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Rei's Birthday Present, part 3
by Chris Burke

     Rei's eyes opened to a dark room. She lay on her back, staring up at
the ceiling she could not see, not fully awake but feeling something
amiss. The familiar screech of the alarm clock echoed off of the bare
walls; a reminder of her duty. She breathed slowly, deliberately. The
sound of her breathing was lost in the din.  she
thought groggily. 

     She wondered why she was so hot. She was sweating. She shifted, and
moved her arm from under the blanket. The dry air sucked the sweat from
her arm, chilling it and accentuating the heat of the rest of her body.
The sensation awakened her more fully, and she noticed the weight on her

     She pulled back the blankets and sat up. The puppy yelped as it was
tipped off her stomach onto the bed. She stared at it, her mind not yet
able to merge the dog into its picture of things. She sat quietly for a
moment, allowing the pieces of memory to slowly fall into place.

     Her whole body felt the chill when she got up from the bed to turn
off the alarm. She turned on the fluorescent lamp over her bed. The bulb
illuminated a circle on the bed; a small island amidst the encroaching

     Rei walked out of the room and into the bathroom. She stepped into
the shower and pulled the curtain. She turned on the faucet, and icy
water blasted away the last remnants of sleep. Among other deficiencies,
the water heater in her building was not working.

     When she turned off the water and opened the curtain, the dog was
sitting there, wagging its tail. It followed at her feet when she got out
of the shower, dodging the water droplets falling off of her and barking
when it got hit.

     Rei returned to her bedroom, toweling her hair. The bag of dog food
caught her eye, reminding her to feed the dog. She finished drying
herself, then opened the bag. The puppy barked excitedly as she poured
the food into the bowl, leaving it three quarters full. She watched it
devour the food eagerly as she dressed. Then she picked up her satchel
and walked to the front door, to leave for an early morning with Dr.

     As soon as she opened the door, Rei heard the click of the puppy's
feet on the ground. It came scampering around the corner and ran down the
hallway toward her. It barked as Rei began to close the door behind her.
She looked at it through the narrowing opening before the door clicked
shut. She could hear it barking and scratching at the door as she turned
and walked away.

     A few minutes later Ayanami stepped out of the apartment building
onto the street. The first rays of sunlight from beyond the horizon
lightened the sky to a soft indigo.


     Asuka slouched in her chair, one hand on her chin, the other on her
desk twirling a pencil absent-mindedly. She was staring across the room
at the First Child, which was considerably easier now than it had been a
week ago. In the past month alone three students had left the class,
including most recently the one who had sat directly between her desk and
Rei's window seat. Families leaving the danger of Tokyo-3 had become so
common that no one even mentioned his absence. Asuka didn't care other
than that now she had a clear view of Wonder Girl -- a view she would not
have appreciated on any other day.

     Not that the albino was doing anything particularly interesting. As
a rule, she never did. It was just that what she was doing now was
different than what she normally did at school, which made it more
interesting than yet another inaccurate rehash of the Second Impact. Thus
Asuka watched as Rei read a book instead of staring out the window.

     Asuka sighed. Of the many exciting and important things she saw
herself doing in her life, watching a strange blue-haired girl read a
book was not among them. At the very least, she would have rather just
talked with Hikari, who was sitting in front of her. Unfortunately the
Class Rep insisted on maintaining class discipline, so that option was

     Just as Asuka's already limited interest dwindled to nothing, Rei
shifted positions, giving Asuka a glimpse of the cover of the book. She
couldn't catch the title in the brief second it was visible, but she did
see a picture with a dog. Interest pushed back above the threshold, she
turned to Shinji. 

     "Hey, stupid," she whispered in a voice meant to carry three desks
away to where Shinji sat, but no more.

     Shinji, who had been practicing sleeping with his eyes open but only
getting the first part right, started at hearing his name. He caught
Asuka's look, and leaned over his computer to type. The message appeared
on Asuka's screen. /What is it, Asuka?/

     Asuka typed in her response. /Did you get her that book?/

     /What book?/

     Asuka rolled her eyes and gestured with her head in Rei's

     Shinji turned toward Rei, stared for a moment, then looked back to
Asuka. He nodded in affirmation.

