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This is the personal website of Katie! Here, you will find lots of my original art, fanart, assloads of links to sites that are way better than mine, and some fun crap for you, too! Please look around and sign my guestbook!


click to see more icons made by ME! 8/2/o6, 4:54pm MOOD: hungry
It's been almost two months since I've updated and I feel really bad about that. It's certainly not that I've lost interest, just that I've been busy working on stuff and working in general. So I added a bunch of recent stuff. Yay. Pages with new content are Sailormoon icons, Misc. icons, banners, links in, and wallpapers. There's a lot more that needs put up, including an art subsection specifically for crack-doodles... ^__^ As always, look forward to it.

click to see more icons made by ME! 6/o8/o6, 1o:o9pm MOOD: popular
I've been making videos! I uploaded them to photobucket (I love them) and embedded them in a new page>videos. I added a couple Hellsing banners and a page for Hellsing icons with 11 already added (all of them ridiculously funny... ^__^).

click to see more icons made by ME! 6/o3/o6, 8:o5pm MOOD: pleased
I spent this entire day updating my site. Little things here and there and adding new stuff... LOTS of work. The pages added/updated are:
rants and essays
fanart (IY14 section added!!)
inuyasha avatars
misc avatars
link buttons
I also did some realigning on a few pages that were messed up and stuff. Rejoice.

click to see more icons made by ME! 5/11/o6, 1:37pm MOOD: tired
Fmehh... AP tests are finally over and so is school... Then I start work... Bleg... Anyway, I organized my portfolio section, but haven't put everything up yet... I will eventually. I also added my 100 icons challenges that I'm working on. You can link to the page from the avatar section or here. There's my Sailormoon one, and my Sess/Rin one. Check em out!

click to see more icons made by ME! 4/6/o6, 2:oopm MOOD:stunned
Wow, I'm updating regularly! AND I've been drawing my characters again! AND I get the house to myself tonight AND I had two naps today AND got to drive. Nothing can ruin this day *knock on wood*. Anywhoo, I finally updated my fanart page cause I had lots of Inuyasha drawings piling up (lots of Sess/Rin goodness) and my IY characters in a nutshell that's been a big hit on DA. I also addedmy colored mermaid and a couple other things in my original art section. I am proud of myself! And I love photobucket... I finally got a payed account! AND A JOB!! Wow... what a good day...


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