Greetings. Thank you for playing The Ultimate Sesame Mission. As you may or may not have discovered yet, this game is very hard and somewhat annoying. But hopefully, with the help of this guide, you’ll be able to get through it without much frustration.



I.                    Walkthrough

a.      Homeworld

b.      Cartoon world

c.      Reality

d.      Sailor Moon world

e.      Gundam world

f.        Dragonball Z world

g.      Crazy Land

h.      Homeworld Revisited

i.        Looney world

j.        Ronin World

k.      Behind the Door of Love

l.        Homeworld: Final Conflict

m.    True Ending FAQ

n.      The Bad Guy Base

II.                 Special Item Locations

III.               Dialogue FAQ

IV.              Ending FAQ

V.                 Death Messages





I. Walkthrough



Keep in mind while you follow this guide that, if you follow it word for word, you’ll miss a good deal of the game. In other words, explore on your own and talk to people even if you aren’t specifically told to.


Also, coordinates such as (2, 32) will be given in later dungeons in order to designate a location. To find where you are in relation to these coordinates, cast location. Moving right will raise the first number, moving left will lower it; moving down will raise the second number, and moving up will lower it.


The save item rectangles in the game are located in The Base, the restored Sesame Street, and the second version of Frieza’s hut (after completing Crazy World).





Places of interest:


Sesame Street

The Base

Frieza’s Hut

Lego Land

The beautiful forest

The portal nexus

Riddle Cave

Golden Altar

Altar of Combinations

Violet Eyes’s cave

The Jaws of death

The Rite of Passage

The Bad Guy Base


Search around Sesame Street and talk to the people in The Base to find out where you are and what the game is about. Get the cloths in Ernie and Bert’s dressers, the food in the fridge, and the weapons in The Base. You may also be interested in Violet Eye’s cave on the eastern wall. Be sure to buy all the spells from Pooh as early as possible, because you won’t be able to later.


Ok, so a force more powerful than you can imagine has defeated your masters, taken their power, and will be returning at any time to make a grand feast of you and all your friends. Time to make a plan.


Visit Frieza in his hut to the west. Presumably you’ve spoken to Purple, so you know to either say ‘purple’ or ‘help’. He’ll be shocked by the incident and annoyed that you think he can help you in any way. He’ll tell you to go away for a moment while he thinks, and reveal a secret door in the back with weapons and stairs to a training area. The sooner you can finish that area, the better, because the prize at the bottom is the most helpful item in the game. Your progress will be saved on floor 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and the bottom, so don’t hesitate to stop after just a few floors if you don’t feel like continuing.


After a few steps, ask Frieza about ‘idea’ or ‘plan’. He’ll explain what you have to do to win the game, so pay close attention. Basically, you’re looking for a legendary set of armor called the Golden Armor that may not even exist. With this armor you can absorb the Golden Powercell, the most powerful force in the Ultraverse (the amalgamation of all universes). However, there are several complications you’ll have to overcome. First of all, the armor is scattered throughout the dimensions. You have no idea which ones, but that doesn’t really matter because your enemies have sealed access to all other dimensions, so you’ll need keys to access pre-established links called ‘Lay-Z’ portals. The other problem is that even if you gather all the armor, the Golden Powercell has been divided and absorbed by the 4 mystical treasures of your world: The Crystal Wand, the Crystal Heart, and the 2 Rings of Reflect (these weapons and their powers are described in a brochure found in Legoland, but unfortunately you don’t get to use them in this game). Conveniently, your Masters scattered these into some random dimensions as well in order to keep the Bad Guys from getting them. So not only will you have to find those too, but you’ll have to find a way to extract the Powercell from the 4 and then assimilate with it.


He’ll give you a golden key (which I suggest you hold on to for the moment) that will allow you access to the Golden altar, the place where the Golden Powercell usually rests. The portal is behind a secret door in the upper-right of the base.


Before you go any farther, ask about the laws of inter-dimensional diplomacy. These will haunt you through every world. Basically, Frieza tells you not to kill people you don’t have to, or he’ll come down and personally kill you. Killing people will often yield funny messages (especially in later towns), so save and do it at your leisure. But unless you WANT to die, remember to be patient and merciful when you feel it’s possible.


Lego Land


Head south of The Base to the Lego land area. The town is on the western half, but first visit the volcanic mountains to the east and defeat the phoenix that live there. You’ll be rewarded with a silver Lego brick. Take this to the Lego town mayor (in the center building). He’ll thank you and plug it into his machine. Leave town and reenter, and everything will be restored. Now talk to some of the wandering lego citizens. One if them will tell you his name is Jeff. Ask him about ‘keys’, then ‘knex’ or ‘door’. He’ll give you the key to get past the gate in the center. To get rid of the guard, ask him about ‘brib’ and give him 100 gold.


On the other half of town in K-nex world. To the far left is a lake surrounding a stairway, but the bridge is out. There’s a boat, but you don’t own it, and you won’t for a long, long time, so forget about it.


Inside the only structure, you’ll be faced with a small force of K-nex warriors. The only real trouble with this battle is the confined area and the lava. Hack your way through their ranks and obtain the key of cartoon at the end of the room.


After you gave the silver brick to the mayor, your friends back at Sesame Street repaired your home. Get some rest if you feel like it, drop off the Golden key (won’t be needing that for a while), and enter the portal behind the door of cartoon.



Cartoon world


Places of interest:


A Cartoon town

Ebony Cave


Folson Prison


As you might expect, the first world is the easiest. No matter what you do, you’ll get through it, unless you break the laws of inter-dimensional diplomacy (ask Frieza). The world is a rip-off of the cartoons Cow and Chicken, Ed Edd and Eddy, and Dexter’s lab. You’ll start in front of Cow and Chicken’s house.


A Cartoon Town


Now, as you might expect, breaking into houses is probably not a good idea. It’s not against the laws of inter-dimensional diplomacy, but when you start snooping around other people’s houses, they tend to get angry. And when they get angry, they attack. And when you’re attacked, you have a tendency to annihilate everything, and that IS against the law. So unless you just saved your game, don’t break into any private residence…through the front door anyway.


There are many choices to be made in this world. The first choice you have is to ignore this town entirely and start exploring. Whether or not you talk to Cow and Chicken has no bearing on what actually happens because they’re going to follow you anyway, and since you’ll have to go in here eventually, you might as well do it.


Knock on the door, and chicken will ask who you are. You can either leave, tell the truth, or lie. The lie will get you in without any problem. The truth will bring you to another choice: They think you’re insane and want to adopt you. If you say no they kick you out, and if you attack them Frieza will kill you, so say yes.


Now inside, you can do what you’re here to do: watch T.V…no, I’m not kidding, look at the T.V…it’ll make sense later, trust me.


The house to the left also contains a T.V, but as I said, you don’t want to break down any doors. But remember, when life closes a door, it opens a window. So sneak in and watch their T.V. There’s also a diamond necklace in the bathroom if you want it.


When you leave, Cow and Chicken will follow you. They want to go to school, but the bus has apparently exploded. You are faced with yet another choice: Get to school on time, or be late. I’d suggest on time, simply because the scene is funnier. But, if you’d rather get your exploring done now instead of later, head south to Ebony Cave.


Ebony Cave


Look, this isn’t rocket science. There’re no monsters and no puzzles. There’re only good things here: Big Bird’s axe, shockstorm, firewalk, a useless red guy, and a powersurge. It’s all behind secret doors (except the red guy). Check the map. You’ll also find a joke message in the lower right of the lava pit.




If you’re late, you’ll simply be told to go to the principal’s office. However, if you arrived on time, you’ll have a moment to socialize with the mindless kids. When the bell rings, sit next to chicken to start the scene.


On your way to the principal’s office, be sure to avoid the bio-hazard in the janitorial closet, and don’t miss the T.V. to the left of the secretary’s office. Now find the principal, who, for whatever reason he can think of, will have you arrested.


Folson Prison


The only way in here is to get arrested at school. Fortunately, your cell has a secret door, but first talk to those strangely animated kids. They’ll help you escape the prison if you’ll let them out too. So, resisting any homicidal urges you might be experiencing, it’s off to the warden’s office. Pull the leaver to release all the prisoners. Eddy will tell you about a way out in the bushes to the upper right. Don’t forget to check the T.V. before you leave.


Dexter’s lab


The door to your left can’t be opened. The dresser has the key to the next world, and the left bookcase has a Golden Book, which you’ll need eventually. If you’ve seen the show, you know to check the center bookcase to open the secret door to Dexter’s lab. Navigate to the center, avoiding any suspicious buttons along the way. When Dexter spots you, he freaks out and calls his guard robots. Kill them and proceed to the back room. The cowering Dexter will allow you use of his inter-dimensional portal, which is conveniently calibrated to send you home. World over.






Places of interest:


New York City

Jungle Village

Azwepe Village



Flower Fields


Our world. Our boring little world. The world you started playing this game to escape.


NY City


So anyway, explore to your heart’s content, keeping in mind what I said about locked buildings. You can’t leave town until you’ve seen my favorite band, YES, perform at the theatre. Tickets are sold out, so you’ll have to trick the guards. ‘Murder him for his insolence’ should send up some kind of signal in your mind, so let’s pick the other one.


During the concert, a group of gun-toating radicals storm the stage and take the band hostage. Option 3 is fine, but pick option 2. Just pick it.


The airport is now open for travel. Tickets are, again, sold out, so make them think you have one and you’re off to rescue the band. Whatever happened to finding the Golden Armor you say? Well, you have no idea where to start looking so you might as will do some good while you’re looking. You are heroes after all.


Jungle Village


Located in South America, I suggest coming here first because it has Bert’s Emerald helm in one of the huts. You’ll also find a T.V. behind a secret door in the middle hut on the right.


Break into the locked hut, and you’ll be presented with 2 FBI agents. Pick choice 2 again, and continue down the stairs. Chris Squire, a band member, is being held in the cave below. Welcome to your first dungeon. There’s a secret door at 35, 17 to some items. Find the middle room and kill all the monsters. You may want to save before you start this fight because no mater how I tried, the monsters still manage to kill Chris sometimes. So, that’s one down.




Kill them. Kill them all. Or, if you want the experience, opt to jump in the portal, but kill them instead. Do not enter the portal unless you’ve just saved. Rescue Alan White.


Flower Fields


The house in the upper left can be entered through a secret door next to the real door, but that’s not important. The flower patch in the center will lead you to an underground facility called Chemtech. It’s very big and very empty. Rick Wakeman is at 9, 56. Once you have him, you can go to the boss’s room and kill him. Yes, kill him. He’s evil. But if you kill him before you rescue Rick, he’ll die in the resulting explosion. Frieza thanks you for foiling the evil plot at work here, but that’s all. It’s just for fun.




It’s a real town in England. Again, stay out of locked houses. Steve Howe is in the lower left building in the center. The only other place of interest is called Yeardle's elixir shop, which is actually a code for YES (first letter of each word). This is where they all run to when you free them, so stop by and say hi if you want. You’ll come back here later.


Area 51


You can only access this town once you’ve rescued the other 4 band members. It’s an invisible spot in the southwest of North America. Jon Anderson is being held here. This town is also all but empty. You’ll find a valuable sapphire (for map magic spells) in the lower right room, as well as an orb of sight just left of it. Head toward that big suspicious room with different terrains in it, and you’ll fight the first real boss, the FBI chief. He should be a pushover if you started on the recommended level. He’ll drop the key to the next world the doors will unlock. But with his dying breath, he mutters something unnerving: ‘I have failed you...lord Frieza.’ Well, as Frieza would say, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


You’ll find Jon tied to a chair. He thanks you and reveals that he knows your masters. You explain their trouble and he wants to help, so he asks you to meet him at YES’s secret hideaway in Exter.


Exter revisited


When you get there, Jon will greet you with another Golden book and…


The Golden Greaves!!!


Your first piece of Golden Armor, and one of the strongest. It has the ability Full Protection. Give it to Big Bird; he’s probably been taking the most damage. Now, the story of YES isn’t quite over yet. No, not by far. Unfortunately, you’ll be revisiting them very often, and it’s going to be annoying. Ask Jon about ‘play’ or ‘song’, and he’ll teach you the song you need to get past the glowing doors in Riddle cave.


But before you can learn any songs, you need instruments. Who do you know that has instruments? Why, the Sesame Street band of course! Visit BIG Big Bird and ask him about ‘help’ or ‘inst’. He’ll pass you all the band’s instruments and then pull out identical ones. (Side note: If you ask Jinga-linga Big bird about ‘rest’, you’ll get a free top quality inn)


Now that you have all those heavy instruments (you need all of the), go back and learn one of the 3 songs (I recommend Tales from Topographic first). Once you’ve learned a song, you’ll never need those instruments again (whew). Ok, now you can open the doors. What’s the annoying part? Each song opens a different color door (Tales=blue, Awaken=red, Close=green), and you can only remember one song at a time, which means that you may have to leave in the middle of a dungeon, walk back here, and switch songs. I’m sorry, I saw this in Legend of Zelda once and thought it might add to the game. I knew it would be annoying, so I only used specific doors a few times. You won’t be back here swapping songs in every world, don’t worry.


Great, you’ve found the armor and the way to the next world…how do you get out of here?


Aswepe Village

This is the way out. Talk to the chief. You’ll point out that his very existence in this world is illegal, but he refuses to leave. Well, pranking them just isn’t forward enough this time, so use violence and pick choice 2. Frieza will praise you on your work and award you with the teleport scroll, which will allow you to return to your homeworld whenever you want. Just use it in any town, then leave. Now you can go home.


Confronting Frieza


This is optional, but amusing. After facing the FBI chief, but before completing the next world, you’ll find a scene waiting for you if you enter Frieza’s hut. Choosing to fight him is suicide, so let’s not. Instead, let’s start on the next world.


Sailor Moon World


Places of interest:



Tower of the Moon

Small Cavern

Run Down Shack

Volcanic Cavern




Sailor Moon found the Crystal Wand. She can’t figure out how it works, so she promised to give it to you if you rescue her friends from the Tower of the Moon. Simple enough.


Small Cavern


This is unquestionably the simplest, most ridiculous thing in this game. I was lazy that day. Behind the secret door is Bert’s Emerald Armor plate. It’s guarded by a Raksasha that might give you some trouble, but you’ll deal with it.


Run Down Shack


You can’t do anything here until the very end. Check the ‘True Ending’ section toward the bottom to see what it’s all about.


Volcanic Cavern


The stairs to the center are at 5, 15. You’ll find a powersurge there. There’s some other little trinkets around the cave, but they’re not important.


Tower of the Moon


A very straightforward tower. Just go up. You’ve got a map, right? On the forth floor, you’ll find none other that Frieza (gasp)!!! But wait…that’s not Frieza at all! It’s a robot! So that must be what the FBI chief meant. Well, if you’ve gotten this far, this should be easy. Kill Friezabot1 (after talking to him) and he’ll drop the key to the next world, another Golden Book, and…


The Golden Gauntlets!!!


These give you Giant Strength! Give it to your main fighter (probably Bert or Cookie) and go back to Sailor Moon to claim the Crystal wand.


Gundam World


You thought it was gonna be about Gundam, didn’t you?


Places to go:


The Absolution



More Space



Fox Prime Time

Hijacked Supply Ship


The Absolution


Make sure you have one of the songs from YES (see Exter Revisited). This is yet another dungeon totally lacking in puzzles or challenging monsters. In fact, this is probably a good place to fight for gold. Navigate your way to the bridge through one of 2 paths, depending on which song you brought (the bottom is a blue door). TOM will explain that Osama Bin-laden (9/11 happened about the time I was making Sailor Moon world or something, and this seemed like a fun idea) has hijacked the Absolution and is planning to blow up the Earth with it. The ship is being remotely controlled from a supply ship way out there, and he needs you and the Gundam team (who just magically appeared moments ago) to take it out. TOM will give you Ernie’s pendant, but withholds a strange book he found floating in space, saying he’ll give it back to you when you save them. Don’t forget to look at the T.V.




3 screens up from the Absolution is a bookcase slowly spiraling into the sun. It contains a Golden Book. Grab it.


Hijacked Supply Ship


2 screens up and 2 screens right from the Absolution. The Gundam team stays outside to distract the enemy ships and such while you sneak in. This is yet another blitheringly simple dungeon (enjoy it while it lasts. You’ll be strangling me by the time you’re halfway through Ronin world). Continue forward until you find Osama, and kill him. He’ll yield the next key and…


The Golden Helm!!!


Its power is Bliss (full heal and bless). I doubt this will become an issue, but remember not to wear out the charge on any Golden Armor piece or it will disappear and the game will be impossible. This is the only armor piece that heals you, so use it well!


Cookie accidentally activates the self-destruct on the ship. If you downloaded the background music, the fast paced escape tune might have you in a rush, but the thing won’t actually explode until you get out, so don’t worry. Don’t forget to go back and get the strange book from TOM.


Dragonball Z World


Now, this is where things start to go wrong in this game. For some reason, everybody hates the 12-outdoor-section-big maze that is the landscape. I’m not sure why. What’s so bad about a maze? Is it the constant monsters? The obscure objective? Or is the thing just too damn long? Whatever the case, even I need a map when I go through this, so there’s a special one just for this world. The object is to gather the 7 dragonballs and summon the eternal dragon, who will grant you entry to the World Martial Arts Tournament. The prize is worthwhile, so let’s get searching!


