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The Johnny Reb Gaming Society is a global organization of miniature wargamers who recreate historical military conflicts using the
Johnny Reb gaming rules written by John Hill. While the primary focus of these rules (and hence the society) is the American Civil War, the rules are readily adaptable for other horse and musket periods, as well as for other rules such as Regimental Fire & Fury, American Battlelines, Mr. Lincoln's War, and many others.


The Johnny Reb Gaming Society exists to promote the usage and enjoyment of miniature wargaming of clubs and individuals who enjoy regimental-level
Civil War miniature wargaming. Through education, cooperative sharing of scenarios and gaming tips, and social interaction at gaming conventions, the society will actively seek to expand the use of these rules for private and public wargaming.


Each quarter, we publish an informal newsletter (
CHARGE!) with original regimental-level wargaming scenarios (suitable for other rules sets as well as Johnny Reb), reprints or updates of classic older scenarios (many of which had first appeared in The Zouave magazine), historical articles on the Civil War by leading authors, gaming-related articles, terrain making tips, painting and flag guides, Civil War research papers, and Johnny Reb-specific articles. This newsletter contains at least two scenarios in each issue. Occasionally, we will offer prizes, discounts from selected wargaming figure and accessory manufacturers, and other membership benefits.


Annual memberships to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society are $20 in the USA, $22 in Canada and Mexico, and $25 for other international dues. Payment may be made via PayPal, money order or personal check (once cleared). Send an e-mail for our mailing address for your check. Click on the PayPal icon to be transferred to their website for secure payment options.


Scott and Debi Mingus

Back issues are $6 each (postpaid) to US locations ($7 each for overseas shipment).

Issue #1 (November 2003) - Scenarios for Kernstown, Shepherdstown, and Gettysburg (Lane's Attack on day 1 versus Buford), as well as articles on the rifle-musket by noted author Brent Nosworthy, Buford's Cavalry at Gettysburg by J. D. Petruzzi, and Fences in the Civil War by Doug Kline.

Issue #2 (February 2004) - George Anderson's scenario on
Perryville, a mini-scenario of Heth at Gettysburg, scenario for Salem Cemetery, plus articles on  the Union defense north of Gettysburg by Park Ranger Lt. Col. (ret.) Charles Teague, Cornfields in Civil War, Modeling Miniature Cornfields and their impact on JR3 tactics, a review of new ACW miniature flags, and an alternate chart for charge resolution.

Issue #3 (May 2004) - Scenarios for the Battle of
Peachtree Creek (the first of a series on John Bell Hood's attacks around Atlanta) and Wilson's Creek. Integrating new players into Johnny Reb, scratchbuilding fences and stone walls, and Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide Phil Cole on Civil War artillery. A terrain column on creeks and rivers by Doug Kline, and many other goodies!

Issue #4 (August 2004) - The
Battle of Atlanta (part 2 of the "Hood at Atlanta" series), the fights at Corydon and Buffington Island during Morgan's Raid, and other articles of interest. Doug Kline continues his fine series on terrain in JR gaming. Doug Rogers offers an after-action report on East Cemetery Hill. Burkhard Schulze discusses modelling roads and fords. John Hill answers a questions on the JR3 gaming rules.

Issue #5 (November 2004) -
Ezra Church scenario to complete the Hood trilogy. Scenario for Fort Fisher. Georgie Anderson's after-action report for the Battle of Harris Farm. Optional rules for forts, ships, and seige guns. Balloons in the Civil War and on the gaming table. Tactics from JR2 adaptable for JR3. Review of Larry Brom's new ACW rules "A Glint of Bayonets." Ask John Hill - JR3 rules interpretations.

Issue #6 (February 2005) - Analysis of the Atlanta Campaign and Hood's performance. Scenarios for
Spring Hill (Tennessee Campaign) and Lee & Gordon's Mill. Scratchbuilding brick and masonry forts and bastions. Converting JR3 scenarios to Regimental Fire & Fury. Review of Scott Monsour's new ACW rules, "Rally Round the Flag." Cotton Bales in the Civil War and on the gaming table by Larry Reber. Sculpting model terrain out of foam (Doug Kline's Culp's Hill project). John Hill's thoughts on Supply Wagons and Movement in JR3.

Issue #7 (May 2005) - Scenarios for
Savannah, Iuka, and Harpers Ferry.  Low cost model trees. Showing the Colors. Painting guide to Confederate gray uniforms. Uniforms of the Iron Brigade. Figure Conversions - Adding Havelocks. Regimental Skirmishers in JR3. Paper templates for 15mm stone and wooden houses. 6mm ACW gaming.

Issue #8 (August 2005) - Scenarios for
Ewell at Gettysburg, Chusto-Talasah, and Second Newtonia, ACW Combined Operations, paper template for 15mm Lutheran Seminary, and much more!

Issue #9 (November 2005) - Scenarios for the
Battle of Richmond (Kentucky), Plum Run Valley (Gettysburg) and Bailey's Crossroads (Chickamauga). Low Cost Flocking, Low Cost Model Roads, Review of Musket Miniatures' new Gettysburg HQ buildings, gaming rules for pontoon bridges and Gatling guns, Command and Controls rules, Painting Horses, and much more!

Issue #10 (February 2006) - Scenarios for the
Vicksburg Campaign - Part 1 (Battle of Jackson), Pickett's Mill, and Quebec Schoolhouse, articles on supply wagons, low cost trees, labelling command stands, uniforms of CSA Coppen's Zouaves, and much more!

Issue #11 (May 2006) - Scenarios for
Champion's Hill, Gettysburg Cemetery Hill (Trimble's Attack), Hoover's Gap, and Dranesville. Articles on creating model plowed fields, rules interpretations, and much more of interest!!

Issue #12 (August 2006) - Scenarios for
Battery Robinett (Siege of Corinth), Sykes's Regulars at Antietam, Rockbridge Railhead. Articles on Civil War blogging, creating miniature vignettes to add interest to the gaming table, Johnny Con reports, and much more!

Issue #13 (October 2006) - Scenarios for Kolb's Farm, Lewis' Farm, Brown's Mill, Harris Farm, and Olustee, plus many articles of interest.

Issue #14 (February 2007) - Scenarios for
Longstreet at Gettysburg, Brawner's Farm (Groveton), Cheatham Hill, and Chantilly (Ox Hill), plus articles on Rockets in the Civil War, Confederate uniforms, Longstreet's performance, and Civil War research.

For more recent issues, see our blog, which is updated regularly.

Scott Mingus Sr. - battle of Lancaster, PA at Cold Wars 2003