     /See?/ his next message read. /I told you so./

     /Told me what?/ Asuka turned to face Shinji so he could see her
incredulous expression. /Look at her. She's only reading it because she
thinks she's supposed to; like it's an assignment. It won't make any

     /It shows that she's trying,/ Shinji insisted. 

     /It shows she doesn't know what she's doing,/ Asuka wrote. /And she
can't learn love from a book. Though I wonder if she can learn at all./

     "Ayanami can learn about love!" Shinji said aloud in a harsh
whisper. "You're just mad she didn't come to your party!"

     Behind Shinji, Kensuke perked up. "What did you say about Ayanami
and love?" he said in a whisper louder than Shinji's.

     "Shinji loves Ayanami?" Touji said, not whispering at all.

     The rest of the class began laughing, and Shinji's face turned deep
red. Hikari was not amused. "Quiet all of you! We are still in class!"
she cried. She leveled an icy stare on Suzahara, who instantly assumed a
stiff-backed studious air.

     Asuka turned forward again, and sighed. While amusing, that hadn't
turned out the way she had wanted. Now she would have to strike down yet
more rumors about the First and Second Children. It had been bad enough
when Shinji had chased Wonder Girl after school to give her that stupid
invitation. Worse had been at his party when he had sat in that secluded
corner with her all alone. Asuka had been forced to intervene there to
prevent the gossip from getting out of hand. 

     She wondered sometimes why she bothered to do damage control for her
roommate, but she knew she had no choice. Shinji was so pathetic; he just
caved in the face of embarrassment and made things worse. He needed her.
That, and she just couldn't stand to have everyone believe something so
stupid. Because it _was_ stupid. Absolutely ridiculous.

     Whenever she pointed out just how moronic the idea of Wonder Girl
and the Spineless Wonder as a couple was, suspicion would immediately
shift to Asuka herself. Fortunately those rumors were easy to kill. An
appropriately condescending look was enough to remind people that she
would never fall for a loser like Shinji.  she

     She looked at the friend who insisted on making class as boring as
possible, then at the clock.  Asuka rested her head on her hands, and resigned herself to her
fate. She glanced over at Wonder Girl, who was still reading as though
nothing had happened. 

     "So how did your adventure in guilt appeasement go yesterday?"

     Dr. Akagi sat at her desk in the upper offices of NERV, enjoying the
view of the Geofront out the window. On the desk were the unfinished
reports she had been working on before the Major had arrived. Not that
she minded the distraction. Years as a scientist had not made report
writing any more palatable than it had been in college. She silently
thanked her friend for giving her an excuse to put them off.

     "Oh, not so bad," Misato replied, ignoring Ritsuko's choice of
wording. Ritsuko had a tendency to put things in the most negative terms,
which was annoying even -- especially -- if she was right. "Not much to
say. It's _Rei_ we are dealing with here. But anyway, I feel better now,
having done something."

     Ritsuko hid her bemused smile behind her coffee mug. "I still don't
see why you felt guilty in the first place. You aren't her guardian."

     "I know, but that's part of it." Misato sat down on the edge of
Ritsuko's desk. "Of the three pilots, she is the one I give the least
attention. I'm always looking after the morale of Shinji and Asuka, but I
never worry about Rei. No, Rei is always fine. Good ol' dependable Rei. I
was even willing to be guardians to Shinji and Asuka, and look out for
them in their lives outside of NERV. But I didn't even remember Rei's
birthday." She sighed. "It's pretty obvious I don't treat her very

     Ritsuko nodded. "So you feel bad because you treated Rei like a tool
and not a person?"

     "Yeah, pretty much."

     "Did you ask her how she feels about that?" Ritsuko reached past the
porcelain cats to the coffee machine for a refill. "You might be
surprised by her answer."

