ASUKA, WILL YOU DANCE WITH ME?

by Axel Terizaki  ICQ# 34301980
ASUKA's Notebook 
Retooled by Dave Watson , 1999 8 18-21.
Version 1.0.

Okay, I told everyone that "A Tale That Wasn't Right" would be my last 
fic for a while.  Seems I was wrong! :-)  This isn't a darkfic like the 
last one, don't worry...but it's a one-shot again.  I hope you enjoy it.


CAPTION 2:  Asuka, Will You Dance With Me?


Shinji and Asuka are in a corridor of their school, probably near their 
classroom.  Shinji seems very uneasy as he clenches and unclenches his 

Shinji : "Errr...Asuka..."

Asuka (sighing) : "Come on, Shinji, I don't have all day!"

Shinji : " know...tomorrow..."

Asuka (annoyed now) : "I *don't* *have* *much* *TIME,* you idiot!  What 
do you want now!?"

Shinji (almost sweating) : "T-the school know...I wanted to 
ask you..." (to himself:) "Damn, she doesn't seem to be in a very good 

Asuka : "Listen, if you're just going to ask me something stupid and 
useless again, don't bother.  And it must be something stupid and 
useless again.  So, I don't want to see you, Shinji.  Understood?!  Just 
because your synchro rate is higher than mine for now, I don't see why I 
should talk to you or listen to your stupid question!  Now, get out of 
my sight!  I don't want to see your stupid face today.  Got that!?"

Shinji looks down and slowly turns back before running out of Asuka's 
sight, exactly as she wished.  She then turns back, too, before walking 
off in the opposite direction.

Asuka (smiling triumphantly, to herself) : "That baka is so dumb!  I bet 

Her thoughts are interrupted as she hears a distant but very audible 
*thud*.  She turns around and tries to force her way through the crowd 
at the top of the stairs.

Asuka : "Come on, you idiots, what's going o..."

She sees the bottom of the stairs, and is suddenly lost for words.  
Shinji is there, lying on the floor, in great pain.


A few hours later, NERV Medical Section.  Shinji is sitting on a bed, 
looking down.  Ritsuko, Misato, and Asuka are here as well.

Ritsuko (ironically) : "Good job, Shinji-kun.  You've succeeded in 
fracturing both of your legs at the same time."

Shinji just sits there, frowning, both of his legs in plaster casts.

Misato (calmly) : " did this happen?"

Shinji (still looking down) : "I stumbled.  That's all."

Misato : "Really?  How unlucky..."

Misato is obviously not convinced by Shinji's words.

Ritsuko : "Well, it could have been worse.  You'll be able to walk 
again in no less than three weeks.  You'll have to undergo physio-
therapy after that, though."

Shinji seems really depressed.  Asuka has her arms crossed, and hasn't 
said a single word since she came here.  Which is odd, since she was 
the one who called Misato and even helped carry poor Shinji on a 
stretcher...but she finally decides to open her mouth...

Asuka : "Hmph, serves him right!"

And with that last, hateful comment, she disappears into the hallway 
next to the room, closing the door behind her.

Misato (frowning, to herself) : "Seems those two argued..."

Ritsuko : "Shinji-kun, we have a wheelchair for you to get around in.  
I'll show you exactly how it works, okay?"

Shinji (reluctantly) : "Okay..."


Arriving at the apartment building, Misato pushes Shinji's wheelchair 
towards the elevator and enters it a few moments later.  Asuka isn't 
here, though.  She mumbled something about Hikari and the mall before 
leaving Shinji and Misato alone.  Inside the elevator, and in the 
hallway to the apartment, Misato and Shinji were silent.  But Misato 
hates silence, so she speaks up.

Misato : "Shinji-kun...I'm sure you're not telling me everything...tell 
me what's wrong.  What made you fall down the stairs at school?"

Shinji (looking down) : "I told you, Misato-san.  I just stumbled, 

Misato (interrupting him) : "Is it because of Asuka?"

Shinji (suddenly flustered) : "No!  No, it isn't because of her...I 

Misato (smiling) : "So, that's why..."

Shinji : "Oh...I just ran too fast and I didn't see the stairs, that's 

Misato : "What were you running away from this time, Shinji-kun?"

Shinji (hesitating) : "F-from nothing!  I was just...running, that's 

Misato (opening the apartment door) : "You're not a very good liar, you 

Shinji (looking down again) : "Well..."

