From the Other Side: a continuation of Lost Love
Don't expect too much, as I'm a beginner. I am also almost as creative 
as Ayanami Rei on a bad day :-P. Anyways, time to go into the fray :-) 
Any criticisms/opinions are welcome, send them to I 
will read and respond. 

Characters by Gainax. Lawsuits will yield pocket lint, and I am not 
trying to take over the world. Yet. Ssshhh... Be advised, very dark 
reading ahead...and kudos to Alain Gravel, as he gave me the base to 
work from. Enjoy. 


"He who fights with monsters might take 
care lest he thereby become a monster. 
And if you gaze for long into an abyss, 
the abyss gazes also into you." 

-- Neitzche 

An barely-visible apparition stands near the nighttable. It stands idly, 
seemingly to inspect the interfaces that remain, that to this day still 
remind Asuka of Shinji. Asuka, in that halfway state between reality and 
dreams, is fitfully crying, after having had a really bad day. It looks 
at the interfaces, it seems, more because it can't face Asuka, than 
because of any interest in the little bits of metal. 

One can almost hear a long sigh... 

"Well, I never was any good at this. Damn..."

Finally, it coalesces (he, actually) and comes to Asuka. He kneels 
beside her, apparently smoothing her hair away from her eyes. A look of 
concern darkens the spirit's face. 

He kneels there for what seems to be an eternity, then comes into focus. 
Shinji cries for a few minutes. Though he has been around for a long 
time, he still remembers his promise, and quietly talks to the Asuka 
that almost-sleeps near his face. One can almost hear the voice speak, 
as a memory that remains, though nearly forgotten... 

"I stand with you, Asu-chan, and I still have hope. 

I know that our son is doing well. Yes, I consider him ours, regardless 
of who gave him to us...if only I could have lived, to keep him safe, to 
see you complain. You know I always liked the making up part of it, 
right? You were and still are so cute, it just kills me that you can't 
see past the darkness that binds you to it. I thank my son for being 
there for you. He at least says something, at least he says what he 
feels. And he at least shows you that light can exist anywhere we wish 
it to, if we give it a chance. 

It is really weird, Asuka... 

To see you hold our son at night, fighting off the terror that I can see 
in your eyes. I still sit across from you at night knowing you can never 
see me, but being near and knowing that, somehow, you will continue, 
allows me to rest in a small way, a little peace for my weary heart. 
Even when you are so tired from all that happens around you and you 
can't go on that way, I love you for not giving up. I made a decision, 
and I would not take that choice back even given the chance. Things will 
work out, you'll see. I love you. I will be here as you work things out. 

... Want to hear something funny, Asu-chan? 

I couldn't leave without you, and so I remain with you. 

I couldn't leave... 

Therefore I am here, and you will see me if you look really hard. I was 
there when you tried to join me. Both times. My voice is the whisper of 
the wind that gently tells you that everything will work itself out. It 
seems strange that I have gotten your courage. (He shakes his head and 
chuckles seriously, but with a slight sense of humor about him.) Its 
sort of funny, Asuka. Being dead makes you look at things a little 
different, I guess. 

Staying in life after the movement has played is truly a curse, Asuka. 
However, I know and believe that what my mother taught me is true, now. 
As long as the sun rises, as long as we live, everything will be all 
right. You care for me as you care for our son. Have courage, my little 
Asu-chan, I will not let you down, even if I must remain a little longer 
to see you through. 

I will bring you gentle breezes to cool you when you walk home at night. 

I will shower you with cherry blossoms when you think back on our first 
time. I remember it, and it was worth it then and it still keeps me from 
falling into the darkness even today, though it is still hard to deal 

I will laugh with you as you tell our growing teen about the way we 
bumbled through our feelings. I agree that he needs to open up more as 
well. He might become as bad as I once was if he keeps walking his 
chosen path. I pray you and I can steer him away from that fate. 

I will cry with you as the friends that we both knew forget us and move 
on, or as we continue when our friends must leave us. 

I will remain with you, however. I will not leave you, Asuka. Not until 
you can rest as well. How I wish that you can find the one person to 
hold, to keep close, to tell your secrets to, knowing that he will care 
and love you as much as I. That will understand the bond we shared, and 
not be afraid, but care for you regardless... 

But until then, I will remain... 


I like the flowers. 
They sing of beauty and light, 
life amidst the dark. 

Remember that we stand together, Asuka, whether we can be together or 
not. OUR son will know our love through you, and our spirits will guide 
him through the storm. He may have a hard life, but he will be alright. 
Everything will be alright." 

The spectre moves closer to Asuka as she softly cries, and bends down 
over her. The faintest whisper can be heard: 

"Sleep tight Asu-chan. I still love you and will always be with you..." 
(Shinji kisses her) 

He then slowly fades... 

Asuka (whispering in her sleep, a happy tear on her cheek): "Thanks for 
being here... Shinji..." 

She then silently cries for a few minutes, then finally gives in to 
sleep, and lies peacefully, her soul at rest.