Camp Katahdin

Etna, Maine

Camp Katahdin was founded in 1926 and opened in 1928 by Douglas W. Crate Sr. He founded it to provide a challenging experience for boys to spend the summer in Maine. Many skills were taught and learned including athletic fundamentals, leadership, camping, and crafts. Water sports including swimming, boating, sailing, water skiing, and canoeing were also all taught. The summer season was highlighted with a five to seven day climbing and camping trip at Baxter State Park to the peak of Mt. Katahdin. In the old days the trip was longer because the councilors and campers had to hike into the Mountain from as much as twenty miles out. This hike gradually got less as roads were built toward Roaring Brook.

Sundays were started with a Quaker Circle along the banks of Etna pond. Grampa brought his Quaker experience from his work at Friends Central School in the Philadelphia area. Camp Katahdin was closed in 1970 after Douglas W. Crate Sr. died.

Picture of Doug Crate

This page is in memory of

My Grandfather
Douglas W. Crate, Sr. - June 16, 1902 to March 9, 1969


My Father
Douglas W. Crate, Jr. - November 15, 1926 to July 3, 2008

Picture of Doug Crate, Jr.

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