Places of interest:


Goku’s House

Kami’s Lookout


A deep, dark hole…

Mirror Cave

Cable Cave

World Martial Arts Tournament


Goku’s house


You start here. It’s empty aside from some characters from the T.V. show.


Kami’s Lookout


Aside from hiding a dragonball, this place is home to Piccallo, who will hint at the true way to win the game. Pay attention, and think about recording it.




The secret door is at 25, 9. It has a dragonball.


A deep, dark hole…


Yes, it’s fiendish of me to make a maze of invisible walls to get here, but it’s worth it. Here, you’ll find most of your lost weapons. The catch: this cave is a challenge, especially the monster guarding the weapons.


There’s a secret door right below the entrance, but don’t take it. It’s just a trap. So continue on. There’s hall close by filled with blood and bones. I wouldn’t think that too inviting, so avoid the obvious trap. Another room not to far along has a single block of outer space. This, while it must look like a trap after all those other ones, heals you.


Continue fighting your way through, and you’ll eventually come upon a path divided by the colored gates. Now, there’s really no reason to explore every path. The red door leads straight to the end, the green leads through more monsters, and on the blue path is a funny little book that insults you.


Whichever path you take, be sure to look at the desk at 21, 16. It foreshadows the appearance of the N-squad. If you’ve played ‘The Duel’, which you haven’t, you’d know that the N-squad and the Sesames have become bitter rivals as of late.


At the end you’ll be faced with 3 levers and a button, which you assume will open the door into the center room. The button will surround you in lava, and the other two levers hurt you. Pull the middle lever to open the door.


Now, this battle could be tough. I’d recommend trying to lure the skeletons out and resting before taking on the Drake Lord. The challenge is, of course, that you can’t get next to him, so you’ll have use missile weapons and spells. I have no special strategy for you. If you have a wand of nullity, that might be a good idea. Energy potions would be good to have as well. You may have to come back later when you’re stronger or when you have the Golden Sword, which can cast kill.


If you succeed, the windows around the monster will disappear, and you’ll be able to retrieve Cookie’s Axe, the Emerald Shield, and the Jester’s Jingle Bell. Cookie’s Axe is one of the strongest weapons in the game, so you’ll want it as soon as possible.


Mirror Cave


Kill both mirror beasts and retrieve the Rings of Reflect.


Cable Cave


Now THIS is the kind of cave I made this stupid walkthrough for. It trumps anything you’ve seen by far, both in puzzles and monsters. You’re not expected to complete it immediately, but since you’re here, let’s do it!


Also note, if the game starts glitching out at the beginning, don’t worry. That’s normal. Some monsters and terrain will just show up as cave floor. This is the only town that does that.


In order to open the gate to the next floor, you’ll have to find and use 10 levers. I’m not gonna give you a step by step path from one to the other, but here’s how to solve the puzzles concealing them.


1)      Location: 37, 56. Accessed through secret door below real door. Area is accessed through secret door at 40, 45.

2)      Location: 53, 41. That room with the boxes and barrels. Whenever you get next to the gate, it closes. When you step on one of the four buttons, it opens again. No one has ever solved this puzzle alone. The boxes and barrels are just there to confuse you. All you have to do is put a non-special item on each of the four buttons to keep the gate open (like the ring in the barrel). The first lever kills you, and the second does nothing, so pull the third.

3)      Location: 55, 31. Accessed through breakable wall below it (cast move mountains).

4)      Location: 48, 17. Requires Tales from Topographic to access. Fight through the 4 rooms and navigate the door maze. Lever is reached through a secret door up-right from it.

5)      Location: 16, 1. Requires either Awaken of Close to the Edge to reach.

6)      Location: 17, 52. Accessed through cracked walls on left or right.

7)      Location: 46, 29. Accessed through destroyable wall at 45, 31. Room accessed through secret door at 41, 29.

8)      Location: 3, 19. Accessed through collapsible wall at 5, 26.

9)      Location: 5, 19. Accessed from lever 8 through destroyable wall at 5, 24.

10)  Location: 1, 5. Requires Close to the Edge to reach.


Other stuff:


Learn Mapmagic at 3, 29.

Sapphire at 5, 56.

Lifesaver amulet, food, and wand of death at 11, 29.

Potion and wand of death in room at 30, 30.

Meaningless image on throne at 31, 44.

You cannot reach the fire at 62, 24.

Step on 42, 22. You’ll be transported to a very important sign. Record what it says.

Exit at 28, 1.


So what’s at the end of this huge and difficult dungeon? Well, I’ll let you find out for yourself.


World Martial Arts Tournament




After gathering the seven dragonballs from around the world, you’ll be able to enter and compete in the World Martial Arts Tournament. You can’t leave until you win, so save outside. Take your seat at the top to begin the tournament.


Well, you’re not exactly sure why you’re here, but all of your mindless sidetracks have yielded Golden Armor thus far, so you assume this one will too. You’ll see some familiar faces in the fight like Goku, Gohan, and Piccalo. The first two matches don’t involve you, so you have three choices: Stay in your seat (boring), step on the two nodes in front of the arena to become invulnerable and watch the fight up close (recommended), or step on the nodes and interfere with the fight. BE WARNED: If you’re still in combat mode when the fight ends, you’ll be stuck here forever and have to restart. But if you wanna mess the results, go ahead.


Now it’s your turn. You’ll be fighting Gohan, but only one of you is allowed to face him. I’d go with Cookie, especially if you have his axe. Or, you could do what I did and give one person all the Golden Armor you have and send him in.


However you do it, you win. Another match will pass by. You may have realized by now that there’s no one to face you in the last match of the semifinals. The announcer will notice this, and it looks like you’ll get off easy, but then the N-squad appears.

At this level, the N-squad is HARD. There’s Mario, DK, Yoshi, and Luigi. I find it best to start off any battle by casting Major Haste and Bless party. Luigi is the weakest by far (has a chance of hurting himself), so have everyone concentrate on him. When he’s gone, take out the others one by one. Don’t divide your force or you won’t survive. Set someone to heal as needed.


Hopefully you’re strong enough to do it. If not, restore the game you saved outside and either try again or get stronger. But if you are successful, you’ll go on to the finals…or so you’d think. But just before fight, Cell and another Friezabot will emerge from a portal and kill everyone. Now you must fight Cell, who should be a pushover after fighting the N-squad. On beating him, you’ll face Friezabot2, and that’s the end. Friezabot will yield the next key, and the tournament committee will award you with 5000 gold, a Golden Book, and…


The Golden Shield!!!


It casts Martyr’s shield. You may now breath a sigh of relief, since you’ll only have to return to this annoying world 2 more times (doh).


Crazy land


Places of interest:


Crazy Town

Crazy Hole


Ok, after all that hard fighting and bothersome mazes, you need a break. Well, get ready for a treat. This world is funny and totally different from the rest of the game. On top of that, there’re almost no monsters and a new brand of puzzles.


Crazy Hole


I’m starting here for a reason. Crazy Hole is west of the town. When you get there, just run straight to the west exit. You’ll find a button on the other side that will open a door in the cave that leads to Bert’s Emerald sword, the final piece of your missing weapons. Other than that, there’s a Crazy-to-English dictionary that you’ll need, and a secret door at 6, 8 that leads to a man you can’t do anything with right now (requires Awaken to reach).


Crazy Town


Crazy Town has 3 things of interest: A T.V, a game where you can make lots of money, and the Crazy Shrine. The only thing you should need help with is the Museum. The guard won’t let you in unless you say the password. You may recall a book in the Base that was written in Crazy. Now that you have the dictionary, you’ll learn that the password is Froinlevion. Enter, and learn of the ‘Key of Enigami’


Ok, so I stole the idea and name of the key from a game called ‘Dare to Dream’, as well as some other things in this world. It’s still fun.


To proceed, steal the key and open the misplaced door. It should create a portal. Step in (or rather, be shoved in) and enter Ernie’s mind.


It’s a strange and disturbing place. Be sure to enjoy it. Eventually, you’ll gather that this town you started in can take you to the nitemare realm. Having nothing better to do, you decide to go. But it seems that you need 4 nitemare secrets to enter, so you leave and start exploring.


Cave of Whispers


Before we get started with the dream towns, let me introduce you to the second of the 3 special dungeons. This one is not optional. It’s behind a secret wall in the mountains on the west side of the world. The door is surrounded by bushes.


The idea is to follow the instruction of the little voice in Ernie’s head. He’ll communicate to you through the message box on the lower right of the screen (where it usually prints your actions). WALK SLOWLY! And save often. You never know when he’ll suddenly change his mind. Puzzles? Yes.


Hit the lever at 37, 28.

Hit the plant at 32, 37.

In the big room of levers, hit the one in the lower right, and the third from the left on the top. From this room, go up and through a secret door in the hallway to a funny message at 28, 24. Now enter the room and walk into the gate or right click on it. It’s actually not locked.

In the upper right corner, you’ll learn that the password is ‘magik’

Only kill the spider.

Grab the Silver Star. You may want to consider NOT giving this to Violet Eyes until the very end, since it makes him go away and you’ll have something to ask him later.


So what about that other path? What about the rest of the dungeon? Well, if you only listen to the voice in Ernie’s head, you’ll miss it all. Actually, he doesn’t want you to find this area. Pull the lever at 18, 34 (secret door to the right of it), then go left from the room full of levers. The voice will keep changing its mind about which path won’t kill you. Truth is that both will. Take the secret path through the center to survive.


Now, walk SLOWLY and follow the instructions. Or, I could just tell you that you need to stick to the top. You’ll reach the chest and he’ll suddenly remember that this is the wrong path entirely. But above the chest is a secret door. The voice will shout at you not to go this way, claiming it’s a fatal trap. You decide not to listen. Continue along the path unintimidated by the threats and you’ll find the voice himself…watching T.V. Yep, another well-hidden T.V. Watch it, and you’re done here.


Dream Town 1


It turns out that none of them are guilty. The real false dream is sitting by the fire. Ask them all about Bert until you find one that answers differently, and kill that one. They’ll start going ‘Spronk’ over and over, then run away. The campfire will now say spronk as well.


Dream Town 2


If you use mapmagic, you’ll notice a room behind the trees in the upper left. It hides a Bert, which can’t help you right now.


Talk to the dream on the mountain in the middle. Ask about ‘nitemare’, and he’ll pose a riddle. The answer is ‘prank’. Answer correctly, and he’ll start emitting ‘ding’ over and over.


Dream Town 3


Hide and seek! One is hiding under a rock at 15, 17, one is hiding in the trees at 9, 20, one is in the trees at 24, 16, and one’s behind a secret door at 19, 9. After finding them, they’ll still refuse to hand over the nitemare secret until you find the jade monkey. There really is no jade monkey, so just ask them about ‘nitemare’ again. They’ll fess up and start going ‘brrapt’ over and over.


Dream Town 4


The dreams have captured some nitemares and put them in a box. They’re too afraid to get rid of them, so they ask you to kill them. Do so. Then ask them about ‘nitemare’ again and they’ll start chanting ‘prank’.


The Nitemare


Ok, why did you just do all that? Go back to the town you started in (the one in the center). Step on the flowers in the middle and you’ll be prompted to answer. Say the following:







You’ll be taken to the nitemare realm. This place can be pretty hard. But before you make a mad dash for the throne, walk up to the third pillar on the right and follow a secret path to the right. You’ll eventually make it to the Golden Sword. How the **** was I supposed to find that you ask? Violet eyes will finally remember that it’s here after you finish this world. But it’s the best possible weapon, so grab it.


Now, either fight all the nitemares, or just run up to the throne and start the battle with the Nitemare king Bert. However you manage it, beat him. But weapons and spells alone can’t defeat Ernie’s nitemares. After you do enough damage, he’ll get serious and start charging up a lethal attack. Now’s your chance! Ernie must face his true feelings! Talk to the Nitemare king, and say ‘sorry’, apologizing to Bert for the years of cruel and annoying abuse. Now all that’s left is to stand in front of him and hold up the key of Enigami, destroying him. You’ll get a Golden Book and the next key and be taken back to the Crazy Shrine. World over.


Homeworld Revisited


You’ll find that the Bad Guys have made good on their word to return and capture everybody. The Base is now empty, but fortunately the Sesame Street band and Frieza are ok. Speaking of Frieza, his dialogue has changed. You’ll also find that Jon Anderson, the lead singer from YES, has dropped by to give you a message that you might have seen before: Only Strength can do Justice with words of New Languages. What does it mean? Like many things in this game, nothing yet. Just remember it.


While you’re here, it might be a good idea to finish Frieza’s training room. You’ll be wanting the prize soon.


Frieza’s Training Room


Kill all the monsters in a room to advance. As I said earlier, your progress will be saved on floor 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and the bottom. Warning! A glitch has been known to occur on level 8, where killing all the monsters will fail to open one of the doors. It might be wise to save outside just in case.


Floor 1 is simple.

As is floor 2.

On floor 3, the second room has a secret door on the right wall.

Floor 4 is another straight path.

So is floor 5.

Don’t go to sleep on floor 6. There’s a wandering monster point at the very end, and if you wait around you’ll face a huge field of monsters when you get there. Also, don’t forget to kill the vampire behind the gate I the fourth room.

There’s a secret door in the hall leading to the third room on floor 7.

Floor 8.

Floor 9.


Ok, get ready for the hardest battle in the game. On floor 10 in the second room, Frieza will congratulate you and reveal that not even he’s been able to clear this test. Two dragons and an evil high priest will appear next to you, monsters will start flooding in from the 4 corners almost every turn, and Frieza himself appears behind a window and thoughtfully makes it harder by blasting you.


Your main problems will be the dragons and Frieza. I used the Jester’s Jingle Bell to put the dragons to sleep. If that doesn’t work, nullify them and move out of Frieza’s direct path. His attacks will knock you down quickly if you stand there.


You’ll need energy potions, and some invulnerability potions wouldn’t hurt. I’m sure you have your own methods for dealing with huge battles like this, so I won’t bore you with mine.


How do you win this seemingly endless battle? Survive for 50 turns. I suggest killing the dragons, then retreating to a corner and playing the defense. My party just barely made it after completing the Looney world. If you just can’t seem to win, then you could wait until you get the Golden Armor plate, which casts invulnerability, and just sit there with one player until time runs out. However, you won’t be able to get the armor plate until after Ronin world, which is where the prize is most useful. Finish this as soon as possible.


So what is this prize anyway? After winning the battle, you’ll be taken to a place where you can recharge the Golden Armor pieces that have charges (my way of making sure you don’t lose them). But the real prize is the Wand of Waldo (as seen the ‘The Grinch’, by my brother). It casts map magic and has 99 charges. This is absolutely invaluable if you’re going to survive Ronin world and the Bad Guy Base.


Riddle Cave


Not only have the towns changed, but now you’re finally able to get into Riddle Cave. This is the third of the 3 special dungeons. As the instructions state, not all riddles need to be answered. If you give the wrong answer, the wrong door will open and you’ll have to face some kind of punishment, but after that punishment is often a button to open the other door.


The answers to the riddles can be bought from a man called Sam the Riddle Master in Ronin world. But, if you’re too cheap or just want to finish it now, here’s the answers.


1)      wind

2)      icicle

3)      time

4)      fish

5)      secret

6)      hope

7)      water

8)      shadow or darkness

9)      letterm or m

10)  ice

11)  apple

12)  silence or quiet

13)  emotion or feeling

14)  nothing

15)  promise or word

16)  breath

17)  book

18)  riddle

19)  letterh or h (ironic for a Sesame Street game, huh?)


Riddle 18 is behind a secret door at 59, 50. The final riddle is behind a secret door at 35, 4. After answering all riddles, you’ll have to fight the N-squad again. You’ve probably gotten stronger since you last fought them, and your armory as defiantly expanded, so they shouldn’t be a problem. Defeat them, and you’ll find yourself face to face with Brer Fox, (the lead Bad Guy). He’ll laugh at you and your attempts to find a way to beat him and tell you to hurry up and accept your death or he’ll come and make you. Then he’ll take the beaten N-squad and leave, allowing you to grab the Golden Armor plate behind him.


But wait, that’s not Golden Armor. That’s gold plated armor! Did I go through all that for something useless? No, of course not. Nothing in this game is useless. While this armor is heavy and weak, it’s a piece of the real armor plate that was divided. So go put it with all the other stuff you keep around (either in Sesame Street of the Base), and move on.


The Jaws of Death


This place is optional, but it eventually yields a useful item and a ton of potions. You’ll find this cave up and right one screen from The Base (on the way to the BG base) If you’re feeling strong, give it a try, but I wouldn’t suggest it unless you’re close to level 50 (which you will be long before the end). You’ll be fighting an army of dragons, BG guards, and evil high priests. It sounds insane, but I actually got through it with little trouble.


The traps will really annoy you. Some spaces will hurt and repel you until you find the spot to turn the trap off. Hit the ones at 4, 14 and 13, 5. Then take the secret door at 9, 16 and follow the path (through another secret door at 18, 5) until you reach 4 outer-space spots. Don’t touch any of them. Just go through the secret door in the lower right and hit that one.


Now take the lower path to a secret door at 23, 31, then turn immediately left into a secret door at 22, 28 and press the spacey switch. Go back out and continue on to another switch.