Misato (pushing Shinji in) : "Listen.  I promise I won't tell anyone 
else.  Just tell me exactly what happened.  I am your guardian, after 
all.  I need to know..."

Shinji : "Isn't it just curiosity?"

Misato (narrowing her eyes) : "No...just tell me, okay?"

Shinji : "Well..."

He takes a deep breath before beginning to relate his story.

Shinji (sadly) : "You know, tomorrow...there's a school dance, to 
celebrate the end of the year...and I didn't know if I should go to it 
or not...b-but...when I heard that Asuka had decided to go with one of 
the other guys in the class...I was so mad, I've never 
been before!  I...I just wanted not go with that guy!  And I 
wanted to ask her...if she would go to the dance with me..."

Misato : "And what did she say?" (to herself:) "I'm sure I can already 
guess the answer..."

Shinji frowns and seems very angry all of a sudden.  Misato is really 
not used to seeing her roommate like this.  She had seen him depressed 
before, but not like this.

Shinji : "She said she had better things to do!  She scorned me again!  
That full-of-herself little bitch!"

Misato kneels down in front of him.  She has a concerned look on her 

Misato : " must be really tired by should get 
some rest..."

Misato gets up and begins to push Shinji's wheelchair towards his room.

Shinji (angry) : "I don't need your help, Misato-san!  Please leave me 
alone!  Please...!"

Misato : "I will after I get you to your room.  But you should get some 
rest, you know...if you need something, I'll be in the kitchen, okay?"

She slides his door shut and goes to the kitchen.  She then violently 
grabs a beer from the fridge and rips it open, as if she's trying to 
release all her anger on a certain female Eva pilot.

Misato (frowning, to herself) : "Dammit, Asuka!  Why are you so blind!?"


Meanfwhile...[Author's note:  The spelling mistake is intentional.  
Private joke to Mygard! :-) ]...Hikari and Asuka are sitting on a bench 
in a park near the apartment.

Hikari : "And both of Ikari's legs are in casts?  He won't be able to 
come to the school dance tomorrow, then?"

Asuka : "What's the problem with that?  He has no one to go with!"

Hikari : "He may have asked Ayanami."

Asuka : "Wondergirl?  No way!  She has better things to do!  How could 
she, *the* Wondergirl, come to a stupid school dance and have fun with 
her friends, like any other girl would normally do?"

Hikari : "...I don't know..."


Hikari : "Maybe he wanted to ask you?"

Asuka (stunned) : "Me!?  ME!?  He couldn't!  He doesn't have enough guts 
for that, Hikari!  And besides, I allowed Saneda to take me to the dance 

Hikari : "Saneda-kun?  You mean...Koichi Saneda?  He's kind of...cute."

[Author's note:  Try to guess which game Koichi Saneda comes from...

Asuka : "Yeah, whatever...I can't bring Kaji-san there tomorrow, so...I 
had to find someone...reasonably cute."

Hikari : "I see...but, you know, I feel sorry for Ikari-kun.  I'm sure 
he would have liked to take you to the dance tomorrow evening."

Asuka : "I don't see why I should go with that idiot...and, besides, he 
can't dance now!"

She smiles, almost as if she's glad about this fact.

Hikari : "You're not being very fair to him..."

Asuka (surprised) : "What do you mean?"

Hikari : "I mean, you could have...asked him."

Asuka : "No way!  Don't say such silly things, Hikari!"

Asuka tries to hide her face from her friend...

Hikari (giggling, to herself) : "She's hiding something from me..."


The next day.  While Shinji stays at home, Misato drives Asuka to 
school.  They are in her car.

Misato : "You seem to have something on your mind, Asuka."

Asuka (pulled out of her thoughts) : "Huh?  Yeah...maybe I do."

Misato : "Hey, Asuka..."

Asuka : "What?"

Misato : "What do you think of Shinji?"

The answer comes almost immediately.  As if it's its 
owner, at least.

Asuka (flatly) : "Shinji?  What do I think of him?  He's a jerk, a 
spineless wimp.  That's all."

Misato : "That's all?  Really?"

Asuka : "Really."

Misato : "A spineless wimp, huh?  Do I have to remind you of what he did 
when you were sinking in that volcano?"

Asuka : "He just saved me, that's all!  It's his duty, right?  I bet you 
just couldn't afford to lose an Eva and its pilot."


Misato : "Did you ever thank him for that?"

Asuka (looking down a bit) : "No.  I haven't." (regaining her usual 
disdain:) "Why should I!?"

Misato : "Well, he saved your life."

