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Why yet another translation of the Holy Bible?

Much confusion has arisen from the practice of translating the many Hebrew words referring to God as simply "God". Imagine reading an English novel where the words "brother", "sister", "cousin", "mother", "father", "uncle", etc were all rephrased as "relative". Technically, it would be correct but much of the meaning would be lost to the reader, with potential misunderstandings and confusion. Alice may be described as a relative of John, but is she his mother, his sister, his wife, his cousin, his grand-daughter, etc? Why not prevent the confusion by retaining the original words?

Our "Restored King James Bible Translations" in this Library have been derived from the King James Authorized Version with the words "God" and "LORD" restored to the original Hebrew words (according to Strong). To improve readability, the verbs and pronouns have been updated to modern forms (no "thou", "sayest", etc).

These volumes are very useful in understanding the usage and meanings of "God", "LORD", "El", "Elohim", "Eloah", "YHVH" (or "YHWH"), "YHVH YHVH" (or "YHWH YHWH"), "Adon", "Adonai", etc.

As an example, the important word "Elohim" is central to the understanding of the Old Testament God and to the reason for salvation, but is the subject of numerous claims regarding its meaning. Some meanings have been "creator", "man from space", a collective noun meaning a family of gods, and a group of powerful angels. The proponents of these claims all tell good stories and appear to have evidence to support their ideas. How can you tell what is correct? Check for yourself in these Restored King James books! or do the restoration yourself with your own concordance. Don't take the word of some one else; prove it yourself from the original documents!

These RKJV books have all of the "Elohim" restored and shown explicitly, allowing the reader to learn the true meaning of "Elohim" and to see which alleged "meanings" do not fit. Let the original inspired scriptures of the Bible explain themselves. By considering all of the uses, not just a selected few which support the story teller's spiel, you will see from the usage that many of the claims about the meaning of Elohim are incorrect.

Books available on this site are:
* Genesis (Updated January 2005)   * Leviticus (Updated January 2005)   * Numbers  * Deuteronomy  * Joshua (Updated January 2005)   * Judges  * Ruth   * 1 Samuel   * 2 Samuel   * 1 Kings   * 2 Kings   * 1 Chronicles   * 2 Chronicles   * Ezra   * Nehemiah   * Esther   * Job (Updated February 2005)  * Psalms   * Proverbs   * Ecclesiastes   * Song   * Isaiah  * Jeremiah   * Lamentations   * Ezekiel   * Daniel  * Hosea   * Joel   * Amos   * Obadiah   * Jonah   * Micah   * Nahum   * Habakkuk   * Zephaniah   * Haggai   * Zechariah   * Malachi  

The following versions are stored in the Wayback Machine at archive.org, and are snapshots of the pages at the time of capture. Note that the source URLs are no longer correct; use the URLs shown by the Wayback Machine in your browser location field.

* Exodus (January 1998)  * Leviticus (January 1998)   * Numbers (January 1998)  * Deuteronomy (January 1998)  * Joshua (January 1998)  * Judges (January 1998)  * 1 Samuel (January 1998)  * Job (September 1998)  * Isaiah (September 1998)  * Daniel (January 1999) 

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