     "I know. The way she acts makes it easy to treat her that way. But
that doesn't make it right." She shifted, and set her own mug down on the
desk. "Mind if I...?" She gestured to the carafe. At Ritsuko's nod, she
poured herself a cup.

     "Have you ever seen Rei's apartment?" Misato asked.

     Ritsuko shook her head, and leaned back in her chair.

     "Oh! It's an absolute dive! The whole building looks like it could
fall down at any moment. And there's this construction right by the
building that never stops and the noise just drives you insane! I can't
imagine how anyone could live there."

     "Is that so?"
      "Her apartment is just about empty, too, and so dark and dingy it's
depressing just being there. I'm not sure anyone else even lives in the
building. It must be lonely, and I have to wonder about her safety..."

     "Misato!" Ritsuko cut her off. "You aren't thinking of becoming
Rei's guardian, are you?"

     "No!" Misato quickly answered. "I mean, I thought about it, but it
just wouldn't work. I'd have to get a bigger apartment, which I can't
afford. Asuka would raise hell if I even mentioned the idea. And I'm just
not sure that's what Rei wants or needs."

     Ritsuko scoffed into her coffee.

      Misato thought. "And the final
reason is that the thought of taking on another kid -- especially Rei --
is horrifying. I've got all I can handle and then some with just Shinji
and Asuka. It's selfish, but I can only do so much."

     "A good decision," Ritsuko agreed.

     "Besides, shouldn't the Commander be her guardian? He acts like he

     Ritsuko looked out the window over the lake. "No, not really." Her
voice sounded detached.

     "If you say so. So she's out of luck, then."

     Ritsuko just shrugged, still facing away from her friend. "She
hasn't needed one so far."

     "Hmm..." Misato frowned.  "Well, I still think
Shinji was right," she said, even if she didn't fully believe it.

     "I thought the puppy was your idea," Ritsuko said. She picked up one
of her cat figurines and toyed with it absently.  she thought.

     "Yeah, but that's just because I overheard one of the maintenance
staff talking about these puppies she was trying to sell. Based on what
Shinji had said about her, I thought it would fit. So in a way, it was
his idea." 

     "Are you trying to give Shinji the credit he deserves," Ritsuko
asked, "or abdicating responsibility in case it doesn't work out?"

     "Hey, stop that," Misato said, glaring.      

     "I'm sorry," Ritsuko said exhaustedly. "I'm not being very fair.
Will you forgive me?" She turned around, faced Misato with a slight

     "When haven't I?" Misato said, smiling. "You're just in one of your
moods." She stood up and made a show of checking her watch. "Well, I'd
better let you get some work done."

     "Oh, no, that's okay," Ritsuko said quickly. "We don't talk much
these days..."

     "Ah, well, I have to go," Misato said. "Maybe we can get together
after work sometime."

     Ritsuko nodded. "We will," she said. She did want to, so it wasn't
really a lie.
     She watched Misato leave, then turned to her desk. To her
disappointment the reports had not written themselves.  she said, casting a last wistful glance to where her friend had
gone. Yet she was not entirely unhappy that Misato had left; she had been
getting pretty tired of talking about Ayanami Rei.


     Another day of school had past and gone, and Ayanami Rei made her
way home. She walked with a gait neither hurried nor relaxed. She walked
purposefully, eyes straight ahead, back rigid, ignoring the sights of
Tokyo-3 as she ignored them every day. The world that held her attention
was internal.

     Rei was at the moment trying to work through the state of confusion
she was left with after reading the book. It consistently failed to
provide details, and regularly contradicted itself. That the entire
situation was completely outside her limited realm of experience made her
feel discomfortingly dependent on the book. 

     The book was not the only thing that had confused Rei that day.
Suzahara-kun's comment had made her cheeks hot, a reaction that she did
not understand. She had known then that Suzahara-kun misrepresented
Ikari-kun's words, but she had still reacted in that way. Even
remembering made her feel uncomfortable. She decided not to think about
it anymore. Instead she reflected on what Ikari-kun had whispered to the
Second Child just before.

