How Many Angels Can Dance (At the End of the Word)
Produced by Horde O' Hentai Productions, Literature Division
	Darren Demaine (Chairman of the Horde)
	Lee (Guy We Rub For Luck)
	Rob (Breath Weapon Speicalist)
	Craig (Our Man in Japan)
Written by: Darren Demaine
All Shin Seiki Evangelion rights owned by: Gainax, Viz, AD Vision,
Director Anno, and other people made rich off my purchase of their
products.  All other rights owned by other people.

- A C T  1 - I have become death, the destroyer of worlds -

	"Pattern blue detected," Shigeru shouted.  "Two of them!"

	With pounding steps, Asuka and Rei maneuvered their huge battle
machines towards the location of the new contacts.  Detecting the two
Angels behind the next building, the girl with the short blue hair and the
one with long red tresses prepared themselves to face their next foes.

	The Angels chose that moment to appear from behind their cover.
At the sight, a horrified scream went up from the NERV command staff.

	"It's all over," Ritsuko breathed.

	"The end of the world," Misato said in a shaking voice.
	"The Third Impact will happen for sure," Fuyutsuki moaned.
	"We should be so lucky," Gendo said, glancing around for an exit.
	Up in Tokyo-3, the pair of Angels looked at the two Evangelions
cowering in terror before them.  These new Angels were tall, lean, deadly,
and very inappropriately dressed.
	"Hi!" the Angel with short red hair said.  "I'm Kei!"
	"I'm Yuri!" the long blue haired Angel declared.
	"And we're the Lovely Angels!"
	Humanity's end was needlessly messy.

- E N D  A C T  1 -

- A C T 2 - In wine there is truth -

	"Well, I hope you have something you can say for yourself."
	Misato glanced up blearily as Dr. Akagi continued her tirade.  The
NERV operations manager looked as if she'd just tried to go a full twelve
rounds with the Third Angel.  Or had another one of her infamous nights on
the town.  The end results were remarkably similar, both on her and
property values around Tokyo-3.
	"I can understand your desire to promote ties between the pilots,
after all their lives and ours depend on how well they can work together,
but really now!  If you'd been paying attention like you should have,
rather than getting drunk, we wouldn't have to deal with this!"
	Ritsuko looked down at the folders open on the table before her.
"Five counts of drunk and disorderly conduct, two of lewd behaviour in a
public place.  Over one million yen in damages, and three cases of assault
and battery with the victims serious about pressing charges."  The chief
of project E glared down at her friend while Misato just wished the doctor
would shut-up so she could enjoy her hang-over in peace.
	"This is all your fault!" Ritsuko suddenly screamed.
	Misato shrugged, wincing as she did so.  "How was I suppose to
know that Rei was one of those obnoxious drunks?"
- E N D  A C T 2 -
- A C T 3 - When wishes come true -
	With a thunderous roar the newest Angel ripped through the city
block, destroying yet more of the evacuated city.  A creature of rippling
dark shadows caressed by liquid lightning, the Angel danced with the grace
of a phantom to avoid the attacks of the three Evangelions.
	Unit-01 rushed up close, a lunge with its prog knife catching only
air as the invader flowed away.  A massive progressive axe sawed the top
off a tower as Unit-02 failed to connect as well.
	A few hundred meters away, Unit-00 waited patiently, its artillery
rifle supported by the building it was crouched behind.  Calmly, Rei
waited until the creature of bright shadows stepped in front of her
sights.  She squeezed the trigger, and her Evangelion mirrored the
	Almost instantaneously, a heavy projectile was grabbed by the
rifle's electromagnetic field and forcefully accelerated down the barrel.
The shell cleared the rail-gun's maw and went supersonic a few meters out
with an earsplitting crack that shattered windows throughout Tokyo-3.  The
recoil produced by the weapon actually forced the monstrous battle machine
to rock back a bit.  Within a single heartbeat, Rei fired twice more, the
reports of the second and third rounds getting lost in the shriek of the
	Almost as if it had known the attacks were coming the Angel
swivelled and twisted around.  With a dance beautiful in its silence the
creature spun out of the way, the rounds passing through empty air.
Continuing on in a straight line, the three shells reached onwards until
their path interceded with an object already present.  Venting the kinetic
energy of their supersonic flight upon it, the projectiles shattered a
building perched on one of Tokyo-3's surrounding hills.  With a roar lost
in the rippling sonic-boom of the shells themselves, the walls of Tokyo-3
Middle School exploded outwards and the remaining strucutre collapsed in
on itself.
	Neither invader nor defender moved for a long, still moment.
Then, in a single motion, Unit-00, 01, and 02 all pumped their fists into
the air.
- E N D  A C T 3 -
- A C T 4 - Hell hath no fury... -
	After its feast upon the Fourteenth Angel, Unit-01 looked towards
the roof of the Geo-front and roared its defiance.
	"Was this part of your scenario?" Fuyutsuki asked Gendo quietly.
The other man made no comment.  After a moment, the sub-commander
continued.  "Is this the beginning?"
	"All things start from here."
	Suddenly, Unit-01 turned blazing eyes towards the damaged pyramid.
Roaring even more loudly than before, the machine bounded over to the
structure and slammed a fist into the windows of Gendo's office.  Glass
and steel flew through the room like wind-driven snow, forcing Fuyutsuki
to cover his face.
	Ikari Gendo didn't show any reaction as a monstrous fist closed
around him and drew him bodily from the building.  With the calm of
someone who knows the secrets behind the veil he waited patiently as
Unit-01 screamed once more, then brought its small captive up before its
	"Gendo dear," Unit-01 said in a tight, yet loving voice.  "About
the way you've been treating our son these last few's time we
had a little talk."
	Ikari Gendo, the puppeteer of NERV, began to sweat.
- E N D  A C T 4 -

Author's Notes:

	I really have got to stop drifting off in the middle of lectures.
	Dirty Pair = Lovely Angels (well duh).
	Oh, and the title is spelt correctly.

Darren Demaine
Chairman of the Horde
Horde O' Hentai Productions