Backtrack your way to the main path and continue right. You’ll be able to pass through the barrier that was at 30, 23 and hit the switch. Continue up and make a left to another switch to open the wall at 35, 22. Inside, you’ll find a abundance of useful energy, invulnerability, and resurrection potions, along with a foreboding message in the campfire.


Is that all that’s here? No. One space down from the campfire, there’s another secret door in the right wall with a switch. Now go back to the main path and enter the secret door at 34, 33. There’s a lifesaver amulet through a passage at 41, 34, but the real treasure is beyond the wall at 32 42, which you opened with the last switch you pressed. You’ll come to a blue button labeled ‘Red’. Pressing this will open a gate in a far away cave in Ronin world. Coming here early will save you the trouble of going back there a second time.


On your way out, backtrack to the lower left corner and press the switch. The path right of the entrance is now open, so grab the potions and leave.


Looney World


Bring the song Awaken with you.


Places of Interest:


The Fortress of Fear

A very scary place


Actually, you won’t actually be in the Looney dimension for more than a few seconds. Friezabot3 has apparently leveled half of the dimension, and on seeing you, tosses you into another dimension. The funny thing is that you can go home whenever you want. It’s just his over-dramatic way of challenging you.


The Fortress of Fear


If you haven’t been to any of the special dungeons yet, then this’ll be the hardest thing you’ve done so far. This is the first and last dungeon to utilize keys. You’ll find keys in chests, on the ground, and sometimes on monsters. Gates with white stone wall around them require keys (I’ll put their locations in bold for convenience). Gates with purplish rock around them require you to kill all the monsters in the room to open.


When you enter, turn right to the room with 3 ghasts. Kill them and the gate on the north wall will open. Inside is a secret door in the upper right that leads to a chest with a key. Use this key to go through the gate in the previous room. Kill the wights in the next room to open the gate at 31, 41. Inside is a chest with a trap. But look into the chest a second time and you’ll find a button to open a later door.


Travel back to the room that had the ghasts and go down. Proceed to the room with the sign in the center. Enter the small room in the upper left of here. If the two Troglodyte Defenders are still in here, kill them and a chest will appear in the upper right with a key. Go back to the room with the sign and enter the lower right door. Kill both wights and you’ll get another key. Go back to the sign again and use a key to grab the 2 resurrection balms in the upper right.


Going up from this room will lead to a locked stairway, so unless you want to see a brief scene of Ernie trying to kill Navi, go back to the entrance. Go up and kill the skeletons to open the eastern door. Inside is a key.


Continue up through the locked door and you’ll find a ruby skeleton on a throne to your left. Below him is a secret door to another key. Continue on until you reach the room with 4 buttons. Ignore the potion of doom in the dresser and go right (or, if you want to hear Navi complain about being lost, try to enter the boss room first). Kill the four monster in the room and you’ll get the Boss Key, which allows you to enter the boss room.


Back to the 4 buttons, press them in this order: lower left, upper right, lower right, upper left (3241). With the door now open, proceed to the wooden door (opened by the button in the chest) and enter. Aside from a strong energy and a strong healing potion, there’s a key behind a secret door on the left wall. Now go back through the locked door you just passed and enter the boss room. Friezabot3 is waiting for you. Take the healing potions by his side and talk to him. He should be pretty easy to beat. He’ll give you the next key and…


The Golden Boots!!!


Ok, that’s about enough bold print. The boots increase your speed.


Now that he’s dead, go to the stairs at 44, 26 (through a secret door at 30, 25).


The Fortress of Fear F2


Much easier that the first floor. You’ll find potions and other things lying around, but that’s not why you’re here. Travel to the far left room and you’ll find a secret door on the bottom wall (16, 23). Blaze your way through the quickfire (up, down, up, down, down, down, middle, up) until you reach the button on the other side. It will extinguish the fire and open a secret door back in the room you came from (13, 18). Proceed and you’ll find some goblins watching T.V. Kill them and watch their T.V. for them.


Was that all? No, there’s still more. On the left wall is a secret door that appears to lead off the edge of the building, but there’s actually a glass balcony along the wall. Follow it until you reach solid ground, the walk through the wall.


Killing the Dark Wyrm inside will yield a gold ring, which Navi will tell you is useless seconds before Ernie finally kills him. You might think that’s all, but in the lower left corner is another secret door that leads to a maze of suspended glass platforms. Unfortunately, you can’t see the moon reflection off of them because the building is blocking it, so you’ll just have to feel your way though it. If you make a wrong step, you could end up back on the first floor. Here’s how to get to the end, starting from the spot below the secret door: Down 3, right 2, up 2, right 3, down 2, right 2, down 3, down-right 1, down 1, down-right 1, down-left 1. Look at the bookcase to obtain the second strange book. Now fall off and leave.


A very scary place


This cave is 2 screens up and 1 screen right from the fortress. You’ll need Awaken to get in. But before you go in, go one right, one down, and one left from the cave. You’ll find a small forest with a single spot of outer space next to it. Walk through the trees next to it and you’ll encounter a cryptic message. Now go to the cave.


Use the map to find the secret area with the 3 chests. As the riddle in the forest said, stand between the ‘trio of greed’ and you’ll get a golden book. A secret door in the right wall of this room reveals a sign reading ‘The language beyond time, the language of the soul, can be found within the hearts of all men.’ This, like everything else, will make sense at the end. Now, go home and get some rest. This next world is as long as the rest of the game combined, and 10 times harder.


Ronin World


Well gamers, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that there’s a 1 year gap of time between the creation of all the previous world and the rest of the game. During that year, my skills grew 10 fold. The storyline is about to get much more interesting. The humor is more developed, the characters are more detailed, the puzzles are more original and interesting, the images are much better quality, and overall this world outclasses the rest by far.


The bad news is that this is the world where most people just give up. While some of the puzzles are fun, most of the dungeons are just a long series of buttons, and you end up wandering around looking for the next one forever. On top of that, the monsters are more frequent and much harder.


This is the world this walkthrough was created for. Even I need a guide in some of these caves. Hopefully, this will encourage future players (like you) to endure until the end.


Major Towns and Dungeons:


Mia’s house

Ticket Booth



Marinba Cave

Lymnstone Cave

Some Cave

Temples (Life, Infinity, Divinity)

Tower of Corruption

Tower of Venom

Swamp Pit

Mountain caves


Blue Cave

Mt. Turbulence

Tower of Illusion

Boat Dock

Ice Cave

Xanadu Cave


Twisted Forest

Tower of Cruelty

The Gilded Tower

Dark Nether World

Tunnel of Suffering

Hole in the wall

Dynasty Blockade

Cave of Greed

Shield Wall

Agony’s Hearth


Tulpa’s Castle


When you begin, you’ll find a gang of armored men fighting some troglodytes. Even if you don’t help them, they’ll win in a few turns. They’ll thank you and invite you over to their house east of here. You’ll find that you can’t travel beyond this small valley since all the caves are blocked, so go visit your new friends.


Mia’s house


The fighters will introduce themselves as the Ronin Warriors. With their mystical armor, they saved this world from the evil dynasty of the Dark Netherworld several years ago. They’ll invite you to join them for a carnival that just came in to the north. You accept and head to the carnival, but the ticket booth is in a nearby cave. Well, that’s odd. Don’t forget to watch Mia’s T.V.


But before you go into the ticket booth, search the lower left of the enclosed outdoor area and look for a circle of trees. On the south end of the circle, you’ll find a pass-through tree that reveals a lake. Walk to the right side of the lake and you’ll fight some hydras and obtain the jade monkey (yes, it actually was real).


Ticket Booth


Bring tales from Topographic oceans.


This cave is actually pretty cool. In the upper left you’ll find a button that changes the wall at 26, 29 to cracked wall. Travel there and enter the hall of monsters. At the end is a graymold salve and a resurrection balm, but there’s also a secret door to the right of the chest. Pass through another secret door to the right of where the gazer was, and you’ll find a switch. There’s a trap on it, but if you have cave lore (which you do) you’ll avoid it. The switch opened the door at 27, 7, so take the teleporter at 40, 37 and go there. The button in there will create an unopenable door at 31, 37, which is supposed to distract you from the secret door it creates at 32, 38. Behind the new door is a portal, which takes you to a small area. DON’T take the secret door at 27, 18 and the portal behind it. Instead, jump into the portal you just came from. It will take you to the stairs. If you didn’t talk to Ryo, you can’t proceed.


Ticket Booth F2


This is what I meant by wandering around looking for buttons. I admit that it’s not by best idea, but it does fill in time…yeah. So wander around and press the buttons you find. After pressing a button, another button will appear. Eventually, you’ll open the way to the ticket counter. Use Tales from Topographic to open the gate and watch the T.V (only one more to go!).


Try to buy some tickets, and the guy will tell you they’re sold out. After some persuasion from Kento, he’ll change his mind and offer you one, but only if you can find the jade monkey before the next full moon (it’s real this time). If you haven’t been following the FAQ, the monkey’s location is just above. Ask him about ‘jade’ or ‘monkey’, and he’ll tell you that the monkey you found is, in fact, not the jade monkey. Kento will simply lose it at this point and threaten the salesman. He’ll call the guards, which you’ll kill without trying. Then he gives you a ticket out of fear.




After all that, this must be some show, huh? You bet. It’s a trap devised by one of the new dark warlords, Gades the Warlord of Cruelty. There’ll be some talking, and then your new friends will get scattered across the dimensions. Now you have to find them. Oh goody. This was another one of my ‘brilliant’ ideas. But with all the hints I give you, you’ll find them with little trouble if you just think of where you’ve been. But if you’re reading this part of the walkthrough, then you’re obviously stuck, so here’s where to find them:


Ryo: Second floor of the volcano in Sailor Moon world, right where the powersurge was.

Rowen: 3 screens right and 1 screen up from the Absolution in Gundam world. There’s a new node on a 3x3 asteroid made of sidewalk.

Sage: At the beginning of ‘A very scary place’ in the Looney world.

Sai: I’m afraid he’s back in the Dragonball Z maze. He’s in the area made of light blue water. Come in from the higher entrance on the right and cross a few bridges. You’ll be alerted when you’re near.

Kento: Do you remember a throne in the middle of that volcanic mountain outside of legoland? Enter from the left and you’ll find it, as well as Kento.


When you get all 5 Ronins back, it’s time to face Gades again. The Ronins feel ready this time, so you all march in and start a fight. Now’s when things get interesting. Gades reveals that he has found the Crystal Heart, the last of the 4 mystical treasures, and if you read that pamphlet in Legoland you’ll know that it makes him completely invincible. How can you win against that? You haven’t the slightest, but you’re trapped in here anyway.


You could try to fight him legitimately, but if you want to speed things up, just kill all the Ronins and let Ryo don his Inferno armor. After that, just hide in a corner for a few turns until he does his ‘Rage of Inferno’ attack (make sure he stays alive until then). Somehow, it seems to damage Gades. But how could it? Has Ryo found a flaw in the Heart, or is Gades just tired? Whatever the case, he decides to retreat for now.


Gades destroyed the mountain north of the carnival, allowing you to escape the little valley and see just how big this world really is. But don’t go rushing ahead; there’s nothing to do out there.


To the east is another cave you can’t get through from this side, and to the north is a small hut in which dwells the Riddle Master and Captain Commando. Talk to them if you like, and head west to the first town.




You’ll find normal people here for a change. You’ll also find the next spell shop. The only critical thing here is a small house with a young man named Jerry and someone simply named Old Man. Talk with him at bit, and he’ll reveal that he used to be a treasure hunter. He claims he’ll help you get into the tower to the west (where you may have gathered a warlord is hiding) , but he’ll only do it if you take him to the bottom of Marinba cave, where his old party of adventurers were slain. You’ll accept and he’ll join you.


Marinba Cave


It looks easy, doesn’t it? But the puzzles, while not annoying, are challenging, and the monsters are both plentiful and powerful.


When you enter, the right half of the cave will be inaccessible. Head left, and find the secret door in the lower left corner. Press the button and the stairs will appear at 40, 14, but you can’t get to them right now. Continue on to a button that will open the wall back at 4, 31 (which you just passed by). Go through the new path. The button that disappears when you approach it can’t be pressed right now. Continue until you reach 3 buttons that create seemingly random terrain in front of them. There’s a button to the right, but it actually doesn’t do anything.


This 3 button puzzles is a guess and check. When you press the correct button, you’ll hear a bubbling sound. If you press the wrong button, you’ll hear nothing, and the pattern will reset. You must press them in the following order: right, up, left, up, up, right, left. The trick is getting around the random terrain in order to get to the button you need to press. I think you just start the up and right buttons as pressed, and it should work out.


When you solve this, a path will open below. The button inside will create a secret door behind the button that disappears, allowing you to press it. Now you can get to the other half of the cave. This part is easy: just go through the secret passage at 19, 30 and press the button. A secret door will appear at 40, 16, revealing the path to the stairs.


Marinba Cave F2


Another fairly simple area. Pull the 3 levers laying around here to open the gate to the top area, extend the bridge, and create a door. If you don’t have the old man with you, you won’t be able to get past the bookcase. Instead, you’ll see the following scene.


Bert: What's with this bookcase? Ernie: ...can't care...(whacks Bert on head) Bert: Hey! What was that for? Ernie: Can't remember...(Bert rams Ernie's head through a wall) Ernie: (muffled noise)


Bert: Can't hear you with your face in that wall. (Cookie howls and flops on Bert) Bert: Ow! What was that for? Cookie: Cookie gone mad!!! Bert: killed the joke, Cookie. Cookie: Joke?... Bert: Uh...yeah...let's just...go.


Follow the path and kill the dragon at the end. The old man will die, telling you to give the treasure to Jerry with his last breath. Return to Sharanto and talk to him. He’ll reveal that the army has built an underground tunnel into the tower in the corner of this room, but they haven’t been able to get past some barrier inside.


If you go up the tower now, you’ll get the following message at the top.


As you go to open the door, you smack your face on something. Bert: Ow! What the... Sage: There seems to be some kind of barrier around this door. Bert: Can you break it? (they hack at it mindlessly for a while). Ryo: No. Bert: Hmm...


Big Bird: Then how do we get through? Kento: How are we supposed to know? I thought you guys were the puzzle experts! Big Bird: Yes, but this barrier feels evil, like the dynasty. Do you know anything about this? Ryo: Nope, it's new to us.


Cookie: EVIL DOOR!!! RROAAAARRR!!! (Cookie begins trying to eat his way through the wall) Bert: Calm down, Cookie! Rowen: Maybe we should just head back. Ernie: BACK!!!??? YOU MEAN WE HAVE TO DO THAT ALL AGAIN!!!??? Rowen: I'm afraid so.


Ernie: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! (Ernie rams the door with all his might. Unfortunately, it does not break). Sai: Well, there's a teleporter over to the right. At least we don't have to walk back down. Kento: This sucks.


So don’t bother. First, let’s do some side quests.


Red Rock Cavern


A button maze. Button mazes might sound repetitive, but each one has its own theme and feeling to it. Just try to bear through it.


If you haven’t done the Jaws of Death yet, don’t bother with this cave.


Secret door at 33, 18 lead to button that opens door at 22, 25.

Secret door at 42, 10 leads to other secret door at 41, 7, leads to button that opens door at 35, 10.

Secret door at 37, 14 leads to gate you just opened. Follow it to button that opens 15, 25.

Go back and make your way to 8, 35. Pass through the secret doors to the button that opens 14, 25.

Follow the wall of the south path from the entrance. It takes you around the whole cave. Pass through secret door at 10, 20 and press button to open 13, 25.


Now go into the room you just opened. If you haven’t pressed The Red Button in the Jaws of Death, this room will be locked. Inside you’ll find a resurrection balm, some food, and pants. But in the dresser, you’ll find an optional special item called the Penny in a Bottle. It cures EVERYTHING. Even if you’re dust, this will restore you to full HP, full MP, and cure any status ailments you might have had. But it can only be used twice, so use it wisely.


Lymnstone Cave


From this side of the cave, not only can you get in, but you can open the gate that blocked you before and form a shortcut.


All you really need to know is that there are pass through walls at 31, 15 and 19, 31. They’ll lead you to the lever that opens the shortcut, as well as Friezabot4.


He’s standing in the middle of a water barrier. Now, it would be nearly impossible to kill him without getting next to him, so walk over the water starting at 18, 21 and talk to him when you’re ready. If the monsters managed to get in here somehow, then he may already be hostile, so don’t take too long. Beat him and you’ll get the last gate key and a golden book.


So…that’s it? You can leave? No. Until you get the Crystal Heart back, there’s not much to do in the next world. With that settled, now you’re off to the place that can break that barrier in the tower.


Some Cave


If you come here with Awaken, all that’s here for you are 4 resurrection balms, some strong healing potions, and some alchemic ingredients. If you have either of the other songs, you’ll find a button behind one of the gates to open the gate at the end. It’s a very simple cave. On the other side, you’ll find a small valley with 3 temples.


Temple of Life


You have to stop here first to find out what you’re doing. Then go to the temples.


Temples of Infinity and Divinity


They’re linked by both teleporters and buttons. You’ll have to run back and forth between them to get through. This is one of those things that even I have to peak at the answers to finish. It wouldn’t be so bad if you knew what all the buttons did, but since you don’t you end up wandering forever trying to figure out what door you just opened. So here’s what each button does and what order you should press them in.


Start in Infinity

There’s a seemingly arbitrary secret door at 8, 39. Stepping on it will open 34, 17 in divinity.