     Ayanami Rei heard a lot more than she was given credit for. Most
people will assume that if someone isn't looking at them, or not showing
any interest in what they are saying, then the person isn't listening.
They will then say things that they normally wouldn't. Rei rarely showed
any visible interest in what was being said, but she was almost always

     It wasn't a trick that she did consciously. People around her would
speak as if she wasn't there, and to her this was normal. It never even
occurred to her that Ikari-kun hadn't intended for her to hear him.

      she repeated to herself. She entered her
apartment building, and went to the stairwell. At the same methodical
pace as before, she ascended.

      she admitted readily. She had heard of
the concept of love, but did not think she had ever seen it. She could
not even begin to comprehend what it would mean to love someone, or to
have someone love her.  she thought, obliquely arriving at a satisfactory answer
to that question.

      Thinking about love and
Ikari made her feel strange. Her feet automatically carried her up the
last flight of stairs to her hallway.

      She was supposed to take care of it.
Katsuragi-san had said it was for company, something Rei had never had
much of nor felt a need for. 

     She stood in front of her apartment door. She hesitated a moment,
then reached to open the door. 

     When she opened the door far enough to step into the apartment, the
dog was already in a headlong dash down the hallway. Barking loudly, tail
wagging furiously, it ran between Rei's legs, then around in front of
her. It jumped up, tongue lolling, paws on her thighs. It fell, then
jumped again. It rolled over in place, stooped to look up at her, then
rolled again, tail still beating.

     Rei watched this display impassively. She stepped out of her shoes,
then walked passed it. The dog jumped up to follow her, weaving between
her legs. She set her satchel down on her bed. She looked around the
room, and saw that the puppy had in fact used the newspaper she had laid
out. Unfortunately it had also used just about every other part of the

     She filled the dog's bowls, then cleaned up the various messes on
the floor. When that was done, she sat cross-legged on the floor. The
dog, finished with its meal, didn't hesitate to jump on Rei's lap and
extend upward to lick her face. Rei put her hand on the dog's back and
rubbed it gently.

     While it was still licking her, she took the collar from the bag
next to her, and affixed it around the dog's neck. It dropped down on her
lap, and looked up at her questioningly. She pet it again briefly, then
affixed the leash to the collar.

       She could not
imagine how to answer the question. For the moment, she would just care
for the dog as required. Which, if she understood the book correctly,
meant taking the dog for a walk.

     She stood up. The puppy twisted, trying to catch the leash in it's
teeth. She moved away, stopping just before the leash became taught.

     "Come," she said. "We are going for a walk." The dog snapped at the
leash again, and trotted toward her. Rei walked out of the apartment,
puppy at her feet.


     The sound of the cicadas filled the air near the small park in
central Tokyo-3, even more so than in other parts of the city. Trees were
scattered around the lightly hilled park, providing patches of shade in
the afternoon sun. A few paved trails crossed the well-maintained grasses
and passed the man-made carp pond. A mated pair of Mandarin Ducks rested
on the still water.

     On the path next to the pond a young woman walked, humming a pop
tune to herself over the noise of the insects. She wore blue jeans and a
loose white t-shirt with a Totoro on the front. A pony tail tied with a
blue ribbon hung down to the middle of her back. In her hand she held the
handle of a retractable leash. At the other end of the leash, nose to the
ground, was a black Labrador Retriever. 
     She continued down the path, moving slowly to give her dog time to
sniff at everything, which it gladly did. Near the end of a stone terrace
in the side of a hill she stopped to let her dog do its business next to
a tree. 

     While she waited, she heard a voice coming from the trail past the

     "What are you doing," the feminine voice said. "Stop. You cannot go
that way. If you do not turn around, we will be..." The voice stopped.

     Himiko was curious. She saw that Hachi was done. "Hachi, heel," she
said, and Hachi moved to her side. She walked around the terrace, and
stopped when she saw that in the middle of the paved path stood a girl.

     A very strange girl. The girl was wearing a junior-high school
uniform, which was not unusual. The blue hair and white skin were. As
were the red eyes, the color of which were visible even at ten meters.

