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We are Johnny Reb Gamers - a small group of Civil War enthusiasts located in south-central Pennsylvania, serving the area with quality tabletop miniature wargaming.

We specialize in Johnny Reb III 15mm historical wargames, and write our own scenario books.

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15mm American Civil War, 15mm Plains Indians / 7th Cavalry, 15mm American Revolution, and 20mm Vietnam. Our terrain is custom-built and flocked with model railroad turf and scenery.

We have authored the popular "Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature" scenario books, as well as "Undying Courage: Antietam in Miniature." We also publish the CHARGE! gaming newsletter, as well as authoring several historial Civil War books and articles.

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Johnny Reb Gamers has at its core the Mingus family group - Scott Mingus Sr. and his two sons, Scott Jr. and Tom. We have in the past been part of North Coast Wargamers, which we co-founded with Doug Rogers.

Scott's father, Robert E. Mingus, fought in WWII in northern Europe. A great uncle fought on the front lines in WWI and was gassed near Ypres. Scott's great-great-uncles fought for the Union at Gettysburg in the 7th West Virginia. Moses Mingus (7th great-grandfather) was a private in the 1st Regiment, New York Line in the American Revolution. His son, William, fought with Andrew Jackson's men at New Orleans during the War of 1812. History has always been important to the family.

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Review Scott's new book, Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign

The Johnny Reb Gaming Society is pleased to have the support and friendship of such notables as John Hill (author of the Johnny Reb III rules), Ivor Janci of The Zouave magazine, Doug Kline of Battlefield Terrain Concepts (fabulous producer of ready-to-play terrain pieces), and many other fellow Civil War hobbyists.

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