Secret door at 41, 32, button opens 11, 11 in infinity.

Button through 11, 11 opens 14, 42 in divinity.

Secret door 16, 18 leads to teleporter, takes you to 10, 18 Divinity.



From 10, 18, pull lever behind any symbol gate to open gate above. Button inside opens 36, 4 in infinity. Return and enter divinity from the front.


Through 14, 42, pull lever then press button (opens 22, 33 in infinity).

Through 34, 17, through secret door 31, 21 and 22, 5, then through fire barriers to button that opens 39, 23 in divinity.

Backtrack through secret door 29, 11 to teleporter that leads to 28, 12 infinity.



From 28, 12, travel through secret door above. Follow path through door 36, 4 and take teleporter at bottom of room. You’ll notice the teleporters rotate. Appear at 29, 37 and go to the gate at 22, 33. Press the button behind it to open 43, 10 in infinity, then go there. If the teleporters are still rotated (which means you haven’t left town), it should be on your left. Take it and walk down to button 41, 29, which open 28, 34 divinity. Take the teleporter at 15, 25 to leave this small area. Now that they’re rotated again, walk back to 43, 10 so you can get to the button in the upper right corner that open 12, 18 in divinity. Leave and go to divinity.



Go through 28, 34 and press the button to open 12, 32 in divinity. Go there now by breaking through the moldy wall. Take the secret door at 14, 18 (the fifth door can’t be opened), then take the one at 19, 17 and press the button, which opens 23, 19 in infinity.

Walk over to the gate at 39, 23 and take the higher teleporter. Don’t follow the teleporter path; instead pass through the wall at 42, 6 and be moved to 30, 4, then portaled to 35, 7 in infinity. Follow the simple path to the button that opens 24, 17 in divinity.


All doors are now open. Just pray at the altars in the center. To reach divinity, pass through the secret door at 28, 16. To reach infinity, take the teleporter through the secret door at 29, 11, rotate the teleporters, go through 43, 10, take the teleporter, and navigate there.


Temple of Life


After praying at both altars, the Ronins will say one last prayer in front of the temple to drain the moat. Now, go pull the lever at the top to open the front gate. Then go around to the right side, break the moldy wall, and walk over the water to the lever that open the gate inside.


Now just go through the secret door at 15, 15 and claim the Jewel of Life. Now you can get past that barrier in the tower, so travel back to Sharanto and into the secret tunnel in Jerry’s house.


Secret Tunnel F1-5


This is long and annoying.

Press button 13, 8 to change 9, 24 to a secret door.

Go through 9, 24 and press the button.

Press the button in the upper right. Until now, it hurt to press. After pressing the previous button, it opens 16, 9, which leads to the stairs.


If you have Awaken, pass through the wall to the left of the beginning of floor 2 to skip it.


On floor 3, pass through the secret wall at 17, 5. Take the upper path (through the secret door at 8, 1) to make stairs appear at 6, 2. The other stairs lead to a dead end.


Pass through wall at 18, 12 and 4, 2 to reach stairs on floor 4 (must come from correct stairs above).


The pass-through wall that lead to the end of floor5 begins at 19, 11.


Tower of Corruption


The first of 4 towers. The puzzles can actually be pretty good in these.


Floor 1

The floor is divided into 4 quadrants. You start in the upper right one.

Pass through wall 43, 27 and press button to open 34, 28.

Step on secret door 33, 7 to open 34, 16.

Enter 34, 16 and walk through the protruding wall in the upper right corner. This will create a door at 38, 9 (which you can hopefully see from where you are). But if you leave the room, that door will disappear. Fortunately, you also just created a secret door in the upper right of the room. Press the button in the upper right to open 25, 43. If you want, pass through the secret door at 38, 25 for a strong heal potion.


Move through 34, 28 to the next quadrant. In the lowest hall, you’ll see a gate and a button behind it. Pressing the button will open the wall below, but every time you approach the button, it disappears. Stepping on the far left side will make the button reappear, and stepping on the right side will make the gate open. Use the secret door at 31, 37 to avoid stepping on the spot that will close the gate, walk through it, and press the button.


If you have Awaken, you can get a resurrection balm by going left. Otherwise, take the secret door on the right.

Press the button at 11, 39 to create another button at 16, 37. Press that button to open 25, 4. Now walk all the way back to quadrant 1 and go through 25, 4. The other gates can’t be opened. Take the following paths through the spiral to reach the stairs: down, up, left, right, left.


Floor 2

Awaken path: The cracked wall and the sound that plays are all to confuse you. Just walk through the gate. Step on 14, 11 to create a door at 17, 10.

Tales from Topographic path: Walk forward.

Close to the Edge path: Take the first door right. The last door on the following path of doors can’t be opened. Take the secret path above the third door, then the other secret door at 23, 19.


All paths merge here. Now, instead of going to the stairs, go back along the Close to the Edge path and go through 12, 21 to a hidden staircase. You’ll end up at 13, 14 on floor 4. Kill the 7 center monsters to open the exit and the wall in front. Either ignore all the attacks from the guys behind the windows or kill them. Just press the button back there (opens 23, 22 on floor 4).


Now go back to floor 2 and pass through the wall at 21, 8 to avoid taking damage. Go up the stairs.


Floor 3

Pass through 27, 10 and 25, 12 to reach a button that activates a teleporter. Go up through 26, 6 and take the teleporter to the next floor. Go up, right, and left and press button 7, 6 (opens 18, 25 on floor 3). Now go back through the teleporter to floor 3.

Go through door 18, 25 and use the console against the top wall toward the left to activate the other teleporter. Now go to 6, 24 and take it to the next floor.


Floor 4

Take the upper door and go through secret door 10, 17, then 14, 19. Go left and around to the fake stairs that will collapse if you use them. Take the secret door to the left to find the real stairs.


Floor 5

Immediately take the secret door at 20, 21 and follow it to a button that opens the gate above it. Now go back and through 27, 16 to deactivate the trap ahead. Now go back and navigate though the space room. Go forward until you come to a room with lots of archers and a drake lord. Kill the drake lord to open a path back on floor 3 in the lower right corner.


Take the stairs in the lower right of floor 3 up to the top.



If you’ve got the Jewel of Life, you get in. If not, you leave and head for the temple of life (see above). Here you’ll face Enoch, the new Warlord of Corruption. With the Ronins’ help, he shouldn’t be hard. As with almost any Ronin battle in this world, if all the Ronins die, Ryo will summon his white armor. If Ryo dies in his white armor, you lose. But it’s practically impossible for all the Ronins to die, let along Ryo in his inferno suit, so long as you don’t kill them yourself or sit in the corner and let them die.


When you kill him, an exit will appear. This tower is done now.


Tower of Venom


Another tower right off the bat. You can get in here as soon as you beat Enoch. You WILL have to do this tower more than once, unfortunately. So, to be nice, I made it shorter than the others by 2 floors to make up for it.


Floor 1

Unquestionably the stupidest thing in a tower, perhaps in the game. I was very uncreative that day. There are 4 sections to the floor again. The only way to move between them is to teleport. There is one button at 18, 14 to begin with. When you press it another appears. When you press that one, another appears. And this goes on for a LONG time. You could wander around looking for where the damn button just appeared for hours (the same problem with most of the dungeons in this world). So, here’s a map of where they appear and in what order. But before I start listing them, here’re some things you’ll need to know:


There’s a breakable wall at 39, 8.

There’s a secret door at 32, 37 (the door next to it can’t be opened)

36, 12; 36, 7; and 36, 4 are blocked. You need to walk around to get behind them.

Secret door at 22, 4.

Don’t miss the moldy wall at 7, 15.

Secret door at 8, 24.


Ok, here’s the buttons:


18, 14.

28, 39

10, 33

4, 25

31, 9

32, 40

14, 12

39, 11

43, 26

9, 20

33, 4 (creates secret door at 17, 38)

15, 41 (creates stairs at 38, 28)


Sorry for that. I wasn’t thinking straight. You’ll be happy to know that once it’s done, you don’t have to do it again, so let’s leave it behind us.


Floor 2

Step on secret door 17, 23 to open 5, 11.

Go through secret door 27, 17 and follow path to button that opens gate above.

Take the middle door to get though the space maze and walk to the stairs. If you have Close to the Edge, you can claim the sapphire below.


Floor 3

Press the button to the right to open 8, 5.

Step on 4, 20 to teleport to an identical area. Step on the button to the right (not what the stairs used to be) to open 10, 5.

Go through secret door 9, 11. Kill both creatures (though the bars…sorry again) to open 18, 25.


Go back to floor 2, and take the secret door at 17, 17 to stairs that go to a secluded area of the first floor. Go through that (pass though wall at 27, 20), and climb the stairs to the third floor. Go though secret door 20, 11, then 18, 7. Press the button to open the gate before you (isn’t is more fun when you can see what you’re doing?). Go back and through secret door 19, 18 to the stairs.


Floor 4

There’s another barrier here, but you have the Jewel of Life, so that’s no problem. What is a problem is the fact that the door won’t open. There’s a button next to it, but you find that it’s broken. The wire attached to it leads outside. Doh.


On leave the tower, you’ll find a new road coming from it (representing the wire). Follow this road to a swamp, and walk into the invisible town (which you couldn’t find unless the wire was there).


Swamp Pit


The wire goes through walls and such, so don’t bother following it. Just go through secret door 19, 20 and walk right to cracked wall 24, 22. Break the wall and step on its remains to be teleported. From here, break wall 5, 17 and follow the wire. It goes down a pit, so take the stairs in the room to the left.



Break the wall at 7, 8 to reveal a lever. Pull it once. Now go through secret door 24, 4, navigate to the control room, and use the second console from the left (against the top) to fix the button.


Tower of Venom revisited


Floor 4

Just navigate back here. With the button fixed, you can get in now and face Anam, Warlord of Venom. He’s exactly as strong as Enoch, just with different abilities. When you kill him, you’ll find that Ryo was poisoned during the battle and doesn’t have long to live. You decide to head to the town to the east in hopes of finding an antidote.


Mountain caves


You can take a number of paths to get though these mountains, some easier than others. There’s really no reason to explore them all, other than simple curiosity. Here they are:


South mountain cave

Secret door at 11, 16.


North mountain cave

Take secret door path starting at 8, 7, then though 12, 16 to button that opens 14, 19.

Go through 5, 21, through 14, 19, and press button to open 27, 16.

Take teleporter 13, 25 and leave.


Devil’s Cookpot


This is really just a big battle. The Ronins (except for Ryo of course) will join you in fighting the huge army of monsters. Kill them all to open the gate behind secret door 17, 27 and leave (through the lower-right wall).

Mountain Cavern


You can get to the southeast exit without any hassle.


But the northeast exit…


Walk through wall 14, 30 and press button to open 29, 25.

Go through 29, 25, then immediately down through wall 31, 26. Button opens 37, 20.

Press button 22, 28 to open the gate before you.

Go back and around to that gate you just opened. Go up and left to the button that opens 39, 7 and 39, 8.

Press button through gate 37, 20 to open final gate.

Leave through northeast exit.


The Crawl space


Go through secret door 16, 14 to press the button that opens the exit. The other gate can’t be opened.


Volcanic Cavern


Take the south path to secret wall 27, 15. The button behind will drain most of the lava blocking the exit.

Go through secret doors 9, 14 and 21, 16 to find the path to the exit.


Wolf’s den


There’s a lifesaver amulet behind the wall at 24, 19.

Leave through secret door 6, 8.


Dynasty base-camp


You made it to town 100!!!…well, it would be 100 if towns 100-127 weren’t unusable. Tales from Topographic will give you a lifesaver amulet and a gold bar. And a dead end, unless you find secret door 15, 16 which takes you on the Close to the Edge path, which still ends in a dead end because you don’t have the right song. Straight forward.


When you make it to the other side, you can go back into the mountains from the lower east entrance to find the following sign:


To pass the gate,

To cross the door,

Fly through on high,



More nonsense? Yep. You’ll use that later.




The best town. You’ll find spells, potions, and even Kento getting drunk. The final spell shop (with all the ones you’ve been waiting for besides Avatar and flight) is run from the middle of the fields by a pantless red guy who’s only there on certain days. The prices are high.


In the bar, you’ll find a man named Fred who plays the abalin. He’ll ask if you have any requests. If you tell him ‘tale’ ‘awaken’ or ‘close’, you’ll learn the songs (I put that in bold for anyone who’s just skimming through). Now you won’t have to run all the way out when you need them for the next two dungeons.


One of the most important things about this town is the man called ‘Drunk’. His real name is Julious. I suggest you talk to him thoroughly; he’ll clarify lots of story elements that the guys in The Base didn’t even know about. I recommend checking the dialogue section of the FAQ and asking him about everything.


Back to the problem at hand, Ryo is dying. The secret door in the lower right if the magic shop will lead you to a gipsy. Ask her about poison or plight and she claims she can cure Ryo if you bring her 3 things: an obsidian serum, the blood of a green dragon, and water from the sacred pool…and 200 gold. Actually, if you don’t have 200 gold, she does it for free.


Obsidian serum can be found in one of the houses in town. Sneak through the window and look in the left dresser. SAVE before trying. There’s an alarm on the thing, and if you fail to disarm it, the town becomes hostile (serum does not appear in inventory).


Now let’s head for the cave to the northwest (follow the river through some pass through trees) to claim the sacred water.


Blue Cave


This is another cave you could enter at the beginning, but couldn’t’ get far in. When you enter, go through the wall at 19, 5 and onward until you find the lever that links the other entrance with this one. Go through and around to the wall at 26, 13 and pull the lever behind it. Now go back to where you came in and go straight left (though the wall) to find the sacred pool (water does not appear in inventory).


Mt. Turbulence


Have I apologized to you lately? Well this is IT friends. The paragon of the annoyance of this game and my failure to recognize it.


If you could see what each button and lever did, this would be a very fun and challenging dungeon.




But you can’t (unless you use the Wand of Waldo over and over, which you will by the way). So you end up wandering around, pulling levers and trying to figure out what you just did, literally, for days. I doubt that anyone even GOT to this place before I made this FAQ, and I still doubt that many people will finish it even now. All I can do is provide the answers. It won’t take long with an FAQ.


What makes it all worse is that, as you may have already noticed, after town 99 your map stops saving. So every time you leave town, you have to map it again (Wand of Waldo. You’ll have plenty of charges at the end, so use it all you want).


With that out of the way, here’s the most annoying dungeon in the game, strongly rivaling the final dungeon (though I think that one really isn’t so annoying as it is hard).


Remember, you can learn the songs in Termagar.


The town has 4 entrances.


Enter from the top and go through secret door 25, 14 and pull lever 26, 15.


59, 13 is now open. Leave, enter through the right, and go though it to lever 54, 6. Leave, grab Close to the Edge, and enter though the left. Go though 11, 29, though the green doors, and around to secret door 14, 22. Pull lever 15, 22.


Leave, grab Awaken, and enter though the bottom. Go though wall 43, 57, east, up, and around to secret door 59, 52. Go though the Awaken door and pull lever 59, 59.


Leave, grab Tales from Topographic, and go back through the bottom and though 43, 57. Go up this time, through the blue door, and through 52, 42. Pull the lever to create another lever on the other side of the window. To get to it: leave, come back though the left entrance, and go through wall 9, 43. Pull lever 48, 48.


Go back and unpull lever 59, 59 to reopen the doors it closed.


Go back and pull lever 54, 6 again to reopen 24, 54. Then come through the south entrance and go though 23, 55. Make a right though the opened gate and go up to pass through wall 23, 47 to lever 22, 47.


Leave, come back through the left, and go down and around to gate 24, 42 and pull lever 36, 43. Go get Awaken, then come back through the left. Go up and though the 2 red doors to button 30, 36.


Leave, grab Close to the Edge, and come in through the north. Go to secret door 11, 12 and press the button. Go down and through 22, 23 to lever 30, 22.


Leave again, get Awaken, come through the top, and go though 27, 13, then through the red door to button 48, 24.


Leave ONE LAST TIME and enter through the bottom. Go though 38, 55 to the teleporter that leads to button 53, 17. Go back and through the now open 32, 54, through the teleporter, and finally into the node in the center. If you didn’t talk to the Gipsy, you can’t go past here.


Kill the dragon.


For the curious:


Button 13, 12 opens 22, 23

Button 53, 17 opens 32, 54.

(lever 26, 15) opens59, 13

(lever 54, 6) opens 11,29; closes 24, 54

(lever 15, 22) opens 38,55; opens 48, 58

(lever 59, 59) opens 52,42; closes 57,46 & 55, 34

(lever 50, 48) create lever 48, 48; remove lever 50, 48.

(lever 48, 48) opens 7, 44; opens 23, 55;

(lever 22, 47) closes 11, 57; open 24, 42;

(lever 36, 43) opens 20, 35

button 30, 36 opens 19, 22

lever (30, 22) opens 27, 12; close 41, 23

button 48, 24 opens 32,33


Congratulations. If you’ve passed this dungeon, you’re through the worst of it. Now return to the Gipsy.


Termagar revisited


Step on the chair with all the ingredients and you’ll start a scene. The Gipsy, it turns out, is Pathrus, the Warlord of Illusion. The potion makes Ryo serve Pathrus. Both of them attack you. Don’t hurt Ryo, and kill Pathrus. He’ll fly off to the tower to the southeast (which is now open). Follow him.