     The girl did not move at all. The probable reason was that a leash
was wrapped tightly around her legs. The small puppy at her feet had one
foot caught on the leash and was twisting its body around to bite at the
offending strap. The girl for her part was looking down at the puppy with
a blank look of confusion.

     The young woman stifled a giggle and walked toward the girl.

     "Having a problem?" she said, keeping her gaze deliberately on the
puppy in order to avoid staring. She stooped down. "Here, let me help
you. Hachi, sit." She patted her dog lightly when it complied.

     She reached toward the puppy. The puppy barked sharply at her and
tried to back away, but only caught its leg even more on the leash. She
took the leg and gently lifted it, freeing the pup. She unwrapped it from
the girl and set it down. The puppy's tail wagged happily.

     She giggled. "There, that's better. What a cute puppy you have!" She
watched it approach her dog. The two animals sniffed at each other, tails
wagging. "Did you get it from a breeder, or do you own the dam too? It
looks a little young for weaning. Oh, but where are my manners!" 

     She stood up and bowed. "My name is Ueda Himiko. This is Hachi."

     "I am Ayanami Rei," the girl answered flatly. 

     "Pleased to meet you," Himiko said, smiling. "And what is this
adorable creature's name?"

     Ayanami stood silently until Himiko almost thought she wasn't going
to answer, then spoke. "I do not know," was the reply.

     "Ah," Himiko said. "Haven't decided yet? How long have you had him?
Or is it her?"

     Ayanami stooped and picked up the puppy. Turning it around, she
answered "It is female." She set the dog down, which turned and tried to
climb up her leg. She stayed crouched down for a moment to stroke its
head before standing.

     "I see..." Clearly this was a brand-new dog owner, though they
seemed to have bonded quickly. She decided to give the girl another
chance to engage in the favorite conversational activity of dog owners:
talking about their dogs. "So, what kind of dog is it?"

     Another pause. "I do not know," the girl said, still without tone.

     "Oh," Himiko said, downtrodden at realizing how little the girl knew
about dogs, even her own. Still, she couldn't help but talk to a fellow
dog owner, no matter how new. "Well, it kinda looks like a Cardigan Welsh
Corgi," she said tentatively, not wanting to sound too sure of herself.
"How did you get her?"

     "It was... a gift," Rei answered.

     Himiko looked up at Ayanami for the first time since the beginning
of the conversation. She couldn't help being struck by the girl's strange
appearance. She became self-conscious about noticing and looked away,
then became self-conscious about looking away. 

      she thought. 
She didn't let her concern show, however. "Oh, that's nice. Puppies are a
lot of work, but they are also a lot of fun. Hachi here is two, so he's
still pretty much a puppy."

     Himiko stood watching the young pup bounce back and forth between
Rei and Hachi. Hachi sat grinning, his tail slowly swishing back and
forth. He bent his head to touch noses with the smaller animal. 

     "If you want some advice," she began to fill the void in
conversation, "I would suggest leaving the leash on when you get home. It
will give her a chance to get used to it."  she thought. 

     She looked at the girl again, who had the same impassive expression.
"If you haven't already, you will also want to start training. It takes
patience, but it's easiest to do it now rather than after bad habits
develop. It's also a good way to get to know your puppy."

     Rei nodded, then opened her mouth slightly. 

     Himiko waited patiently for her to speak, and tried not to stare.

     "Ueda-san... am I supposed to give it a name?"

     Now Himiko couldn't help but stare. "Of course you are,

     "What name do I give it?"

     "Any name you want!" she responded, waving her arms. "You can give
it a name just for fun, or name it after something, or a name that means
something to you. For example, I named Hachi after the famous Akita that
waited every day at the train station for its master to come home, even
after its master died." She reached down to pat her Lab's head. "My Hachi
is very loyal and will wait for me outside of class, which is pretty
good. Though the main thing he waits by is the food dish!" She laughed,
but her laughter died before her audience's stoic gaze.

     "Eh..." Himiko floundered. Between the girl's strange appearance and
equally strange behavior, this encounter was becoming more than she knew
how to deal with. 