Asuka : "And?  It's natural, between pilots.  I would have done the 

Misato (stopping the car) : "We're here.  Have a good day, Asuka."

Asuka (leaving the car) : "Yeah, yeah..."

She walks around the car to get to the school entrance, but is surprised 
to hear Misato's voice again.

Misato (softly) : "Asuka?"

Asuka turns on her heels and looks down at Misato, who rolls down her 
window further.

Asuka : "Yeah, what now?"

Misato (with a sad look on her face) : "Maybe you'll hate me when I'll tell 
you this, that volcano...Shinji acted against my orders.  He 
had been ordered to not jump in and save you.  Now, have a good day, 
Asuka.  And think about that."

With those last words, she starts the car again and heads quickly 
towards the Geofront.  Asuka stands still on the sidewalk for a few 
minutes before she finally turns around and heads for school, her mind 
full of thoughts about what Misato just told her...


Later that day.  Misato is at Shinji's doorway.

Misato : " sure you don't want me to..."

Shinji is lying on his side on his bed, his wheelchair next to it.

Shinji : "No, thanks, Misato-san..."

Misato : "I'm sorry I have to work tonight, otherwise I'd stay here with 

Shinji : "It's okay."

Misato : "Damn, are you sure there isn't anyone who can be here with 

>From the other end of the apartment, they can hear Asuka.

Asuka : "I'm leaving now!"

This said, the sound of the door sliding close can be heard.  Shinji 
seems to grab his bed sheets harder, his hands turning into fists.  
Misato looks down.

Misato : "Rei's with Commander Ikari, and your friends are all at that 
school dance...are you sure it's gonna be okay with only you here?  
There's still Pen-pe--"

Shinji (annoyed and angry) : "I *SAID* it was okay!!"

Surprised by such an outburst, Misato simply slides the door of his room 
closed, and heads towards the front door of the apartment, ready to 

Misato (to herself) : "Poor Shinji-kun..."

Back in Shinji's room, we can see that he's frowning deeply...

Shinji : "Asuka...why are you so mean to me?"


Shinji : "Why?"

He hits the headboard of his bed hard with his left fist.

Shinji : "WHY!!?  WHY!!!!?  I'm trying to...and you push me away..."

Pause.  Shinji is obviously upset that Asuka is going out...with someone 

Shinji (frowning) : "You bitch..."

Later that evening.  Asuka is wearing a dress, all green except for a 
white collar, where a yellow bow is fixed.  Over her arms and shoulders, 
there is what looks like a small, light jacket, matched to the dress.  
She is at the entrance of the school, waiting for her 'date.'

Asuka (to herself) : "The volcano...he jumped in without any 
protection...that idiot...idiot...why am I calling him an idiot?  *I'm* 
the idiot in all this..."

Hikari : "Hey, it's Asuka!"

Toji : "God, the redheaded devil..."

The two interrupt Asuka's thoughts.

Asuka : "Well, well, well, if it isn't the class representative and the 
dumb stooge."

Hikari : "Hey, Asuka, Toji's not that bad!"

Hikari is in a pretty white dress, holding Toji's arm.

Toji : "Where's Shinji?"

Asuka : "Shinji?  What does he have to do with this?"

Toji (sardonically) : "Well, he told me he was going to ask you out to 
the dance.  And since I saw him alive today, I thought you said yes."

Asuka : "S-Shinji...asking me!?"

Toji : "Of course!  Just before he fractured both his legs, he said he 
was going to ask you out!  Didn't you know that?"

Hikari (whispering to Toji) : "Toji, stop that..."

Uncomfortable pause (especially for Asuka).

Asuka : "Well, I'm waiting for my date right now.  If you would excuse 

Hikari : "Okay, we're going now."

Hikari drags Toji away.  Both of them take occasional quick glances at 

Asuka (waiting, to herself) : "I've got to be the BIGGEST idiot on 
earth...!  Well, it's too late now...I should try to enjoy this 
dance...I'll have to do something back home, however..."

Koichi : "Did I keep you waiting long?"

A tall boy with short red hair walks out of the shadows, snapping Asuka 
out of her reverie again.

Asuka (angry) : "Yes, you did!  How dare you make me wait like that?"

Asuka takes his arm and walks with him to the gymnasium, where the dance 
is taking place.

Koichi : "I was just wondering if you would've brought that wimp with 

To the surprise of both of them, Asuka drops his arm, steps in front of 
him and immediately slaps him hard across the face.  The boy doesn't 
move, except to rub his cheek a bit.