Tower of Illusion


Overall, the easiest of the towers. Bring Awaken.


Floor 1

Go right to the second opening, up, and left to the opened gate. Ignore the lever and go through the secret door in the upper left to press the button. 13, 6 and 13, 7 are now open, so follow the right edge of the town around to them and press the button to open 10, 5. Walk around and pull the lever you just opened. Now follow the left side of town up to the secret door at 5, 7 and take the stairs.



Button behind secret door 11, 14 opens 9, 21. Go down there and through 4, 26 and press the button. Go up and right through that area of single space blocks and through secret door 21, 23. Press the button and return to 11, 19. But instead of going down the stairs behind there, go through the secret door at 26, 5 and to a different set of stairs.



Press the button behind 27, 24 to open the gate at the beginning. Continue on until you come to secret door 5, 11. In the next room with the Dark Wyrm, go through secret door 8, 22 and press the button. Return to floor 2 and take the other stairs.


Now just go through the wall at 13, 17, open the Awaken door, and go up.



Just go through the walls at 12, 6; 26, 13; and 23, 28 to reach a battle with Ronin look-alikes. Defeat them and climb the stairs.



The 2 previous towers have had 6 areas associated with them, but it looks like you’re in luck this time. Here you’ll find Pathrus and Ryo. Ignore Ryo and kill the pathetically easy Pathrus. Ryo will regain his senses and rejoin the party.


Tower over, right? So it would seem, but if you go to the boat dock (which I haven’t mentioned yet) you’ll learn that the waters are still dangerously wild. Pathrus was, or course, the cause of this natural boundary, but it hasn’t stopped even though he’s dead…or is he?


The Warlord of Illusion has tricked you. The real Pathrus is through the window at 16, 10.



By complete coincidence, the BG music for this fight is called ‘illusion’. This is one of the coolest battles in the game. I think it was pretty creative of me. When you start the battle, you’ll face 8 Pathruses. On top of that, it’s too dark to see anything that’s not next to you. The spell that makes monsters show up on your map can be useful here.


The 7 fakes are half as strong as the real one, but the real one can summon more fakes. Before this gets too out of hand, kill the one in the upper left. After you kill him, Ryo will point out some of the suspicious plot inconsistencies you might not have been paying attention to. Now you can really leave.


Boat Dock


After you kill Pathrus, you can rent boats here. You can buy 2: one to sail across the river in front of you, and the one all the way back in Legoland. Somehow or other, he owns it. Now you can get to the Altar of Combinations, but there’s no reason to go there now, so just go through the secret door behind the bookcase and sail out of here.


Ice Cave


You’ll find a resurrection balm, a strong energy potion, and some food behind the pass through wall at 24, 5, but the only important thing here is behind the wall at 6, 22. It’s the third powersurge. One more to find.


Xanadu Cave


After beating Pathrus, Xanadu Cave automatically opens. There’s nothing inside, it’s just a link bewteen both sides of the river in case you leave you boat somewhere that you can’t get back to it (like if you use the teleport scroll in Ice Cave, or just leave it on the other side).




Just an example of the Dynasty’s handiwork. There’s nothing here but the entrance text.


Twisted Forest


Go straight down from the beginning through the pass through trees at 4, 42. Then pass through 37, 37. Then step on teleporter 31, 14. Walk through 13, 10. Leave.


Tower of Cruelty


Not a promising name, especially considering the things I’ve done to you already. But don’t worry, it’s not bad.



Go right. Pull the lever through the doors to open the gate back on the left. Go through that gate and pull the lever behind secret door 5, 22. Cross the bridge and go through the right door. Pull the lever in there to retract the bridge you just came from (bridges won’t extend if another is out). The go left to secret door 4, 5 and extend the next bridge. Cross and go into the right room. The lever in the upper right, though still trapped, is the real one. Use it to retract the bridge, the go left and extend the final bridge.



Go right and through secret door 20, 8. Follow the path up and around to a corner of 3 doors. The lowest door is the only one that opens. Pull the lever behind to open 18, 27. Go back to the stairs and left to reach it. Press the button behind, then go through the secret door again, but take the other route this time. After passing through gates 21, 24, you’ll see a quick image of Gades. Follow him up the stairs.


Floor3 part1

Go left and immediately up into the room with the dynasty minions. Go left through 6, 10 for a lifesaver amulet if you feel like getting it, then right and through secret door 19, 9, then through 18, 6 to the stairs.


Floor4 part1


Go left and down through the wall at 16, 11. Press the button behind to open gate 23, 14. Go back to the stairs and go right, through wall 25, 7. The button behind will open a future gate. Now go back to floor 3.


Floor3 part2


Go back to the stairs and left until you see lava. Take the upper path for the least damage. You’ll find 3 buttons in a row. Press them in this order: right, left, middle (process of elimination puzzle). Go through the gate and down the stairs behind 9, 17.


Floor4 part2

You only need one song for this part. There’s nothing behind the other doors.


Tales from Topographic: The trap in the right corner is less severe.

Awaken: Just go.

Close to the Edge: Go through 8, 25 to avoid the traps.


Pull any one lever from behind a song door. Then go through the wall right of the stairs and pull the lever below 14, 18 to open the gate above. Take the stairs behind it.


Floor5 part1

Go up and follow the left wall straight down through secret door 4, 25. Press the button behind to create a lever you’ll use later. Go back to the stairs and go down. Take the teleporter to a button that opens the gate before you. Go back to the stairs and right, then down (go around the square block from the left). Go through secret door 21, 15 and press the button to remove all the quickfire in the next area. Now go back to the east exit from the stairs, but go up this time. Follow the path around and take the stairs in the lower right.


Floor4 part3

It’s a one way path to another stairway.


Floor5 part2

The lever in the first room is fake. Instead, go through secret door 9, 24 and pull the one you created earlier. You’ll see a gate open on what appears to be a balcony going around the tower.


How to get to it? Go all the way back to floor 1 and through secret door 24, 3. Stick to the wall and climb the stairs. On floor 3, there’s a secret door on the balcony at 28, 8 to a resurrection balm and some healing potions.



Gades. He’s slightly stronger than all the other warlords. You’ll quickly discover that he’s no longer invincible. After killing him, you’ll confirm that he didn’t have the Crystal Heart. Then where is it? And what do Gades’s foreboding last words mean? Take a step outside of the tower, and you’ll see.


The Gilded Tower


The easiest way to get here from the Tower of Cruelty is to just use the teleport scroll and reenter the world. The tower is on the east of the small river by Mia’s house. Inside, you’ll find all the warlords you just killed summoning the demon lord Tulpa (actually it’s Talpa, but there’s too many misspellings for me to fix). On rising, he will cast you into the dark nether world.


Dark Nether World




Nah, it’s pretty short. In fact, it’s almost a straight path to Tulpa’s castle. To get through the first forest, pass through the trees at 17, 29. After that you’ll come to a wall of mountains. The only way through is:


Tunnel of Suffering


While it looks like you can just walk to the other end, there’s invisible walls just before the exit, so you have to go through secret wall 13, 16. Behind 11, 26 is a nice cache of potions (which you will need for the final dungeon unless you plan on going in and out 10 times). Take the teleporter and pass through 26, 18 to reach the end.


Hole in the wall


This optional cave is in the upper right of the swamp. It’s a place to rest up without worrying about random battles. A pantless red guy runs the inn, but his prices are insane, so just sleep on your own. It might be worth mentioning that in the Dynasty, you can kill people and Frieza won’t care.


Dynasty Blockade


Continue on and you’ll reach another barrier. When you enter, step on secret door 15, 6 to open the gate below. While it looks like a clear path to the end, there’s another invisible wall here that you have to deactivate. But first, let’s get some of the plentiful treasure lying around.


Go through secret door 23, 27 for 2 strong healing potions. Go through 7, 24 and press the button to deactivate one of the more powerful traps. The go to the area in the upper left. In the first room you’ll find some potions (including a skill potion).


In the next room is a Drake Lord. Killing it will deactivate the invisible barrier and allow you to exit.


In the next outdoor area, step through 17, 30 to the center rock to be teleported to the other side.


In the next area, take the highest path. A short way in, pass through 27, 11 and follow it to a cave.


Cave of Greed


You can kill the merchants if you want, but it might be a better idea to buy from them. This is the ONLY place in the game that you can buy strong potions. While they don’t sell invulnerability or skill, they do have energy. BUY AS MANY STRONG ENERGY POTIONS AS YOU CAN CARRY, BECAUSE YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO COME BACK TO THIS TOWN AGAIN. Strong energy potions are invaluable in the final dungeon. You may want to bring some back to Sesame Street and come back for another batch (you probably won’t need to though). Remember to make 7 or so slots free for when you beat Tulpa so that you can hold your prizes.


Leave and go back to the right side of the screen. Hug the bottom mountains for as long as you can, then go up as much as you can. At your highest point (17,25) you’ll find some of the random outer space that you can walk through. Follow the path it yields to the next area. Hug the top mountains in the next area and walk down the left side to get to the cave.


Shield Wall


In the upper left is a waterfall that heals you, but that’s not important. Take the lowest path, follow the south side of the cave, and pass through 4, 22.


Go through the forest. At the crossroad in the next empty area, go left. Hug the bottom to avoid most of the lava and find the entrance to the next area.


Agony’s Hearth


From the entrance, go left, the down. Just get to the window at 15, 16 and walk through it to the lever. Pulling it will open the wall blocking the path to Tulpa. There’s a good sized potion cache behind a cracked wall in the lower right.


Go back to the cross road and go north.




A cave to the right of the castle. There’s a lifesaver amulet behind a secret door, and you can get some quick rest on the node. When you’re ready, onward.


Tulpa’s Castle


I think this was another pretty innovative dungeon idea. It consists of 3 towns linked horizontally, so it looks like 1 really long town. Unfortunately, it’s just like the temples in the way of puzzles. It’s all just pulling lever and pressing buttons. Here’s what to do to get through it fast:


You’ll start in the center Go straight up and through 18, 33 to open 18, 22 (which is actually just a huge potion stash). Blow through the cracked wall and enter the west wing.



The upper path leads to a chest full of more potions (probably don’t have room for many more), and the left path leads to a circle of lava (which fully heals you if you stand in the center). Go through secret door 41, 27. Go down and left to the room with the spiny worm. Step on 12, 36 to be transported to a small room on the left. Press button 8, 20. Go back to the secret door you came from and go left and through 29, 33 to button 29, 30. Now leave and go to the eastern wing of the castle.



Make your way to the upper left corner. Pull the lever on the right of the lava room to get to button 12, 4 (which opens a door in the center area).


Treasure: In the lower right room of chests, the lower right chest has a lifesaver amulet. Go through 23, 14 and 28, 18 to find a lifesaver amulet behind a bookcase.


Now go right and press button 43, 15. Return to the center.



Go through 37, 14 and press button 35, 8. Now go back right.



Take the lower path and pass through gate 36, 36. Go through the secret door in that room and press 23, 36. Now go to the center.



Get back to the entrance, Go up and through 25, 16 and press 21, 16. Now go let.



Go up through gate 31, 11 and press button 24, 4. Go back to the east side.



Go through secret door 29, 22 to gate 43, 22 and press button 43, 29. Back to the west side.



Go down through the secret door and through 33, 38. Follow the path to the node surrounded by stars. Heal up, and prepare to fight the new and improved warlords.


Actually, they’re not any stronger than before. But if you thought they were hard one at a time…well then your party is just weak. They should have been easy. But all at once they’ll be a challenge, even with the Ronins by your side. Beat them and save. After here, you won’t be able to go back. Rest up, walk through the teleporter, walk through the secret door on the right, and leave through the top.


Short version:



Button 35, 8 opens 36, 36 on right

Button 21,16 opens 31, 11 on left.

Button 14, 33 opens 18, 22 in center.



Button 43, 15 opens 37, 11 in center.

Button 23, 36 opens 33, 38 on left.

Button 43, 29 opens 19, 24 on left.

Button 12, 4 opens 23, 16 in center.



Button 8, 20 opens 36, 16 on right.

Button 29, 30 opens 22, 16 in center.

Button 24, 4 opens 43, 22 on right.


Castle Remains (Tulpa battle)


The greatest battle in the game, and the coolest music. In case you’re wondering, it’s not a coincidence that both titles have the word ‘heart’ in them (Samurai Heart, In search of a Heart).


You run up the roof of the castle and Tulpa destroys it. Now you’re fighting in the rubble. It wouldn’t be too hard, if not for one fact: Tulpa has the Crystal Heart, the item that has proven time and again to protect the user from all injury, no mater how powerful. What can you do? How can you stop him? You don’t know, but you try anyway.


The first part of the battle won’t end until Ryo dons his inferno armor (all the Ronins die). After that, you can either wait for 60 turns or until Ryo in his Inferno dies. He’ll focus his energy into one last blast, which fails. Now it’s all up to you.


At this point, you’ve gotta transfer to another town. I ran out of text. So step on the node that appears in the center and prepare to battle Tulpa.


This is the second half of the battle (switch the music). Now you actually CAN hurt Tulpa. Once you’ve done enough damage, a scene will start describing how you really aren’t making any progress at all. Then…






Well, to spare you the drama, Ryo kills Tulpa at the cost of his own life. You can either use the Jewel of Life now, during the moment of silence (for a much more interesting scene), or wait until you go back to Mia’s house (where you’ll get to see some extra personalities). Whenever you do it, Ryo comes back to life. He’ll give you all 5 suits of Ronin armor (to borrow) as thanks. But don’t get to attached to it; you’ll be giving it up in a moment. And so you take the Crystal Heart from Tulpa’s body and leave.


Congratulations! You’ve come farther than most gamers. It’s all water under the bridge now, as they say. All that’s left is the final dungeon and some minor wandering around.




Behind the Door of Love


This is really 2 worlds, so I didn’t give it a name.




The Writer’s Guild

Tenchi’s house

Masaki Cave


But before you go here, pay a visit to the Altar of Combinations (located behind the water in Lego/K-nex world) using the boat you got in Ronin world. Place the 5 Ronin armors between the columns and recite the words ‘alterano’ ‘manakesm’ as instructed. They will combine into the Armor of Inferno, as you may have anticipated. Now combine the Inferno armor with the Gold Plated Armor to form…




As I mentioned earlier, its power is invulnerability. Now combine the 2 Rings of Reflect, the Crystal Wand, and the Crystal Heart. The Golden Powercell will be extracted from the 4 treasures and return to the Golden Altar. If you go there, you’ll discover that someone, somehow, beat you to it, and you have no idea who. Damn.


So, with all of the pieces of the Golden Armor in hand, head to the Door of Love and enter the Writer’s Guild.


The Writer’s Guild


The most informative town as far as plot goes. I came up with some pretty interesting characters here, so learn what you can.


The door on the right is locked (if you’re curious, the sign says ‘¡Soy en fuego!’). The door on the left will take you to a split party node. You’ll appear in space. Take a step up and you’ll be asked for the world of passage. Remember that sign in Ronin world? The word of passage is ‘veramocor’. Now you’ll be asked a series of riddles. Answer them as follows:















No, the riddle master doesn’t have the answers to this one. How were you supposed to figure it out? Well, unless you happen to have played Ultima 4, you weren’t. It’s optional.


You will be rewarded with the ultimate spell: Avatar. Now go back to the main hall.


The place is filled with linking books. Here, you can travel to any world (bet you wish you got this key first), including one you haven’t been to yet called ‘Tenchi world’ (all the way on the left). Go there.


Masaki House


This world is pretty fun. It’s a completely dialogue based world. There’s one fight, but it’s on a side quest.


You start on a bridge. There’s a force field south preventing you from getting to an island with a tree on it, so ignore it for now inside.


If you’ve been following the FAQ, inside, you’ll find…THE FINAL T.V!!! Now you’ll understand why you’ve been intentionally going after them.


After talking to everyone to your heart’s content, walk into the spacey room. You’ll be asked to retrieve a seed from some tree (the one in the center of the pond). But the force field is still there, so ask the woman to take it down (‘forc’, ‘fiel’). Now go get the seed and return. She’ll take it with gratitude, then realize that she doesn’t know who you are. Choice 2 gives you 100 gold, but other than that, it doesn’t matter what you pick.


You may have gathered that Mihoshi was supposed to bring her and Kiyone’s weapons to Washuu to get recharged, but she fell asleep on the porch and now she’s afraid to face Kiyone. Help her out (ask about ‘weap’ or ‘kiyo’) by taking them to Washuu for her (ask about ‘kiyo’ or ‘weap’). She’ll tell you that she’s lost her cold fusion partical something-or-other and can’t recharge them until you find it. So where would you lose an item of immense power? Let’s ask Sasami. Save first.


Ask her about ‘game’ or ‘play’ and she’ll offer to play you in a game. She says she’ll give you something very rare and powerful if you win, but if you lose, you have to be her slaves forever.


…what the…?


Well, whatever her reasons, that’s her deal. Then she pulls out a magical contract that, once signed, can’t be willingly broken. Now you’re probably a little nervous, but try anyway. First, Bert will try his luck against her. He has a 50% chance of winning.


Should Bert fail, Ernie will laugh and take his place. The scene goes like this:


Sasami: I win! Bert: Um... Ernie: Ha ha! You lost! Bert: Uh...that was just a practice round! Let's do it one more time. Sasami: Ok, it's your funeral! Ernie: Shove over Bert! I'm playing!


