She turned at the sound of her name. It was her friend Kensuke,
armed with his video camera and bearing an envelope, crossing
the room to speak with her. He sat down in the desk next to her
and waved the envelope in her face. "What's this? A
housewarming party for Rei?"

"Right, it's going to be on Saturday, can you make it?"

"Of course I can, but...would you care to explain to our audience
how this came about?"

Asuka laughed and put her hand over the lens. "Turn that
camera off, you idiot!" Kensuke set the camera down, and she
continued. "It was funny. I told Rei about those apartments that
were for let near my house, and then that afternoon I got a
phone call from her. She'd packed up her stuff and walked
across town, expecting them to just hand her a key when she
asked for one at the front desk! Can you imagine?"

"Poor Rei," said Kensuke. "So what did you do?"

"Misato and I picked up Rei, and we drove over to the realtor's,
and we spent the rest of the afternoon slogging through
paperwork. They even kept the office open for us. So Rei now
has a new place to live. Are you free for the party?"

"Yeah! I'd love to come. Should I bring flowers, or a rice cooker,
or what?"

Asuka said, "I think you'd better bring a board game or a deck of
cards. Rei doesn't know how to be a hostess, and we'll need
something to do."

"Is Shinji gonna be there?"

"No," sighed Asuka. "He's been transferred to a normal hospital
room, which I guess is a good sign, but he's still under
surveillance. Next week he has to have reconstructive surgery
on his hand because it started to heal while he was in the
straightjacket. I heard that he won't be back home until after

"I can't wait for him to get out."

"Me neither! Isn't it going to be great?"

They talked together for a long time.
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