Confessions Line

Real Confessions!!!
Do you need to get some things off your chest? Did you lie to someone you care about? Do you have a problem with gambling, spending money, drinking or betting? Continually taking money out of the bank? Trying to lie and cover it up? Keeping it inside won't help. Learn More...

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Date Line

Are You Ready For Romance?
Are you worried that calling an internet dating service might lead to a long-distance relationship? Now you can put your worries away. With our nationwide Dateline Service, you could find romance, fun, friendship or companionship, right next door! When you call our Dateline, all you have to do is choose the area code where you want to find your date. Learn More...

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1-900-562-7000 Ext. 1269
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Live Chat Line

Guys! Want To Talk To Beautiful Ladies, LIVE???
Conversation is important, it helps you to feel fulfilled and energized. Making conversation is a skill. Sometimes we feel like we fail to communicate with those around us. How do you communicate effectively? Learn More...

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Internet Secrets Line

World Wide Web Secrets!!!
Would you like to find out how to get results fast? Maximize time spent and get better results on the Internet? Would you like to be able to find what you're looking for quickly and easily? Ever try to find free software just to wind up going in circles forever? You were told there were places to get free music and movie downloads and you haven't found them yet? Learn More...

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Sports and Entertainment

Dependable Sports Results Now!!
Did you miss the news? Didn't get to see the game? All the sports, news and scores you could ever need right here. Current up to date and accurate. Check on your favorite teams see who won and how they are in the standings.Then check out the current Movie reviews and go out and relax at a top rated Movie! What are you waiting for? Want to beat the odds? Where does your team stand? Learn More...

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