Ernie has a 70% chance of winning, but should you fail again:


Ernie: ... Bert: Ha! You're no better. Sasami: I guess that makes you my slaves! Big Bird: Hold on! We get one more try, and this time, we'll all fight you at once. Think you can beat that? Sasami: You bet! Cookie: Girl R fool! We kill now!!!


You only have a 10% chance of losing this, but if you somehow manage it, here’s what happens:




Bert: ...we...


Bert: ...we lost?...what the hell?! Is this thing rigged?! Sasami: I guess that means you're my slaves! We'll have so much fun!


(Frieza suddenly appears) Frieza: ...what the hell is wrong with you?! You couldn't beat a little girl in a 4 on 1?! Bert: I don't know...I guess we were just off today. Frieza: That was more than off! That was disgraceful!


And now you're this little girl's slaves?! Bert: ...Kinda- Frieza: IDIOTS! (Frieza gets pissed, grabs you all, and shoves you down Sasami's throat.) Sasami: Why did you do that sir? Frieza: What? You're still alive?...well whatever. Goodbye kid.


(Frieza blasts Sasami into cinders, then leaves. You have died a shameful death.)


Otherwise, she’ll give you the thing Washuu needs. Go back to her with it and get the guns recharged. Now go upstairs and give them to Kiyone (ask about ‘weapons’, ‘galat gun’).


With that out of the way, let’s do some side quests:


Go to the Masaki Shrine and pray at the altar. You’ll find a button underneath it. Press it once and go back to the house. There’s a secret door in the woods at 8, 59. The button opened the gate, allowing you to claim the final golden book.


Masaki Cave


Step on the pile of rubble to open a secret door. Slide down and defeat the crazy. When you do, bridges will appear, opening the way to the final powersurge.


Well, there’s the side quests. By now you may have pieced together that Ryouko has taken the Golden Powercell and is planning to use it to somehow win the heart of her love Tenchi. That’s all well and good, but you don’t have time to wait around for her to use it. Attacking her would be suicide if she’s got the powercell, so the next obvious thing to do would be to get someone else to do it. That’s where Aeka comes in.


If you ask Ryouko about Aeka, she calls her a bitch. If you tell this to Aeka, she’ll call Ryouko a filthy slut. Go back and forth with these insults for a while until Aeka eventually calls here a 10 cent street corner pimp and tells her where she can shove it. On telling Ryouko this, she’ll finally get up and do something about it.


You need more than one character alive for this.


Go over to the Masaki Shrine and watch the battle. If you haven’t given Kiyone the blasters back, Ryouko will destroy the planet. If you have then they’ll show up and try to stop the battle. Ryouko’s rage takes control of her and she evokes the Golden Powercell, manifesting it into a massive beam. You’re suddenly given a Choose Player box without being told why. If you choose cancel, you all die. Whoever you pick will jump in the way of the beam and absorb all of the damage, killing him. So pick the character that’s carrying the least. Hopefully you have a resurrection balm with you.


Now that Ryouko has used the Golden Powercell, it shall return to the altar. Go there now, and finally do that which you were called to do.




Homeworld: Final Conflict


Golden Altar


Its time. If you forgot, the altar is behind the gate in the base. Use the gold key Frieza gave you at the beginning (hope you still have it). This is where all those gold books come in handy. One of them tells you to equip someone with all the armor pieces and approach the altar. Do so. When asked to speak, recite ‘poperamp’, ‘eranosep’, ‘acerades’, ‘critoroh’. You’ll absorb the Golden Powercell. Then you’ll get a message:


[Please select the Golden Sesame. There was no better way to program this.]


Yeah. Whoever you select will have their attributes boosted to full. The party will split momentarily and you’ll appear in empty space. Move up and down for 25 turns as your attributes rise, then leave.


Violet Eye’s Cave


Ask him about gold armor again to hear his new message. Give him the Silver Star. Receive the new Silver Star.



True Ending FAQ


So you’ve finally absorbed the Golden Powercell and you’re ready to fight Brer Fox, right? Well you could, but, if you paid attention to Mordecai in the Writer’s Guild, you know that won’t be enough to get the true ending. Getting the true ending involves doing all those things that didn’t make sense until now. All of them involve getting these 2 items: The Wand of Justice and the Strange Word.


Getting the wand


If you haven’t looked at every T.V. in the game yet (excluding the one in Sesame Street), you will now. Here’s where they are (see above FAQ for specific locations):


1)      Cow and Chicken’s house (Cartoon world)

2)      The house next door to cow and chicken (Cartoon world)

3)      The secretary’s closet in school (Cartoon world)

4)      Folson Prison (Cartoon world)

5)      Jungle Village (reality)

6)      On board the Absolution (Gundam world)

7)      At the bottom of Cable Cave (Dragonball Z world)

8)      In the sane man’s house (Crazy world)

9)      In whisper cave (Crazy world, dreamland)

10)  On the second floor of the Fortress of Fear (Looney world)

11)  Mia’s house (Ronin world)

12)  Bottom of the Ticket Booth (Ronin world)

13)  Tenchi’s house (Behind the Door of Love)


When you look at the final T.V, Bert will go insane and smash it. Amongst its remains, you’ll find a blue crystal shard. Hopefully, Bert’s little “I wonder…” got you thinking about all the other T.Vs. Now you must go back to each T.V. again and smash them all (groan). You only get a shard for smashing the first and final T.V, so don’t be worried when you notice that they’re not in your inventory.


After you have all the shards, take them to the Altar of Combinations. They’ll form a strange wand with cryptic writing on the side. Big Bird suggests showing it to Frieza, who will tell you that it’s called the Wand of Justice and that its dead. This is what that sign ‘Justice can be found on television’ meant.


To get it recharged, go see Kento and ask about justice.


Getting the word


This side quest start in Cable Cave. A hidden sign there reads “Seek out the dealer of narcotics, and speak unto him ‘Ledani’” You may recall a drug dealer in NY City, so go to him and say the word. He’ll fall on the floor writhing and tell you to find The Count, and tell him 'Opishiwa'. Count will give you a new word and a new target, and this path of people will continue for a little while. Here’s how it goes:


(Reality, New York City) Drug Dealer responds to Ledani

(Homeworld, Sesame Street) Count responds to Opishiwa

(Dragonball Z world, Goku’s house) Gohan responds to Maphrill

(Crazy world, Crazy Town) Sane man responds to Farlisesis

(Cartoon world, school [look through a window on the side for a red guy]) Senor No Pants de Leon responds to Ishvandu

(Behind the Door of Love, Tenchi’s house) Tenchi responds to Youamfreak

(Ronin world, Small house) Captain Commando responds to Ferpherous

(Ronin world, Mia’s house) Ryo responds to Cabuando

(Sailor Moon world, Run down shack) Shotgun toating man responds to Halien

(Crazy World, Dream town 2 behind secret door 9, 6) Bert responds to Paktnnah

(Reality, Exter) Chris Squire responds to Sngring

(Crazy world, Crazy hole [through secret door 6, 8. Requires Awaken]) Bad guy guard responds to Zeenkah

(Sailor Moon world, Run down shack [requires Tales from Topographic]) The man of ten cats who dwelleth within a closet (Strange man) responds to Eivs in obiiv nro prae sentia mvniamvr (that translates to ‘May his presence protect us in the hour of death’)


When you get to that last one, you won’t be given another word. Rather, the guy will just talk to you (which he hasn’t done before now). Ask about ‘teach’ and he’ll teach the strange word if you’ve gotten all 4 powersurges. Powersurges are located:


Ebony cave, Cartoon world

Volcano, Sailor Moon world

Ice Cave, Ronin world

Masaki Cave, Behind the Door of Love


With the Golden Armor and these 2 items, you’re ready to face the Bad Guys.


The Bad Guy Base




1)      The Golden Armor and Powercell

2)      Strange Wand (charged)

3)      Strange Word

4)      Silver Star (charged)

5)      All the Sesame Weapons (optional)

6)      Penny in a Bottle (optional)

7)      Maxed levels (you should’ve had this since the beginning of Ronin world)

8)      Avatar and all the other good spells (optional)

9)      A hell of a lot of potions.



Choice 1


There are several different scenes from here on out depending on what you do next. On your way to the final battle, you can collect a little group to travel and fight with you. Your first choice is to take Frieza and Jon Anderson with you. If you enter his hut after absorbing the Golden Powercell, he’ll be awe struck and insist on coming with you to make sure you don’t screw up. Jon will also join you, giving you ALL 3 SONGS WITHOUT HAVING TO LEAVE AND SWAP THEM! It’s a definite advantage, and I think the scenes with Frieza are the best anyway, but if you’re looking for a different ending then ignore him. I’ll post all the possible scenes later on anyway, so don’t worry: you won’t have to do this more than once.


If you don't want to take them, you’ll have to go back to Exter to learn the songs. Take Awaken with you first.



On the way to the base, I suggest running from every random battle. Your levels are almost defiantly maxed by now, so you have no use for gold or experience. The way to the base is blocked by a wall, so first you’ll have to complete one last cave. From Sesame Street, go up 2 screens and right 1. You’ll find the cave in the mountains covering the northwest side.


The Rite of Passage


The coolest idea for a cave I had this whole game. If you commend me for nothing else, commend me for this. It’s what I wanted all those other button/lever puzzles to be: challenging and thought provoking.


The whole place can be summed up by the message you’ll get when you step on a green node:


Walltofloor and floortowall!


Walls change to floor and floors change to wall (excluding the brick walls, doors, and nodes). Rather than explain how that can be challenging, I’ll let you find out for yourself.


If you’re still reading this FAQ, you’re obviously stuck. Here’s what to do:


Go left and switch the walls. Go right and up through secret passages 9, 24 and 10, 8. Swap the walls and press the button. Make your way back to the opening and go up. The gate on the right should be open. Press the switch node and go down to the next one. Press it and go through wall 23, 26. The button in the upper right will open the gate in the upper left of the map. Go there (just before the gate, press the swap node twice to get past it) and press the button to create another button.


Go back a few steps and through 10, 8. Go past where the button was before and go though the wall, then down through 21, 6 and 21, 8. Press the button and go back to the hall just outside. To the right is the button that will open the way to the Bad Guy Base.


The Bad Guy Base


If you took a peak in here already and you’ve been reading the stuff above, you’re probably expecting me to apologize for this. Well, I don’t intend to. When I set out to make the final town, I wanted it to be the greatest, most challenging thing in the game. I’d been saving my best puzzle ideas, and wanted to come up with even more. I wanted the monsters to force you to really TRY, perhaps even strong enough make you leave and come back with more supplies. I wanted to be worthy of the horror all the characters feel for it, and I wanted it to be somewhat realistic in the sense that its owners don’t want you to survive it.


I succeeded beyond my wildest hopes.


This place is so complicated that I needed to draw a map just to MAKE it. Don’t plan on getting through this in one sitting unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. Even if there were no monsters and you knew exactly where to go, you’d still be in there for hours. But enough of this; if you’ve stuck with the game for this long, you should be able to tough it out for one last castle.



On entering, go up and through the second door on the left. Follow the hallway and take the first road up you encounter. Go around the right side of the block in the center (less painful trap) and cast move mountains on 12, 42. The button behind it will allow you to pass the trap blocking the path you just broke off from. Now go back and press button H (11, 36).


Return to the main hallway and continue left until you hit the wall. Walk into the wall below (6, 51) to create a bridge at 11, 32. Go up and take the first right to reach a room filled with water. Press the now exposed button I (11, 31).


Go back to the hall above the entrance and continue up until the 4 way split. Go up and through the door on the left. Pass through the plant at 28, 28 and cast move mountains on the wall above it. Press button B (28, 25).


Go back to the 4 was split and go left and through the southern door. Inside, cast move mountains on wall 20, 47 and step on its remains to teleport to button E (20,39).


Leave and go through the northern door. Cast move mountains on 16, 25 to get past the forcefield. Either door in the next room will take you to stairs.



Immediately go through the wall in the southeast and pull the lever to open the gate just outside the door. Go out and through that gate, then go south and right. Ignoring the trap lever in the lava, go down and into the next room. Pass through the secret door on the east wall. Go down and cast move mountains on 23, 37 and go left through the trail of secret doors. In the room that follows, break the wall at 21, 46 and press the button behind it. You’ve just opened the way to some nearby stairs, but there’s nothing up there for you right now.


Walk all the way back to the lever in the lava and break the wall at 7, 30. Go down, through the red gate, and press the button. If you don’t have Jon with you, you’ll have to go back to Exter to get Tales from Topographic, then come all the way back here. Go through the blue gate and press button B (24, 62). Go back to floor 1.



From the base’s entrance, go right and take the first up path. Follow it until you see a gate. Walk through the pass-through gate and right click on the wall at 44, 45. Use the machine at 47, 45 to open door A. Go back to the hallway to the right of the entrance and continue into the room full of doors. On the top wall, right click on the second door from the left (53, 52) to unlock it. Go through and take the stairs behind gate A.



Go down through gate C and left until you come to the upper left of this little area. Break wall 29, 39 and press the button. Go down and through the second door (which you just unlocked) and press the button in the room to open the gate above the stairs. If you have Frieza with you, you can go south to the area with tables and chairs to see a scene.


Go back to the stairs. Go left and up through gate D, then go left and through secret door 38, 31. Be sure to avoid the pits by passing through the secret doors at 23, 17 and 27, 14 instead of following the path around. At the end is a button that opens a gate before you. Go back to the stairs and through the gate above them. Take 2 steps south through wall 49, 23 and look at the wall below. You’ll be teleported to 11, 20. To get through the maze of doors, go through the one next to the stairs, through the lowest one, through the second one on the top (from the left), then through secret door 18, 20. Follow the rest of the path to the stairs.



The outer ring of this level is pretty much a one way path, filled with magic-draining doors and walls. From the first door, go down and break wall 18, 13. To get thought he field of doors go left 5 doors, up-left one, up-right one, and up. You’ll be taken to 7, 15. Go in either door and through secret doors 4, 21 and 4, 23. Fight through the monsters and go through a secret door on either side of the 3 doors. From there, make a right, go through secret door 4, 50, and go down to the color door junction. The blue door has a paralysis trap behind it, the green has a disease trap, and the red door’s trap just does damage.


When you come to the first fork in the door maze, go down, up, through the secret door at the top (19, 54), the second one from the top, and break wall 23, 60. The lower path in the next area will probably do less damage than the top. The next room has one of the most fiendish puzzles yet. Press the bottom button. It has a 35% chance of opening the door, and a 65% chance of hurting you like the other buttons. Just keep pressing it until the gate opens. Go right and down to the area with the torches. Take ONE step through 60, 58, the take 2 steps down-left to avoid the pit. Take a step down-right and press button D (60, 61). Go up through any of the 3 color doors and break wall 59, 25. Follow the secret path until you reach the random stairway. It’ll randomly take you to secluded areas of either floor 4, 5, or 6. Try to get to 4 first, then floor 5 and 6.





Floor4 (optional part)

Go through the lower door and go down until you hit a wall. Shatter the adobe at 57, 47 and press the minor button behind it. Go back to the door below the stairs and go left through the opened gate. Step on wall 43, 53 to open the last piece of this little puzzle. Go back to where you shattered the wall and take the door on the north side. Follow the path until you reach the seemingly empty room. On entering, the Gundam pilots will randomly appear and ask you to send them home again. If you decline, they’ll fight with you until you beat Brer Bear. I recommend getting them. It won’t affect the endings, and if nothing else, you get to talk to them during battle and see their annoyed messages.



Floor 5

From the stairs, either door will lead to the end, but take the one on the right. It’s a bit quicker. Follow the 1 way path until you reach a door with a wall behind it. You are now looking at a maze of breakable walls. The spell ‘shatter’ is helpful here, but you’ll lose lots of MP getting through. Sleeping here might be a good idea. Not too many monsters will bother you. The path to get through (starting from the far left entrance to the area) is as follows: 2 down, 3 down-left, 1 down, 1 down-right, 1 right, 2 up-right, 1 right, 2 down-right, 3 down, 1 down-right, 1 down, 3 down-left, 1 down, 1 down-left, 5 left, 2 up-left, 1 left, 1 down-left, 1 down, 1 down-right. After exiting, stick to the top to avoid the damaging floor (after killing the monsters of course) and rest up a bit. In the next room you’ll fight illusions of the Tenchi people. You’ll be aided with anyone you might have picked up along the way, like Frieza, the Gundam guys, or Purple. Winning this battle will deactivate the endless hallway on the left of the first floor.



Go up through either door. Make a right and break wall 9, 30, ignoring the row of trick buttons. When you reach the corner of gates, right click on the one at 4, 3. It will take you to button D. Now go back to floor 3.



It’s a simple path to the stairs from here. You can avoid the hallway of pain by going through 53, 15. But just in front of the stairs is a trap that will instantly kill you if you don’t have the charged Silver Star (if you don’t have it, the voice in Ernie’s head will try to warn you).



Go left, down, and through the first door on the right. Go in, break wall 24, 18, and press button A (22, 18). Leave, go left, and up through the door into the forest area. Go through the lava and through tree 15, 44 to the button. Go back to the beginning of the lava and down through the new path. Press button H (17, 52).


Go back to the stairs and do down to the 4-way path. Go right and through the secret path at 45, 23. Go through the first door on the top. Take the middle path and blaze through the quickfire to button C (57, 5).


