Feb 7th, 2009 searchthisname My Terms Of Service Are that I Work very Hard for Children's Immortality on the Internet


This Placement Aptitude took 11 years of work!
Thanks Dearest Yahoo:(Click on the Google Results Picture to Get the Yahoo Results page of Oct 20, 2007)

Please, before we do anything drastic here with my account, I have invested 11 years on the internet for our Physical Immortality. I am, recently #10 in a google search for Physical Immortality. Please try to grace me here as the $750,000 dollars I passed up in wages to prevent the death of humans is starting to hurt a little. You may negotiate changes in my useage of Yahoo's GREAT FREE SERVICES at bethetruth@yahoo.com. We are mature adults, we can create constructive resolution. Corporations are as good as the feelings of the the people who participate in it, clients and employees equally. I will learn, I am thankful, please let me know the boundaries, I am swept up in the Paradigmal, respect for life, PHENOMENON. :-) rbt in Nevada City. I am thankful for the server space provided by this great company. Yahoo.Com!