Steve Sedberry

In Concert

Since 1960 I've been playing guitar and writing songs. That's a lot of strums and a lot of songs.... There have been times of rest in between the notes. Suddenly everything changes for a musician. It's hard to say what causes the change but we tend to go along with what transforms us. Since 1993 I have become increasingly committed to God. Jesus Christ saved my life and with my God-given music I'd like to help save others. Here are the titles of several of many songs I can sing live
for individuals and groups who ask:
  • Matthew 5:1-16 (Sedberry tune to the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount; KJV)
  • Consider the Lilies of the Field (Sedberry tune based on 3 holy scriptures)
  • Serenity Song (Sedberry tune based on the Serenity Prayer via Alcoholics Anonymous)
  • The Lord's Prayer (Sedberry version of Albert Hay Malotte's song, ca 1935)
  • When I Can't See Christ for the Christians (Original)
  • When I Was A Boy In the Suburbs
    (Original; truths I began to learn growing up in Homewood, AL)
  • If We Have Faith (Original; a generic religious song written before I returned
    to Christ; has been sung in concert by both Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie
    and his group Shenandoah and by many other musicians; This song is
    popular because it espouses secular humanism, in which I no longer believe.
    Praise God!)
  • Formula For Staying Sane (give love complete control; original)
  • Waydy Bug and Wittle Woim (original environmental song my former mentor,
    Pete Seeger, helped me get around the country mostly via the songbook, RISE UP
    SINGING, published by Sing Out! magazine.)
  • Leavin' The Cold World Behind (Original; is this really a children's song?)
  • Superman In The Shadows (Original)
  • Jesus Lifts Me Up (in my humility---Original song)
  • We Can Choose Love (Original; inspired by Frank Levin)
  • 23rd Psalm (KJV; set to original music)
  • Just Another Rebel? (about my Sedberry ancestors in ante-bellum Alabama)
    Most of my songs are baritone vocals accompanied by acoustic
    or acoustic-electric guitar (depending on what I have available at the time).
  • With adequate transportation I can bring guitar, autoharp, electric piano and
    PA equipment but when traveling by my usual mode (bicycle) I can only bring
    guitar (or autoharp). A smoke and petro fume-free performance space is a must otherwise I am
    fairly flexible. Even natural gas heating systems can make me very ill.
  • For useful demonstration I can also sing very secular original songs from my
    past to show that worldly people such as I was DO change. Let me know if you think you need for me to share with you what God has provided.
    After all, that's why I'm still here after all these rocky years.
  • If I'm able come to you I will. Steve Sedberry 100 CR 525 Newell, AL 36280-4312 sedberry3 AT What is truly original under the sun? Everything comes from the Father of all space and time.
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