     "Well, it has been very nice meeting you, but I have to get home."
She ran a hand through her hair nervously. "Good luck with her."

     Rei simply nodded.

     "Hachi, heel," Himiko said and took off, masking her sigh of relief
in the command. She walked for a ways, until she was sure she was out of
earshot, and looked behind her. The girl was walking in the opposite
direction, puppy weaving back and forth on its leash. 

     "What a strange girl..." she commented. "Although... maybe I'm not
being entirely fair. After all, I was pretty rude. It's as bad to be
caught trying not to stare as it is to stare, right?" She looked down.
Hachi looked back up at her, mouth open in a non-committal grin.     

     "So what do you think, Hachi? Was that a nice girl?"

     Hachi barked cheerfully, and wagged his tail.

     "Well, then I agree," Himiko laughed as the pair walked out of the

     "Come," Rei said. Without hesitation, the puppy ran to her, claws
clicking on the hard apartment floor. The leash trailed out behind it.
"Good dog," she said, and petted it. 

     One thing Rei could not understand was why it was necessary to
praise and reward the puppy for doing what it was supposed to do. It
should do what was expected of it, and that was that. The book, however,
insisted praise was important and Rei had no choice but to accept it as
authoritative on the subject of dog training. 

     She picked up the puppy and walked across the room. She set it down,
and backed away. The puppy sat on its haunches and looked up at her

     "Come," she said. Before she had even finished the word the puppy
was running to her, barking happily. She bent and rubbed the puppy's
side. "Good dog," she said, and continued to pet it. 

     The book had also said to use her dog's name when issuing commands,
but as of yet she hadn't given it one. 

     She decided to try a new exercise. Going on the books instructions,
she filled the puppy's food bowl. It stood and barked excitedly at her
feet. "Sit," she said as she raised the bowl up past the puppy's head. It
followed the bowl with its head, and reflexively sat on its haunches.
"Good dog," she said as soon as its bottom touched the floor, and petted
it. It stood up immediately and barked. Rei set the dish down and it
began to eat.
     The first lesson in "sit" completed successfully, Rei sat down
beside the bowl.  She thought for a while, but nothing came up -- at
least nothing that seemed like it would be a good name. For some reason
naming the dog Ikari didn't seem... appropriate.

     The puppy finished eating, and took advantage of its master's
reflection by jumping onto her lap. Still lost in thought, Rei held the
dog to herself with one hand and stroked it with the other. She pressed
its ears back against its head and watched them spring back up. 

      A meaning she was never allowed to

     "Ichi," she said to the puppy, rubbing its head. "Your name is

     Ichi wagged her tail happily in response.

     Night was held at bay in Ayanami's room by the single lamp affixed
to her bed. She stood in the center of the floor, Ichi at her feet.

     "Ichi, sit," Rei said.

     Ichi stood up and put her front paws on Rei's shin, then dropped
back to the floor.

     For almost an hour Rei had been repeating the command; for almost an
hour Ichi had refused to sit. She had long ago exhausted what little
advice was in the book, and was hoping that repetition was what was

     She crouched in front of Ichi. "Ichi, sit," she said, and tried to
tuck the puppy's hind legs and force it to sit. Ichi yelped and twisted
away from her master's hand. Rei wasn't surprised, since that was exactly
what Ichi had done the last two dozen times she had tried that.

     "Ichi, sit," she repeated, making sure to use her firmest voice. Or
what she assumed was her firmest voice. She wasn't really sure what
"firm" sounded like; she hadn't ever had any need to use such a voice
herself. She supposed that she would characterize Commander Ikari as
"firm", but if she was supposed to sound like _him_ then there was no

     Firm voice or not, Ichi didn't sit. She did lay down, look up at
Rei, and huff. Her small tail swept slowly across the floor.

     Prompted by a need for some success, Rei stood and backed away from
her puppy. When she was across the room she called out: "Ichi, come."

     Ichi jumped up and scampered across the room to her, tongue hanging
out and tail flapping. 

