A NEON GENESIS EVANGELION fanfic.
         Rights belonging to GAINAX and AD Vision.
                Used without permission.

   "Hi, I'm occupied at the moment so please leave your name
and number after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon 
as possible. Beep."

AAAAH!!!" screamed Asuka into her mobile phone. 'There, that
ought to do it,' she thought as she ended the call.

   "Is something the matter?" asked Hikari as she emerged from
the classroom.

   "I was just calling Kaji," said Asuka, "I wanted him to
take me out on a date this Sunday. I've been calling and 
calling but he always seems to be busy... and no, Hikari,
it's not Misato he's busy with!"

                     E.L. Toh presents

                      FORBIDDEN LORES
        An Unofficial 'Children of an Elder God' Omake
            with apologies to John Biles and Rod M

   "Inspector Kaji, what are the results of your search?"
asked Gendou, poised in his usual position at his desk.

   "I have it," said Kaji who couldn't help but smile broadly
at the coup he'd pulled off.  

   Fuyutsuki gasped. "But... but that's impossible. There are
no extant copies of it left."

   "That's true, after a fashion. There are no physical copies
of it that remain in the waking world but..."

   "You have found an electronic copy," said Gendou.

   "Not just a copy. The real thing itself."

   "How do we know it's authentic?" demanded Fuyutsuki in
full professorial mode.

   Kaji placed a black case onto the desk and opened it. 
Both the Commander and Vice Commander leaned forward, the
former pushing up his glasses as the latter squinted even 
more - if such a thing were possible.

   "The markings on this CPU casing seem to support your 
claim, Inspector," muttered Gendou. "How did you find this?"

   "I went on a solo diving expedition to the Eastern 
American seaboard, old Boston to be precise. There was
significant corrosion of the harddisk and the file itself
was encrypted but I managed to recover it. And I've taken
the liberty of printing you a copy."

   Fuyutsuki frowned as he saw the printed cover page. "This
can't be it. It was never finished. We do know for sure that
even when it held thousands in its thrall, only three parts
existed. Maybe a little more. But it was never finished."

   Kaji shrugged. "See for yourself."

   "Inspector Kaji?" asked Gendou, a dangerous edge in his

   "Yes, Commander?"

   "You do know that, like the text of 'The King in Yellow',
this material here is Seraphim clearance only?"


   "So I trust you weren't foolish enough to read it?"

   'Of course not' Kaji wanted to snort in reply. "Of course
I did."


   The sound of a pistol being cocked.

   "OF COURSE I DID!" screamed Kaji. "Wouldn't you in my
place!? One of the greatest, the lost work, *THE* lost work.
In my hands. I found it. It was... incredible. I laughed and
wept and swore and... you have never seen majesty like this!
I have seen it! And there's nothing you can do now that can
take that away from me! BWAAHAHAAHARHARaharhhharrhh..aharhg"

   Gendou lowered his gun. 

   Fuyutsuki looked at the prostrate figure before them, 
foaming in the mouth, those crazed eyes. "Yes, there's no
point in killing him. He's not going to be telling anyone." 



   "... who's going to read it first?" asked Gendou quietly
as their eyes rested on the printed words of the cover page.

                The Complete and Unabridged
                Neon Genesis Evanjellydonut 
                Parts 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4 and 5

                       Andrew Huang
            for the Sound and Furry Productions


With apologies to Andrew Huang as well. Many thanks to the
above-mentioned three authors for their permission. 

In case anyone is wondering, the CPU markings mentioned in
the fic are 'Oddzilla'. I just didn't want to make it too

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