Now, if you pull the lever in the middle and shatter wall 50, 12, the bottom button will remove all the quickfire. But I’m pretty sure it comes back anyway. Pulling it might give you a moment of peace, but it might not be worth it.


Go along the right wall, press button D (62, 1) and go back to the 4-way junction. Go down and make the first left. AVOID THE PIT by breaking wall 28, 35 and not stepping on 28, 33. Press button F. Go back to where you made the left and go through the door on the right. Go around the unopenable door by using secret door 39, 34. Follow the path and approach the waterfall. Touch it and a path will open to the door below. The button behind it will do damage the first time you press it, but pushing it twice will activate button E (36, 51). Unable to proceed, it’s time to backtrack and go through the many gates you’ve opened. Start at floor 1.



Go back to the entrance and go left until you reach the edge of the map. Then go up and through secret door 9, 21. You should still have Tales from Topographic, so go through the blue gate and press the button behind secret door 21, 19 (right next to the gate). Walk up through the doors and pull the lever to open the lower gate. If you don’t have both songs, then you’ll have to come back with Awaken. Pass the red gate and break wall 16, 8. Walk back to before the gates and go up, through both opened gates. The doors along the top wall are unlockable. Take them to the stairs.



Go through the eastern door and walk through the gate against the lower wall in the next room. Pull lever A. While it opens one door, it closes another, so you’ll have to come back later and pull it again. For now, go back to floor 1.



From the 4-way split above the entrance, go right until you reach gate K. Press button P. Go back to the split and go through secret door 28, 38 (just a few steps left). Press button G (29, 47). Now go through gate A and up to floor 2.



From the stairs, go left and straight up until you see a door on the right. Ignore it and break the wall below it at 37, 18. Go up and navigate through the space maze. First, get to the top wall and follow it right. You’ll reach the teleporter at 45, 1 and be taken to 45, 6. Follow the invisible wall above you until you reach a dead end. Pass through wall 53, 5 and you’ll be teleported to 53, 4. Now just walk right until you reach the button on the other side. Navigate back through the space maze and go down. When you reach the upward junction, take it and go through the long string of doors. Break wall 57, 10 and take the stairs down.



Go out through the right door and up. You’ll find 2 parallel hallways that make sounds as you pass through them. If you switch hallways after hearing the first sound, you’ll hear it again in the next hallway. The idea is to get to the other side of the corridor without making the other sound. As is indicated by the little black squares on the map, first go up until you hear the noise, then down, then up until you hear the noise twice, then down, and up to the other side. Press button L. Go back and left from the stairs to enter the library. Pass through bookcase 33, 16 and then wall 34, 23. Follow the secret doors to the end and right click on the wall. You’ll be taken to the upper right corner. Go through the string of doors and press button M. Now go back to floor 2 and make your way up to the random staircase. Take it to floor 6



Break the wall just below you at 3, 51 and press button A. Now follow the left wall up until you reach the dead end. Break wall 2, 5 and press button C. Go back down the random stairs, then back to floor 1.



Take the stairs you haven’t used recently (23, 22).



Remember the stairs you ignored before? Take them now. Going around either side of the square before them is the same. Just don’t try to use the secret door in the middle or you’ll take even more damage.





Choice 2


When you reach junction of 2 doors and 2 paths, go up and immediately left. AVOID THE PIT…for now, by breaking wall12, 42. When you get to the room with pits and teleporters that keep sending you to the room’s entrance, follow the bottom wall to the lower right corner. Take one step up, one step up-left, one step up-right, and step on the node. You’ll be taken to 22, 30. From here, walk through the kitchen and the back room until you find your friends. After a short scene, Purple will join you. This effects the ending.


Back at the junction, go up to the room with 4 buttons and a gate. There’s a secret door left of the gate that leads to a plant that makes noises when you touch it. This is just to confuse you, so ignore it. Place an ordinary item on each of the 4 nodes and step on the pit at 24, 41. Button B (27, 42) will appear. Press it and retrieve your items. Go back to the junction and down. Follow it past the 2 doors to a room with lots of corridors going up through fire barriers. Take the path 4th from the left. It will bring you to a button. Go back to the first door you passed and enter. Break wall 23, 49 and enter the central control room Use the consol in the center. You have now activated all the other consoles you may have noticed along the way (they’re the things marked by +s on the map). You’ll have to go back and use every single one of them, so let’s get started. From where you are, the best thing to do is to fall in the pit mentioned above (12, 45). It’ll take you to one on floor 1.


Floor 1

Use the consol and take the node to teleport out. If you don’t have the songs, leave and grab Close to the Edge. From the entrance go up and right that the split. Take the first path you see up through the green gate. Make a left and use the consol. Now use the stairs at 23, 22 to get to the left half of floor 2.



From the hall below the gate after the stairs, go through secret door 9, 35 and use the consol. Go back to floor 1.



Go up the stairs to the other side of floor 2.



From the stairs go down, right, and break wall 54, 47. Go up, through the door, and through secret door 57, 41. Use the consol. Now go through gate E and go down the stairs at 55, 12 (to the upper right of floor 1).



Go down, through the gate, and use the machine. Now go back to the entrance of floor 4 and up the stairs behind the endless hall.



Pull lever A again to open the door you closed before. Now go all the way back to floor1 again. Now make your way to the random stairs and take them to floor 4.



Immediately break 59, 31 to find a machine. Then go up, around, and break either 50, 25 or 50, 26. Walk through the secret doors behind to another machine. Now go back to floor 3 and up the regular stairs to the other part of floor 4.


Floor4 (other part)

Go down to the 4-way and make a left. Break wall 17, 22. Don’t press the node. Instead, right click on the protruding wall right next to it. Before your very eyes, it will turn into a consol (neat, huh?). Use it and go back to the 4 way. Break wall 30, 30, go through 2 secret doors, break wall 27, 30, and reach a room with 3 consoles. Use the bottom one.


Time for a detour. From the stairs, go left, down, left, and down through gate J. In the room beyond, you’ll fight Techno Bob, the sad creator of all the Friezabots, as well as all 4 reconstructed bosses. This can be tough, especially if you don’t have friends like Purple, Frieza, or the Gundam pilots with you. But once you beat him, you’ll be able to grab the Violet Powder Bag (remember that from the very beginning?) in the chest behind him. Use it immediately. It gets you past a certain force field. For now, go back to the stairs, go left, down, and up. Walk around the forest area and to the next set of stairs.



First, go through the lower door. Go up into the first room you see and break wall 7, 56 (to avoid an impassable trap). Go up and through the door. You’ll be faced with 3 paths of doors. Take the rightmost path up 3 doors. Then break the wall to your upper left. Go up-left one door, then break the wall down-left of you. Take this up until 2 doors from the end, the break wall 6, 41 and follow the middle path out. Use the consol and return to the stairs’ room.


Go through the open gate and step on the other open gate in the center of the next room. Go out and follow the right path until you reach a room with a button in the lower right. Press it and go through the secret doors at 43, 55; 37, 48; and 33, 43. If you leave the rooms normally, the button will be unpressed. If you did it right, there should be a button at 28, 40 (the top room) that will open the room you passed moments ago.


Behind the door at 28, 59 is another battle. This time it’s against the DBZ people. Killing them will open a gate above, so go up through gate G, but stop there. Break wall 28, 29, walk around, and shatter wall 28, 23 to get past the trap.



Choice 3


In the next room, you’ll find the N-squad. But they’re not here to fight this time. They say they’re ready to team up and take on the Bad Guys together. You can either join up with them, or fight them one more time. Taking them will have minor effects on the ending scenes. Do whatever you feel like and move on.



And then there’s the stairs to floor 6.



You’re almost there. If you have Jon, you can skip the following by going through the song gates on the left. Otherwise go right and through the top door. Break wall 46, 8. Fight through the 5 or so dragons and other monsters until you reach the bottom. Walk through secret door 51, 56 (you’ll appear around here if you used the teleporter behind the gates). Walk left until you see a door. Go through and follow the path. Break wall 4, 55 and use the consol. Go back out the door and up. Take the second left path up to the door. Enter and go right at the split in the middle of the room and go through the door. Ignore all the wonderful ‘do damage’ buttons to the right and just break wall 22, 15. Follow the secret door to a consol. Now go all the way back to floor 1 and take the former endless hallway to the stairs in the upper left that go to floor 5.



Go down and right. Navigate your way to column 22, 5 and walk through it to the last consol. You’ll finally manage to make this one work and open the door on floor 6. Go back to the area below the stairs and right click on wall 3, 12 to destroy it (also neat). Go in and take the teleporter to the lower right corner of the map. If you have Jon, you can avoid the lava by taking the upper path. Take the stairs to floor 6.



In the stairway room, break wall 39, 40. Go through and break wall 39, 23, ignoring the lever. Go through the gate and press the last button in the game. Now go all the way back down and enter floor 6 from the other stairs. Navigate to the center room and face Brer Bear. Even if you don’t have the Golden Armor at all, you should be able to take him down if you’re on a high enough level. If you’re not, you’ve got the help of whatever allies you decided to bring. Either way, this isn’t spectacularly difficult. Once you kill him, you’ll send the Gundam pilots home if they’re with you. SAVE! SAVE NOW! THERE’S NO TURNING BACK FROM HERE! Once you climb these stairs, that’s it. If you’re missing anything, you’re stuck. Make sure you’ve got the 3 items needed for the true ending, along with any scene-altering friends you want with you, and prepare for the final battle.


The Final Battle



Choice 4


The first thing you’ll be faced with is the choice to fight as the Golden Sesame alone. If you do, the scene you see will be the same no matter who you have with you. Fighting alone is hard, even at the top level, but if you decide to do it, make sure the person you choose has all the Golden Armor equipped. If he doesn’t, you’ll be laughed at and faced with an impossible battle.



Depending on all the choices you’ve made, you’ll enter the appropriate scene, followed by a battle. If you don’t have the Golden Powercell, Brer Fox is invincible. If you have the Golden Powercell but sent in a Sesame that isn’t equipped with the Golden Armor, he’s invincible. Otherwise, just kill him. He’s got the top stats possible and his ability is death touch, so watch out. Once you kill him (and take 5 steps out of combat mode), a node will appear in the center of the room. Step on it to begin the second half of the battle.


Brer Fox lies defeated on the floor, but it seems that the Bad Guys can only be killed by the Masters, and they don’t know how and they’re probably too tired to do it anyway. He begins preparing an escape spell. If he gets away, he’ll no doubt return and do this same thing again, but you won’t have the Golden Armor next time. Nobody knows what to do, so they shout at you as usual to come up with something.


Bad ending


Stand around until Brer Fox escapes. Leave through the door on the east wall. The Bad Guys could return at any time, when you least expect it, and will most likely succeed when they do (or if not then, someday in the near future). But you don’t have to worry about that for now. You accomplished your mission. The rest is the Masters’ problem.


Good Ending


Before he gets up, use the Golden Powercell, the Strange Wand, and the Strange Word.


Please, realize that ‘Only Strength can do Justice with words of New Languages’ holds more meaning than just a hint at how to solve this final puzzle (as does the wonderful line just after it). I leave you to decipher this meaning and all other meaning hidden in this story, should you care to.


To spare you the details, you drain his power and distribute it among the animals. Now the power gap between you and your Masters isn’t so ridiculous, and you’ll be able to help them if the Bad Guys attack again. Exit through the right and you’ll be taken to…


Sesame Street


Talk all you want. Don’t forget to look at the T.V. and check the mailbox. There’s 2 ways to end it now. You can either kill someone for a less dramatic ending, or you can step on the node in you bedroom and go to sleep.


Well, that’s it. Hope you enjoyed it at least a little. I certainly had fun writing for it. Overall I think it’s worthwhile to play. I feel that the good outweighs the bad, especially since all the answers are here now. For those of you that didn’t enjoy this, you’ll be happy to know that I don’t plan on ever making another BOE Scenario again. It’s just too restrictive an environment. I’ve grown out of it. For those of you that enjoyed the style of humor, you’d enjoy the Copyright Infringement Saga, a story I wrote with my brother several years before finishing this. It can be found at


Whatever your opinion of the game, thank you for playing or at least reading this far in the FAQ. Farewell, and good luck in your gaming future.











II. Special Item Locations



A quick reference if you don’t feel like searching the FAQ.


Golden Armor


Greaves: Given to you by Jon Anderson in Reality (in the hideaway in Exter).

Gauntlets: Found on Friezabot1 in Sailor Moon world.

Helm: Found on Osama in Gundam world.

Shield: Given as a prize for winning the tournament in Dragonball Z world.

Sword: Found through a secret path in Ernie’s nitemare (Crazy world)

Boots: Found on Friezabot3 in Looney world.

Plate: Formed by combining the Armor of Inferno with the gold plated armor (using the Altar of Combinations.


Sesame Weapons


Big Bird’s axe: Ebony cave, Cartoon world.

Emerald Helm: Jungle Village, Reality.

Emerald Armor: Small cavern in Sailor Moon world.

Ernie’s Pendant: Given to you by TOM in Gundam world.

Jester’s Jingle Bell: A deep, dark hole, Dragonball Z world.

Cookie’s axe: A deep, dark hole, Dragonball Z world.

Emerald Shield: A deep, dark hole, Dragonball Z world.

Emerald Sword: Crazy hole, Crazy world.




Strange Book 1: Near Altar of Combinations.

Strange Book 2: Given to you by TOM after beating Osama.

Strange Book 3: Found on the second floor of the Fortress of Fear.


Gold Book 1: Found at bottom of Riddle cave (homeworld).

Gold Book 2: Found in Dexter’s room (cartoon world).

Gold Book 3: Given to you by Jon Anderson in Exter (reality).

Gold Book 4: Found on Friezabot1 in Sailor Moon world.

Gold Book 5: Found 3 screens up from the Absolution on a floating bookcase (Gundam world).

Gold Book 6: Given to you for winning the Tournament in Dragonball Z world.

Gold Book 7: Found on the Nitemare King in Crazy world.

Gold Book 8: Found in A very scary place (Looney world)

Gold Book 9: Found on Friezabot4 in Ronin world.

Gold Book 10: Behind the trees outside Tenchi’s house.


The four treasures


Crystal Wand: Given to you by Sailor Moon after beating Friezabot1 (Sailor Moon world…duh).

Crystal Heart: Taken from Tulpa’s body at the end of Ronin World.

Rings of Reflect: Obtained by defeating the mirror beasts in Mirror Cave, Dragonball Z world.




Penny in a Bottle: Found in Red Rock Cavern, Ronin world. Must press button in Jaws of Death first.











III. Dialogue FAQ



If you really want to see it all, here’s what everyone responds to.


Drum Ernie:

Frieza: (purp, help); (idea, plan); (prob); (inte, dipl); (armo); (gold); (trea, myst); (trai, stai);

Guard: (brib)

Bill: (silv, brick)

Lego Civilian: (cool)

Lego Civilian (Jeff): (knex, door); (keys)

Bill (after town restored):

Oscar the grouch:

Jinga-linga Big bird: (rest, slee);

BIG Big bird: (help, inst)


All in Base: (badg, brer)

Ruby: (trai);

Kitty: (abys, hidi); (whit, hear)

Purple J.B. Bunny: (trou); (wiza, frie); (gold[armor, powercell, or book]); (trea); (whit, hear)

Master #1: (pain); (gold); (trea); (frie); (whit, hear); (badg, brer)

Pooh: (teac); (this, terr); (mage, purc); (prie)

Master #2: (help, some); (suck, ange)

Hungry: (sell)

Snappy: (armo, purc); (sell)

Presents: (weap, purc); (sell)

Garfield: (food, purc); (more); (magi)


Count: (opis)


Cake Cookie: (stuf, food); (iden)

Grover: (skat)

Cow: (scho)

Chicken: (weir)



Cow (in school):

Chicken (in school):


Ben’ Pantsed:
Prison guard: (perm)

Senor No Pants de Leon: (ishv)


Civilian (school):



Officer pantsoffski:

Lance sackless:



Edd: (inno, cell)

Eddy: (here, crim); (esca, comp)

Dexter: (mach); (expe, scie); (test)

Mr. Lacks Slacks: (serv, help);

Hotel Manager: (mish, inop)

Mrs. Barederriere: (exch, curr)

Ticket Seller: (tick)

Airport clerk: (purc, tick)

Civilian (NY city):

Bill Clinton:


George W. Bush: (pres); (econ, mili) (this was made just a few months after Bush came into office. There wasn’t much to make fun of yet)

Drug Dealer: (some, cash); (leda)

Man with television:

Civilian (Jungle village):

Fortune teller (Jungle village): (fort, help)

An Azweepe:

Azweepe leader: (azwe, trib)

Pantless, red, fortune teller: (fort, tell)

Fortune teller (flower fields): (help, thin)

Big ol’ slime: (pant)


Jon Anderson: (play)

Chris Squire: (sngr)

Rick Wakeman:

Alan White:

Steve Howe:

Baron Von Red guy: (agon, pain)

Sailor Moon: (scou, sail)

Shotgun toating man: (hali)

Strange man: (evis); (past[will give on of 10 random responses]); (teac, lang)

Sara: (sara); (abso, ship); (tali, stat)


Quatre: (gund)


Tom: (tali, prob)



Wuo Fei:

Goku: (worl, tour)

Chi chi:

Gohan: (gote, brot); (tour, mart); (maph)

Piccallo: (terr, evil)


Mr. Bum B. Shoin:

Semore Butts: (ente, insi)

Bad guy guard(crazy hole): (zeen)


Crazy guard: (froi)

Crazy shrine guy: (lege, plac)

Sane man: (trai); (sell); (purc); (farl)

Crazy (crazy game): (game, play)

Dream(center town): (pran, mind); (nite); (pass, code);

Dream (suspect 1): (bert); (tria, accu)

Dream (suspect 2): (bert); (tria, accu)

Dream (suspect 3): (bert); (tria, accu)

Dream (suspect 4): (bert); (tria, accu)

Dream (jury): (nite); (bert)

Dream (false dream): (nite); (bert)

Bert (dream town 2): (pakt)

Dream (dream town 2):

Eldest Dream: (dust); (nite); (pran)

Dream (hide and seek): (nite)

Dream (dream town 4): (nite)


Bert(nitemare king): (pain); (sorr)

Frieza(after crazy world): (gold, armo); (inte, dipl); (trai); (badg, brer); (wand); (trea, four);

Jon Anderson(in Frieza’s hut): (visi); (gold, armo); (song, play); (miss, mast)

Friezabot 3: (fate, kill)

Guard: (magi)


Ryo Sanada: (shap); (gold, armo); (carn); (cabu)

Rowen Hashiba: (gold, armo)

Sai Mouri: (gold, armo)

Sage Date: (gold, armo)

Kento Rei Faun: (gold, armo); (wand, just)

Mia Koji: (gold, armo)

Ticket guy: (tick, carn); (jade, monk)

Ticket collector: (tick, ente)


Ryo(fighting): (cabu)







Cindy: (rent, room)

Jerry: (weir, towe); (sold, trai); (oldm, trea); (take, care)

Alice: (jose, litt); (evil, sold)

Joseph: (worl, save)

Guy: (sold)

Old man: (work, long); (trea, hunt)

Shop keep: (iden, shop)

Shop keep: (item, shop); (sell)

Trainer: (trai, enli); (towe); (tunn)



Magic shop: (regn, herb); (mage, purc); (spel); (prie)

Sakura: (heal)

Bill: (thin); (know, cost)

Enoch: (figh, read)

Friezabot #4: (step, figh)

Anam: (figh)

Barkeep: (drin)


Fred: (abal); (tale, topi); (awak); (clos, edge)


Drunk(Julious): (mage, magi); (writ, guil); (tala, bums); (worl, sens); (time, dead); (ange, armo); (lang); (gold, powe); (spli); (four, trea); (crys, hear); (alta, comb).