     "Good dog," Rei said, not caring if her voice sounded sufficiently
Her hand reached to Ichi's head of its own accord. Ichi responded by
licking her fingertips.  No answer materialized.

     Rei noticed that it was late, and decided to quit for the night. She
unhooked Ichi's leash, feeling a sense of failure.

     Moments after Rei got into bed and turned the light off, Ichi leapt
onto the bed and nestled into the crook of her neck.


     Morning came, and Rei awoke covered in sweat once again. She turned
off the alarm and wondered how such a small body could generate so much

     After her cold shower, she filled Ichi's dish.

     "Ichi, sit," she said in a futile gesture as she lifted the bowl
above the puppy's head. To her surprise, it sat immediately, eager gaze
on the dish. "Good dog," she remembered to say, and set the dish down.

     Rei puzzled over this for a moment. It was her second use of the
bowl, and her second success at getting Ichi to sit. She wondered briefly
if she would have to carry a food dish around for whenever she wanted
Ichi to sit. That would clearly be impractical. She would have to find
another way.

     She dressed and headed for the door. Before she had put on the first
of her shoes, Ichi came tearing around the corner toward her, barking
furiously. Rei avoided the jumping dog and finished putting on her shoes.
She opened the door, and Ichi immediately tried to rush through. Rei
grabbed her and set her down away from the door. 

     "You cannot come," she said as she was forced to stop Ichi from
running out the door again. As she said it, though, she had second
thoughts. Could Ichi come with her? Ueda-san had mentioned taking her dog
to school. Rei had never seen any of the other students with an animal in
school, but perhaps they didn't have pets.

     Her decision made, Rei closed the door. She got the leash from the
bedroom and affixed it to Ichi's collar. 

     "Let's go, then," she said, and led her puppy out of the apartment.


     Rei carried Ichi in her arms as she ascended the stairs to the
school. She had already discovered that stairs proved a formidable
obstacle for the small dog, and Rei did not want to wait for Ichi to face
the challenge of each step in turn.

     The halls of the school were empty, the combined effect of Ayanami's
early arrival time and the decreasing population of the school. As she
approached her classroom, she saw the one person who consistently arrived
before she did: The Class Representative.

     Horaki Hikari, about to enter the classroom, glanced in Rei's
direction. As per usual, she didn't pay much attention to the pilot. A
moment later what she had seen registered, and she turned to stare in

     "Ayanami, what is that?" she said accusingly, pointing at Rei's

     "It is a dog," Rei said.

     "I know that!" A vein popped out conspicuously on Hikari's forehead.
"I meant you can't bring a dog into school! No pets allowed! Get it out
of here! What were you thinking?" she finished for good measure. She
looked to see the effect her tirade had. She would have liked to see
chagrin, but knowing it was Ayanami she settled for blinking and

     Rei stoically absorbed this information, then did the only thing she
could think to do. She turned and walked out of the school, headed for
her apartment.

     Hikari entered class satisfied, once again reassured that without
her personal intervention the entire world would degenerate into

     When Ayanami reached the top of the stairs, she saw the other two
Children at the bottom.

     "Why do we have to come so early, Asuka?" Shinji grumbled, clearly
mourning the lost half-hour of sleep.

     "Because if I can't talk to Hikari during class, I at least want to
talk to her before class so I don't go insane... I mean, it doesn't
concern you! Just do as you are told, like always!"

     "Yes, yes," Shinji replied, indicating that he never had any
intention of doing otherwise. He looked up just in time to see Ayanami
walking down the stairs, her puppy cradled in her arms.

     "Good morning, Ikari-kun," she said as she passed him.

     "Eh... Hi Ayanami," he managed to say to her back. He turned to
Asuka, who was staring intently at Rei.

     She stood there for a minute, then said "Come on, stupid," and
walked up the stairs. Shinji followed.

     Hikari greeted them when they entered the classroom. Asuka sat next
to her friend. Shinji took his seat near the back and got a head start on
making up for lost REM cycles.

     "Hi, Asuka. You're here early." Hikari talked while she arranged the
printouts for the day into stacks.

