24 original JRIII scenarios for the Gettysburg Campaign!
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Scott Mingus' JRIII Photo Gallery
                          Photographs of Wargames

Fox's Gap                     Hayes' Attack
Fox's Gap                     Reno's Last Hours
South Mountain game at Origins 2003
Gettysburg (prequel) Witmer Farm
Gettysburg (Day 1)      McPherson's Ridge
Gettysburg (Day 1)      2nd action at McPherson's Ridge
Gettysburg (Day 1)      Barlow's Knoll
Gettysburg (Day 1)      Coster's Last Stand (XI Corps)
Gettysburg (Day 1)      Seminary Ridge
Gettysburg (Day 2)      Rose Farm / Wheatfield / Peach Orchard
Gettysburg (Day 2)      East Cemetery Hill
Gettysburg (Day 3)      Pardee Field scenario link
Gettysburg (Day 3)      East Cavalry Field
Baton Rouge
Honey Hill
Ox Hill / Chantilly
Salem Church
Battle for Lancaster (Advance the Colors 2003)
Miscellaneous gaming photos
American Revolution gaming (photos by Tom Poston)

Terrain Tips - making your own hexagonal terrain pieces!

Wargaming Awards

PELA Award - Cold Wars 2003 (Rebel Invasion of Lancaster County)

Best Game - Thursday PM Session - Historicon 2002 (I Corps at Gettysburg)
Best Game - Friday Afternoon Session - Cold Wars 2005 (Swift Flowing River)

HMGS-East Battle Streamer - Historicon 2004 (15mm AWI game)
HMGS-East Battle Streamer - Fall-In 2003 (Sweetbriar Creek)
HMGS-East Battle Streamer - Historicon 2003 (East Cemetery Hill)
HMGS-East Battle Streamer - Historicon 2002 (I Corps at Gettysburg)
HMGS-East Battle Streamer - Fall-In 2002 (Reno's Last Hours)
HMGS-East Battle Streamer - Fall-In 2002 (Fox's Gap)

Gamers' Choice Award - Historicon 2004 (15mm AWI game)
Gamers' Choice Award - Fall-In 2003 (Sweetbriar Creek)
Gamers' Choice Award - Historicon 2003 (East Cemetery Hill)
Gamers' Choice Award - Historicon 2002 (Seminary Ridge)
Gamers' Choice Award - Fall-In 2002 (Reno's Last Hours)

Best Painted 15mm Army - Origins 2002 (Barlow's Knoll)

Best Gettysburg Game (blue ribbon + $100) - Fall-In 2001 (Peach Orchard)

Attactix Special Terrain Award - Advance the Colors 1999 (Peach Orchard)
Courtesy of Larry Reber
15mm Essex - R. E. Lee
Curt Daniels, Scott Mingus Sr., Mike Hillsgrove at Fall-In 2002
Pete Panzeri and Scott Mingus at Fall-In 2002
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