Drunk #1:

Drunk #2:

Drunk #3 (Arthur): (kent, hand)

Kento(at bar):

Zandrella: (rent, stay)

Crystal: (iden, item)

Alan: (heal, serv)

Gipsy: (pois, plig)

High Knee Bottom: (mage, purc); (prie);


Pathrus: (read, figh)

Boat Rentals: (rent, boat)

Boat Rentals (didn’t actually get used): (rent, boat)

Mia Koji (after Ronins get scattered, but before fighting Gades): (food, meal); (rest); (gold, armo)

Mia Koji (after fighting Gades): (food, meal); (rest); (gold, armo)

Gades: (figh, prep)

Mia Koji (after Gilded Tower appears): (food, meal); (rest);

Raul C. Red: (rest)

†¥ˆ†¤§§§‡Š†: (poti); (balm)

Desmond: (merc, weak)


šÐ§çœ¤¤Œ¥¢¤: (rest, stay)

Ryo Sanada(world finished): (cabu); (gold, armo)

Sai Mouri(world finished): (gold, armo)

Sage Date(world finished): (gold, armo)

Rowen Hashiba(world finished): (gold, armo)

Kento Rei Faun(world finished): (gold, armo); (wand, just)

Mia Koji(world finished): (rest, slee); (food, meal)

Sai Mouri(sad):

Sage Date(sad):

Rowen Hashiba(sad):


Kento Rei Faun(sad):

Mia Koji(sad):

Captain Commando: (ferp); (beer); (figh, move)

Sam..I am?: (ridd, mast)

Crazy(Masaki cave): (yell)

Ryouko: (conc, plot); (gold, powe); (tenc); (aeka); (slut); (dirt, tram); (shov, stre)

Sasami: (play, game)

Kiyone: (miho, wher); (weap, gala)

Washuu: (kiyo, weap); (gold, powe); (forc, fiel)

Mihoshi: (kiyo, weap)


Aeka: (worr); (ryou); (bitc); (spoi, chil); (stuc, pric)

Tenchi: (youa); (spac, wome)

Dinah: (writ, elde); (mast, demo); (gold, armo); (stum, fall); (naho)

Abimael: (sesa, mast)

Gomorrah: (elde, writ); (skil, naho); (brer, badg); (turm, worl); (mast); (gold, armo)

Zephath: (trav, writ); (stop, nigh)

Daraech: (sesa, ofte)

Searie: (hars, worl)

Mordecai: (drin); (misi, sesa)

Violet Eyes: (silv, star); (help, defe); (naho); (gold, armo); (helm); (swor); (shie); (boot); (grea); (gaun); (plat)


Jon Anderson(fighting):


Purple J.B. Bunny(fighting):





Wuo Fei(fighting):




Donkey Kong(fighting):


Master #1(final scene):

Master #2(final scene):

Frieza(final scene):

Jon Anderson(final scene):

Purple(final scene):

Mario(final scene):

Yoshi(final scene):

Donkey Kong(final scene):


Luigi(final scene):

Brer Fox(final scene):

Cake Cookie(end):


Drum Ernie(end):

Oscar the grouch(end):

Jinga-linga Big bird(end):

BIG Big bird(end):






Donkey Kong(end):



Jon Anderson(end): (coin, wier)


Master #2(end):

Master #1(end): (prog, game)
















IV. Ending FAQ



Variations of scenes that differ depending on who you have with you, so that you don’t have to wonder about it/bother playing through 12 times.


Outside the base


No armor:

Bert: Um...maybe this isn't such a good idea. Ernie: Yeah, let's go hide in the abyss...forever. Cookie: Me game. Big Bird: Yeah! Why did they send us on this damn mission anyway!? How are WE supposed to do this!? Bert: Right, so...(groan). We can't just hide. Everyone's depending on us...for some reason. Besides, if we wait, it'll just prolong our suffering. Big Bird: Well then, either we go back and try to come up with something, or we go in now and get it over with. Bert: I guess you're right. So...what do we do?...


With armor: The Golden Armor glows softly on the earth, giving the appearance of life to the dead soil. You know that there can be no more waiting. The time has come. You are ready. You WILL rescue your friends from these virulent walls, and you WILL restore peace to your world once more! You won't let anything stop you.


With Frieza:

Even Frieza and Jon appear affected. Frieza: Jon: It's...suffocating. Can something so evil exist? Frieza: I never dreamed it would be anything like this...Jon, this is your last chance to go back. I suggest you take it. Jon: No, I won't let you face this evil alone. I want to be there, whatever the outcome! Frieza: If you say so. Big Bird: Uh...are you SURE we can do this? Frieza: It's now or never. Ernie: Yeah, look on the bright side guys! Even if we fail, we'll all die a gruesome and painful death, both physical and spiritual, whose sheer unfathomable horror and agony are beyond any of our comprehensions!...wait...that didn't come out right, did it?


Giving up during the entrance scene with Frieza


(Frieza smacks you upside the head) Frieza: What are you thinking?! You didn't come all this way just to give up! We're going to see this through!


Floor2 scene with Frieza


Frieza: My. How quaint. Jon: Is...this the dining room? Bert: I doubt it. It's way to small and simplistic. I recall the dining room to be enormous, with sort of a regal atmosphere. But then again, I've hardly recognized a single thing so far. Jon: I thought man made structures were stationary in this world. Bert: I'd say this place is the exception. Or maybe Brer Fox just has a thing for redecorating. Frieza: There's no time to ponder this further. We must continue.


Finding the Animals


No armor:

You've found the animals!...well some of them. Snappy: They're here! They made it! Purple: Good job boys...where's the Golden Armor? Bert: Um...well, we got some of it, but- Purple: Idiots! Go back and get it! There's no way you can win on your own! Ernie: Oh no. We came all the way up here, and we're not going back! Bert: Yeah...hey, where are all the other animals? Purple: Uh...they're hiding in Hungry. But don't change the subject! Go find that Armor! Cookie: No! Lazy. Purple: (sigh). Fine. We're doomed anyway. But I'm going with you. You need serious help. Everybody else just stay here. You'll be safe.


With armor:

As you enter, the dreary walls of the prison are transformed by the blinding light of the Golden Armor. The animals back against the wall, reverent and afraid. Purple: found it... (she regains her composure). YOU FOUND IT! WE'RE SAVED!... Golden Sesame: All right. Everybody out. Presents: Um...we'd rather just stay here. It's probably safer. Big Bird: ...hey, where're the other animals? Hungry: They hide in me. Taste good! Purple: ...Yeah. Anyway, I'm coming with you. I wanna see this fight! Golden Sesame: Where are the Masters? Purple: At the top. Duh. Now let's go beat those Bad Guys once and for all!


With Frieza:

As you enter, the dreary walls of the prison are transformed by the blinding light of the Golden Armor. The animals back against the wall, reverent and afraid. Purple: found it... (she regains her composure). YOU FOUND IT! WE'RE SAVED!... ...who's that? Frieza: That's Jon Anderson. He insisted on coming. Jon: Hi! You're...uh... Purple: Purple. Jon: Right! The power-hungry bunny. Purple: Hey! I got over that...mostly... Frieza: Come now, there's no time for this. Get out of that cage and we'll go find your masters. Snappy: Uh...we'd rather just stay here. It's...safer. Besides, we'd just get in your way. Frieza: Hmph! How disgraceful! We're not even asking you to fight, and you're still afraid! Presents: Hey! It's different for us! The Bad Guys aren't after YOU! Frieza: Ha! I've been sought by far worse creatures than that! Jon: Come on Frieza, don't be so hard on them. Frieza: Pah! I still say they're cowards... Purple: ...I'll go. Frieza: Hm? What was that? Purple: I said I'll go. Frieza: Ah! Now there's a good girl! I'm glad to see someone here isn't paralyzed by the very mention of the Bad Guys. Purple: (She smiles nervously). Heh. Yeah... Jon: Alright then, let's continue. We'll come back for the others later.


Finding the Gundam pilots:


Without Frieza:

Bert: Hmm...maybe we'd better not waste the energy. Actually, how would you guys like to help us? Duo: Aw, come on! We're tired! Bert: It won't take long. Besides, once we're done, those random teleportations should stop. Duo: Fine. What'da we gotta do? Bert: Simple. Help us get to the top of the tower to rescue our Master from the Bad Guys. After that, you can go home. Duo: Sounds easy enough. Let's go! Bert: Wait. Let us charge your weapons. Otherwise, you won't be any help. (You power up their guns)


With Frieza:

Frieza: No. They can't spare any energy at the moment. You'll just have to wait. Trowa: I see. Bert: Maybe they could help us. Frieza: The five of them couldn't defeat a single guard, let alone help us with the Bad Guys. Golden Sesame: Perhaps I can even the score (The Golden Sesame points his sword arm at the Gundam Crew. He emits a beam and empowers their weapons, now plated in gold). Frieza:'re serious about this? Duo: I guess it beats waiting around here! Frieza: Alright then. Onward!


Techno Bob


Without Frieza:

The floor opens, and a cyborg rises from the ground. The singers run away. Bert: ...what...the... Techno-Bob: Silence mortals! I am Techno-Bob. Ernie: Yeah, we gathered that. They recited your name in worship for 3 minutes. Bob: They are wise to praise me. You should do the same! Big Bird: Why? You're just a cyborg!...named Bob! Bob: I'm the one who created the Friezabots! Bert: ...why? Bob: To destroy you of course! And now... (He snaps his fingers, and all 4 Friezabots appear) I have rebuilt them all! Ernie: ...why? Bob: ?! Bert: you actually WORK for the Bad Guys? Bob: Well, no, I just kind of live here, but I hope to one day be recognized for my power! Ernie: Can we kill the sad man now, Bert? Bert: Yes. Yes we can.


With Frieza:

The floor opens, and a cyborg rises from the ground. The singers run away. Bert: ...what...the... Techno-Bob: Silence mortals! I am Techno-Bob. Ernie: Yeah, we gathered that. They recited your name in worship for 3 minutes. Bob: They are wise to praise me. You should do the same! Frieza: Are you kidding? You're just a cyborg!...named Bob! Bob: I'm no mere cyborg. I'm the one who created the Friezabots! Frieza: You're the lunatic creating robots in my likeness?...why? Bob: To destroy you of course! And now... (He snaps his fingers, and all 4 Friezabots appear). I have rebuilt them all! Ernie: ...why? Bob: What do you mean why? Look at them! Frieza: ...did Brer Fox actually hire you? Bob: Well, no, I just kind of live here, but I hope to one day be recognized for my power! Ernie: Can we kill the sad man now, Bert? Bert: Yes. Yes we can.


N-Squad battle


With Gundam Crew:

(You motion to the Gundam Crew to sit this one out. This battle is personal.)


With Frieza:

Frieza: Will you be needing our help with this? Bert: No no. I think we can handle it.


Brer Bear


Without armor:

You walk cautiously through the door, aware of a fearsome presence on the other side. As the door slams behind you, you recognize a hulking, brutish figure before you.


Brer Bear: Dah, there you is! I was starting to get bored. Now I's gonna bash your heads in so we can fry you up good!


With that, he hefts a mighty wooden club, and charges you menacingly. Your nerves are trembling. You heart pounds. You've never had to fight a Bad Guy alone before. Never before has there been this much at stake.


You swallow your fear and prepare to face the first half of this hellish nightmare.


With armor:

You confidently burst through the door, your golden light flooding the walls. Brer Bear looks slightly confused, even a little reverent. "Dah, what's dem pretty lights?" he bellows in his deep, dopey voice.


Golden Sesame: "The light at the end of the tunnel" Brer Bear thinks about this for a moment. Brer Bear: Pretty lights won't save you from me! Now I's gonna bash your heads in so we can fry you up good!


With that, he hefts a mighty wooden club, and charges you menacingly. Your nerves are trembling. You heart pounds. Despite the Golden armor, you harbor strong doubts about your abilities.


You've never had to fight a Bad Guy alone before. Never before has there been this much at stake.


You swallow your fear and prepare to face the first half of this hellish nightmare.


+ With Frieza:

Frieza: Don't worry boys, we're MUCH stronger than this half-witted brute. Just believe in yourselves.


Before Final Battle


Going alone:

With Frieza:

Frieza: Perhaps you're right. We'd only get in your're our only hope. You've done well so far, but don't get careless now. This is by far the hardest foe you'll ever face. Jon: I have faith in you. Believe in yourself and you'll find a way. We'll be right out here cheering you on. Good luck, and don't be afraid!


With Purple:

Purple: Just bring them back alive, ok?


Not going alone with N-squad:

Luigi: Oh no you don't! Mario: We won't let'a you steal'a the glory again! We comin' a'too!


The Final Battle


Alone, no armor:

Brer Fox: Ah, there you are! I gotta say, you're stronger than I gave you credit for. I never thought you'd make it up here. Especially with Brer Bear in the way. What'd you do, get him to hit himself on the head? Hahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!


The elder Master speaks. "Did you get the Golden Armor?" Bert: Uh...well, we got some of it, but you see- "Oh we're so screwed." he complains and lets his body fall limp. Brer Fox: Gold Armor? So you really WERE up to something, huh? Oh well, I guess it didn't quite work out. Now then, did you actually come here to fight me, or are you just here to say good-bye? (You realize it was a mistake to come here. You're on the verge of running, even though you know you can't escape. Your bodies are visibly trembling. You look over at your Masters. There is no hope in their gaze. They've no doubt that you will fail. You agree with them. But then something happens. You look deep into their eyes. You remember all of the people you've met on your journey; doomed unless you are victorious. You think of your friends, trapped and afraid somewhere in this base. Finally, you think of yourselves, and draw your weapons. For the first time, you're not afraid to die. And not just any death, but the most painful death you can imagine)


Bert: ...well, we're screwed anyway. May as well have some fun before we go!


With Purple, no armor:

Brer Fox: Ah, there you are! I gotta say, you're stronger than I gave you credit for. I never thought you'd make it up here. Especially with Brer Bear in the way. What'd you do, get him to hit himself on the head? Hahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!


The elder Master speaks. "Did you get the Golden Armor?" Bert: Uh...well, we got some of it, but you see- "Oh we're so screwed." he complains and lets his body fall limp. Brer Fox: Gold Armor? So you really WERE up to something, huh? Oh well, I guess it didn't quite work out. Now then, did you actually come here to fight me, or are you just here to say good-bye? Purple: Armor or not, we won't lose! Brer Fox: Oh please! Use your heads! Look what I did to your Masters! Do you really think YOU'LL do better? Bert: We have to try. Brer Fox: I suppose you do. Oh well, I'll make it quick. Savor the pain.


With N-Squad, no armor:

Brer Fox: Ah, there you are! I gotta say, you're stronger than I gave you credit for. I never thought you'd make it up here. Especially with Brer Bear in the way. What'd you do, get him to hit himself on the head? Hahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!


The elder Master speaks. "Did you get the Golden Armor?" