The majority of this page consists of the photos given to me by the Pelton Family of Glen Haven in Halifax County, Nova Scotia. Maurice Pelton kept a photo album of his scouting activities during the 1930s. Almost all the images you are about to see are from that album. To see a larger version of any of these images, please e-mail me. Many thanks to the family of the late Scouter Maurice Pelton.




This is a Pelton Family Photo taken in the mid-1930s.

From Left to Right we have: A. Lawrence Pelton, Maurice Pelton, Everett Pelton, Vernon Pelton, Alice Pelton, LeRoy "Skipper" Pelton, Ronald Pelton, and Allister Pelton. 

Throughout the 1930's, The Pelton Family were a driving force behind the 3rd Halifax Troop. They used to hold their meetings in the carpentry shop of Pelton Company Contractors on Preston Street. Here is a photo taken at a troop meeting in the Company Yard, a Cub Pack shot, and a Scout Troop shot taken in front of their house on Preston Street.




In 1935, Lord Baden-Powell visited Halifax and the Peltons were there in full force. Here is a photo taken as the Chief Scout of the World inspected the Halifax Cubs, Scouts, & Leaders.


The Pelton Family owned land out on Indian Point, in Glen Haven. Every summer, the 3rd Halifax Troop would hold a two week summer camp there. They spent their days swimming, fishing, working on badges, and learning to be self-sufficient. These camps usually had upwards of 30 Scouts participating from 3rd Halifax and sometimes had Patroles from other Troops join them ( 1st Halifax in 1936 and 26th Halifax in 1937 & 1938 ). Here are two Patrol photos taken during morning inspection at Summer Camp 1937.


Here is a shot of a Scout receiving a badge from Scouter Mourice Pelton, earned while at summer camp. The other is of two Scouts ready to depart on their first over-nighter.


Maurice Pelton was a member of the 3rd Halifax Rover Crew as well as working with the Scout Troop. Here are a couple shots of the Rovers around a now vintage automobile.




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