21 Dec 1864, buried there.

Welch, W. F.

Wells, L. L.

Wells, Robert J.

Woods, D. M.

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