     "It's because I'm such a dedicated student," Asuka declared.

     Hikari giggled. "Hey, did you by chance just see Ayanami leaving
here with a _dog_?"

     "Oh, yeah. It's just like the First Child to do something strange
like bring her puppy to school."

     "You know about this?" Hikari asked.

     "Sure. Misato and Shinji had the bright idea to buy her a puppy for
her birthday."

     "Really?" Hikari beamed. "Shinji, that's so nice!"

     "Uh, what? Oh, thanks," Shinji mumbled, then went back to sleep.

     "I had no idea it was her birthday," Hikari said.

     "She didn't exactly advertise," Asuka pointed out.

     "So that must have been what you were talking about with Shinji

     "Yeah. I'm just worried she won't give the puppy the love it needs,"
Asuka said, repetition stealing the conviction from her voice.

     "Oh, come on," Hikari admonished. "How could anyone not love a

     "I guess," Asuka said, not entirely paying attention. She was busy
trying to think of a way to change the subject. She was getting pretty
tired of talking about Wonder Girl.


     In the center of his expansive office, Commander Ikari Gendo sat at
his desk. Uncharacteristically absent was Sub-Commander Fuyutsuki.
Instead, at his side stood Ayanami Rei.

     "Commander," Rei began, looking straight ahead.

     Gendo's silence told her to continue.

     "I have a question," Rei said. She always felt nervous asking him
questions. Anything she needed to know, he would tell her; to ask for
more information was to suggest otherwise. It wouldn't do to question the
Commander's judgment.

     "Yes, Rei." He was also looking forward. They would often have
entire conversations this way, never looking at each other.

     "Major Katsuragi... she said that it was my birthday two days ago."
The wording satisfied Rei. She was merely trying to clear up
contradictory information.

     "That is true," was the Commander's response.

     Rei nodded. The Major had been correct. Yet the Commander had not
seen fit to mention it, so it could not be as important as she and
Ikari-kun had made it out to be.

     "Why did you wish to know?"

     "Major Katsuragi and the pilot of Unit 01 believed it to somehow be
an important day. I did not know if this was correct."

     "I see," Gendo said. "Were you in school today?"

     "Yes, sir," Rei responded. Clearly the subject of her birthday was

     "Is that going well?" he asked; a common question.

     "There are no problems," she said quickly. She wasn't sure, however,
if that was true. Outside of her encounter with the Class Representative,
she hadn't gotten in any trouble for taking Ichi to school. The teacher
hadn't seemed to notice her entering the classroom late. Still she wasn't
sure if it was something she shouldn't mention. Or at least mention Ichi
herself. Uneasily she decided not to bother him with something so

     With a start she realized that he was looking at her now, his brow
furrowed in displeasure. "Rei, there is a synchronization test tomorrow?"
he said in the tone he used with all subordinates who were not meeting

     "Yes, sir," Rei replied shakily. "And I will be with Dr. Akagi
before that." She couldn't meet his eyes. She hadn't been paying
attention, and the Commander disliked having to repeat himself.

     She stood there in uncomfortable silence, and bent her arm across
her body to grab the opposite elbow. She squeezed her arm, and tried to
control her breathing. She could feel his hard gaze studying her. He
remained silent for several minutes, and with each moment her anxiety
grew. She could feel sweat running down her forehead.

     "Well then," he said at last, expression and tone softening. "Let's
go get some food."

     "Yes, sir," she said, tension escaping to the air in her words. In a
flash her anxieties were gone, and she smiled in spite of herself. She
couldn't help but smile whenever he used that voice. It was his Special
Voice, and it was only for her.

     They ate together in silence, as was their custom. During the meal,
Rei worried that there wouldn't be time to walk Ichi before it became
dark. If she could catch the next train out of the Geofront then she
could make it home in time. She ate hurriedly, then excused herself.

     The Commander said nothing.

end part 3

first posted 3/11/2000
Thanks go to TJ Hamilton for providing C&C and a little bit of nagging,
and to Daniel Snyder for the same.