Asuka (shouting) : "Shinji's not a wimp!" (to herself:) "Is he?  No, he 

He looks down at her.  His foreign origins explained the red hair and 
the height Japanese boys don't usually have.

Asuka : "YOU are the wimp, insulting him while he can't defend himself!"

With those last words, she runs out of the school.

Back in the apartment.  Shinji is sitting in front of the TV, crying in 
his wheelchair, his head bent forward.  He doesn't hear the sound of the 
front door sliding open, however.  A panting Asuka steps in.  Even with 
her dress on, she tried her best to walk as fast as possible back to the 
apartment.  She enters the living room, only to see Shinji changing 
channels on the TV with the remote control.

Asuka (still panting a bit) : "Hey...pufff...pufff..."

Shinji is startled to hear that voice.  That voice he dreads the most 
now.  He doesn't look up at her.  He speaks, his voice dripping with 
hate and anger.

Shinji (coldly) : "Why are you here?"

Asuka (to herself) : "Shinji, angry?  Incredible..." (to Shinji:) "Well, 
I was tired of the dance, so I came back here."

Asuka pauses.

Asuka : "You seem bored.  Wanna go out for a walk?"

He didn't need to hear that word now.  He looks up and sees that Asuka 
is just in front of him, looking down at him.  He's frowning, and his 
eyes are like his voice...charged with anger and hate.  But there is a 
bit of sorrow in them as well.  Asuka leans forward in front of him.  
She has a very peaceful look on her face, as she puts a hand on 
Shinji's shoulder.

Asuka : "Well?  Let's go out for a w...unggggg!!!"

Asuka is literally thrown as Shinji violently slaps her across the face.  
She looks up at him in surprise, rubbing her painful cheek.

Shinji (furiously) : "STOP THAT, YOU BITCH!  You know I can't 'walk'!  
You know that, and you make fun of me by reminding me all the time!  I 
CAN'T WALK!  Are you happy now!?"

He looks down again with extreme disdain in his eyes.  Asuka had never 
seen Shinji like much hate...and sadness.  

Asuka (to herself) : " it me who's causing you so much pain? 
Why couldn't I see that all this time...?"

She silently stands up and gets behind him.  She then takes the handles 
of the wheelchair in her hands and begins to push the chair towards the 
front door.  Shinji looks behind him, only to see Asuka looking straight 
ahead, still pushing his wheelchair out of the apartment, and then into 
the elevator.  She pushes the button for the ground floor.

Shinji : "What the hell are you doing!?"

Asuka (with a slight smile) : "I'm taking you out for a bit, you idiot."

Shinji doesn't know what to do, or what to say.  He had expected her to 
hit him back, and was prepared for a beating, even if he couldn't use his 
legs, which are still hurting him...but he lets it go.  After all, he 
couldn't hurt her.  He didn't want to, anyway. He was even beginning to regret what he just did to her...


Later, in the streets of Tokyo-3.  Asuka is pushing Shinji's wheelchair 
down the quiet streets.

Asuka (to herself) : "Is it because of me...that he's like this?"

She looks down at him, but all she sees is the back of his head, bent 
down.  Both of them were very quiet during their walk.  Only the soft 
noises coming from the wheelchair could be heard.

Asuka (to herself) : "Why is this torturing my mind so much!?  This is 
insane!  This must be..."

She's interrupted by a whisper.  Even though it's a soft, one-word 
question, it has as much impact on her as a shout.

Shinji (whispering) : "Why?"

He's still looking down, as if he's hoping his legs would answer him.  
Asuka takes her time to reply, and just adds one more word to Shinji's 

Asuka : "Why what?"

Shinji : "Why are you here, with me...instead of at the dance with that 

Asuka (softly) : "He was a jerk.  I smacked him and I came back to the 

Long, uncomfortable pause.

Shinji (sadly and softly) : "I see..."

Asuka : "He insulted you."

Shinji looks up a little, surprised by such words coming from Asuka.

Asuka (softly) : "And I can't stand people who insult someone who's 
defenseless.  That wasn't...fair to you."

Shinji : "W-why?"

Asuka : "Just because!  Will you stop asking stupid one-word questions?"

Shinji : "Sorry..."

He bends his head down again.

Asuka : "And besides, I shouldn't have gone with him.  You wanted to ask 
me to that dance, after all, right?  And how could I leave you alone at 

Shinji (to himself) : "Is she reading my mind!?  How does she...?"

