Shinji's Dream

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"Misato?  Where's Shinji?" Asuka asked as she came out of her room.

Misato finished guzzling her beer and let out a loud whoop, then looked a
bit embarrased.  "He's not going to school today, Asuka.  He's still not
feeling well since the 12th Angel."

"Wimp," Asuka snorted. "It's his own fault for charging off like that."
She turned to go back to her room, and bit her lip worriedly.  *He's been
like this for days,* she thought.  *Well, he can't just stay in there
forever!*  With that, she steeled herself and marched over to Shinji's
room, throwing the door open, ready to yell him to wakefulness.

Her shout died in her throat as she saw Shinji sleeping, but twisting and
turning as he did so.  She walked over to the side of his futon and saw
his face steaked with tears.  As she watched, he softly whimpered.

Asuka knelt beside him, and reached out to shake him awake.  Just before
she touched him, Shinji curled up into a ball.  "Don't..."  Her hand

"Don't, Father..."  Asuka dropped her hand to her side, and stood to leave
the room.  "Don't take her away!"

*Her?* Asuka wondered.  *Who?*

"Please don't leave, Rei..."  

Asuka felt herself growing angry.  *So he loves Wonder Girl, does he?* she
seethed.  *Fine then, I'll leave him to his little perverted dreams,* she
thought, denying the stinging in her eyes.  She walked out the door and
prepared to slide it shut.

"Asuka!"  Shinji had one of his hands raised up, like he was reaching for
something.  "NO!  Don't go!"  It took Asuka a moment to realize he was
still asleep.  "Don't take her away Father.  I love her, Rei!  Don't take

*What the hell?* Asuka wondered.  *'I love her, Rei'?  Who's 'her'?*  She
went and kneeled by Shinji's side again, and watched the sleeping boy's
face.  He was crying as he slept, much more fiercely than he was before.

"Please don't go, Asuka, I love you!"  Asuka gasped in shock, and Shinji
sprung to awakefulness.  "Asuka!  You're still here!"  He suddenly reached
out and dragged her down, hugging her.

Asuka shoved the boy away from her, and rolled away from him.  "What do
you think you're doing, you pervert?" she demanded.  She wasn't quite sure
if she was more angry at herself for pulling away or at Shinji for hugging

Shinji seemed to finally wake up fully.  "Oh, sorry," he apologised.  "Bad

"That doesn't excuse you grabbing me like that!" Asuka yelled agrilly.  "I
can't believe PERVERT!!  Now come on, you'll be late for
school." She stood and stormed out of the room and went back into hers to
get ready, still angry.

Shinji watched her leave with a smile, and then shook his head ruefully.
"What a dream."


"Shinji?" Asuka asked as they walked.  "What were you dreaming about?"

Shinji blushed and hung his head.  "It's a bit silly," he stalled.  "I
dreamt everyone was being taken away from me."  Involuntarily, he
shuddered.  "I remember when I used to want to be left alone."

"So if you want to be left alone," Asuka retorted, "why was it such a bad

"I'd...I'd really rather not talk about it," Shinji said uncomfortably.

"Wimp," Asuka snorted again, and began to run ahead of him to the school.
"I'd never let anyone take me away."

Shinji stared at her as she ran off.  "She couldn't..."


Somehow, staring at she ceiling before he slept always calmed Shinji.  And
after today, he really needed something to clear his head.

It was probably the most confusing day of his life.  Asuka was...well,
NICE to him.  Well, nice for Asuka, that is.  It was so unnerving that he
was unable to function for the whole day.  He lost count of how many times
people asked him what was wrong today.  Even Rei noticed he was

Shinji shook his head in wonder.  Kensuke and Touji probably would have
thought he needed treatment if he told them that he thought Asuka knew
that he was in love with her.  

A soft chuckle burst from Shinji.  Those two would have probably thought
he needed treatment if they knew he was in love with Asuka, period.

He shuddered as he thought over the nightmare, the same on he had relived
for the past few nights.  His father and Rei taking everyone away from
him.  First Kensuke and Touji, then Misato, and then finally, tearing
Asuka out from his arms.

As he drifted off to sleep, a final thought intruded.  *She knows, and it
makes her happy?*


"No!  Please, Father!  Don't take her away!"

Asuka looked down at Shinji's face as the boy went thought the thoes of
the nightmare again.  She hesitantly put her hand on his shoulder, and
slowly leaned forward to kiss his cheek.  As her lips touched his face, he
began to relax and quiet down, his yelling softening into a whimper.

"I love her..."

A sad smile came to Asuka's face.  "Don't worry, Shinji," she whispered
softly.  "I'll never let them take me away."  She swallowed as a lump
formed in her throat.  "I love you too."

Shinji relaxed further as the last vestiges of the nightmare slipped away.