Here's something I wrote this morning when there were signs that a recently-arranged performance was falling through. It addresses more than stagefright and fear of failure:

We who in this life or perhaps from this life are alienated find our own unique ways and means of coping with our alienation. Often rather than completely trusting God we devise very personal rituals which conflict with the rituals of other alienated people. Our alienation comes from our fear of this world because we do not really trust God. Beneath our shadowy selves we feel very vulnerable. We feel very vulnerable when we do not completely trust God. Afraid we are likely to be afraid of others who are afraid. We are even afraid of fear. Our only solution is the one given us by God. We are made to trust Him completely and when we don't we cannot get along very well in this world. I believe that our refusal to completely trust God is the cause of our worst problems.

Steve Sedberry
8 Nov 2002

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