Asuka : "I sort of betrayed you..."

Shinji : "..."

Asuka : "Shinji, why did you jump in that volcano, last time?"

Shinji : "..."

Asuka : "You told me that Misato ordered you to jump.  But you went 
against her orders, didn't you?"

Shinji : "W-well..."

Asuka (softly) : "Why?"

Shinji : "Because..."

Asuka : "Because...?"

Shinji : "Because...I didn't want you to die in there..."

Asuka : "Really?"

Shinji : "Yeah...I guess it's because of that."

Long pause.

Asuka : "You're such a baka..."

Shinji : "Why do you call me a baka all the time?  It's annoying...but 
at the same time, it's kind of...pleasant..."

Asuka : "'Pleasant'!?  Are you some kind of masochist?"

Shinji : "It's pleasant...because I can hear your voice...talking to 
me...and it makes me happy."


Asuka : "Tell me, Shinji..."

The reply takes some time to come.

Shinji : "Yeah...?"

Asuka : "How many people do I call 'baka' all the time?"

Shinji : "Huh?"

Asuka : "Just tell me!"

Shinji : " don't call Toji and Kensuke baka...not Misato-
san...or Kaji-san...or Ayanami...or...anyone at NERV..."

Asuka : "That's correct.  I only call *you* a baka."

Shinji : "..."

Asuka : "Because you're special...because you mean something more to me 
than all those other people you've mentioned." (now with a cute little 
schoolgirl voice:) "Because you're my sweetie baka..."

Shinji suddenly looks back, and sees that Asuka has a very serene look 
on her face.

Asuka : "We're back home."

Shinji looks ahead again, and sees that the apartment building is in 
front of them.


Shinji's room.  The door to the Third Child's room opens to reveal Asuka 
and him.  She brings the wheelchair up to the bed.  Shinji gets out of 
it and lies down on his bed.  He isn't very used to seeing Asuka so 
peaceful and calm...still, it's better than hearing her shout and 
scream all the time.  He looks at his pajamas on his bed and then at 
Asuka.  She's staring at him, the same calm expression on her face as a 
few minutes ago.

Shinji : "Asuka...I need to put my pajamas on...could you..."

Asuka (turning around) : "Of course.  Who'd want to see you changing, 

She giggles, and stands still there.  Shinji is now facing her back.  
Seeing that she isn't going to leave his room, and wanting to avoid 
possible complications due to her usual behaviour when one refuses 
something to her, he quickly changes clothes.

Asuka (to herself) : "Why am I acting like this?" (crossing her arms 
over her stomach:) "Why do I feel so warm inside all of a sudden?"

Shinji : "You can look now."

Asuka does so, and sees Shinji already under his covers.

Shinji : "Do you want to tell me something, or...?  I...I'm sorry for 
earlier...when I slapped you...I shouldn't have.  I don't know what 
caused me to do that..."

Asuka : "Not much harm done.  In fact, I deserved it."

Shinji : "But--"

Asuka (interrupting him) : "Hey, Shinji..."

She takes one step towards him and bends her head down.

Asuka : "Can you take my interface headsets out of my hair, please?"

Shinji : "W-why?"

Asuka (chuckling) : "Just because!"

Shinji (reluctantly) : "Oh, okay..."

He reaches his arms out and carefully takes off the interface headsets 
she uses to hold her hair up.  Once he does so, some of her red hair 
falls on her shoulders.

Asuka : "Good.  Now let's play a game."

Shinji : "Huh?"

Asuka : "Let's see if you can throw my headsets into that wastebasket 
over there."

She gestures at the small trashcan next to his closet, just in front of 
his bed.

Shinji : " sure?"

Asuka : "Yeah.  If you succeed, you'll get a reward."

Shinji : "And what if I don't?"

Asuka (comically faking anger) : "You'll be my slave forever!"

Shinji (smiling and gulping comically) : "Yes, your highness."

He takes the two red headsets in his hands, and carefully aims at the 
wastebasket.  With a skillful throw, the headsets slowly arc, landing in 
the can with a clatter.

Shinji : "I guess I succeeded."

Asuka (softly, looking blankly at the wastebasket) : "Yeah.  You've 
succeeded in throwing my pride in the trash.  Good job.  You know, I 
just discovered that I couldn't fight in EVA just for honor and pride 
anymore.  There's something else...more important than that.  It's so 
close to me, and I didn't even notice it until just now."

Shinji : "Huh?" (to himself:) "What is she trying to tell me?"


Asuka (smiling) : "So, you like to hear my voice, huh?"

Shinji : "Errr.  Yeah, I do."

Asuka : "Would you like me to sing to you, before you go to sleep?"

Shinji : " me?"

Before he can say more, Asuka puts her left arm under his head and leans 
closer to him.  She then begins to whisper in his ears...

Asuka (whispering) : 
"Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt,
Denn das ist meine Welt.
Das ist, was soll ich machen, meine Natur,
Ich kann halt lieben nur und sonst gar nichts."
["Falling in love again, I never wanted to,
What am I to do, I can't help it.
Love has always been my game, play it how I may,
I was made that way, I can't help it."]

Shinji doesn't understand the lyrics of the song, but, for some reason, 
they sound genuine and heartfelt to him.

Asuka (still whispering) : 
"Manner umschwirren mich, wie Motten um das Licht
Und wenn sie verbrennen, ja dafur kann ich nichts."
["Men cluster to me like moths around a flame,
And if their wings burn I know I'm not to blame."]

Shinji (to himself) : "'s calm...and's Asuka's 

Asuka (now softly singing) :
"Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt..."
["Falling in love again, I never wanted to..."]

Shinji feels her voice slowly fading away as he closes his eyes...

Asuka (slowly making her way to his lips) :
"...ich kann halt lieben nur und sonst gar nichts..."
["...what am I to do, I can't help it..."]

Her lips then gently brush his, as he opens his eyes wide.  She puts her 
other hand on his left cheek and softly rubs it, while she continues to 
kiss him tenderly on the lips...after some time, however, she stops.  
She then gives him a wink and sits on the bed.

Shinji : "Asuka..."

Asuka (grinning) : "Could you make some room for me there?"

Shinji : ""

Asuka : "Oh, forget it, you're hopeless..."

Shinji turns on his left side, making Asuka face his back.  Then, 
slowly, Asuka takes her jacket off, rolls it into a ball, sets it on the 
bed and lays down beside him, resting her head on his shoulder.

Shinji (trembling) : "Asuka..."

Asuka : "Guess what?  This feels good.  It's been a long time since I 
laid down next to close to someone..."

She cuddles closer to him.  This makes Shinji realize what she wants 
next.  He lays down on his back again, and gently puts his right arm 
around Asuka, softly caressing her auburn hair in the process...

Shinji (to himself) : "It's so soft...and this a dream...?  No 
way it could be seems so real..."

Asuka rests her head on his shoulder again and puts her right arm around 
Shinji's stomach, squeezing him gently closer to her.  Even though she 
is still fully dressed, she doesn't mind.  They are sharing some warmth, 

Asuka : "Sweet dreams, *baka* Shinji...oh, and try not to take too much 
time to heal...I still owe you a dance..."

And with that, they both close their eyes, ready to fall asleep.  A 
peaceful sleep, for once.  A sleep full of nice and pleasant dreams, for 
both of them.


Author's notes:

Well, I decided to take some holidays, otherwise this fic would have 
been out earlier.  Also, that's why the ASUKA's Notebook updates are 
so late these days...(laziness, when you're holding us tight... ^_^)

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Retooler's note:

Axel originally had Asuka singing "Fly Me To the Moon" to Shinji, and 
he asked his pre-readers if they knew of a German song that might fit 
better.  I remembered "Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt" 
from, of all things, William S. Burroughs' _Dead City Radio_ album (as 
a singer, he was a damn good writer dB) ).  I did a bit of digging, and 
it turns out that it's a song that Marlene Dietrich sang in the movie 
_The Blue Angel._  When I got both the German lyrics (by Friedrich 
Hollander) and the adaptation for the English version ("Falling in Love 
Again," by Sammy Lerner; no, it's not a literal translation, but it's 
closer to the mark than, say, Trish Ledoux of Viz's butchery), I thought 
they were fitting, and so did Axel.  It's probably the biggest liberty 
I've ever taken in retooling his fanfiction (as I write this, I'm 
currently doing the definitive retool of "The Child of Love," complete 
with HTML files, so I can finally leave it alone!), but I hope it 
grabbed you.  Thanks to Jan Hart for replying to my post on with both sets of lyrics.  Back to you, Axel.

Well, thanks to all of my pre-readers; without them, my fics wouldn't be 
the same! :-) :

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Special thanks to Cedric Ranson, Dave Watson, EBJ and Alain Gravel for 
all their invaluable help for this fic!

Axel Terizaki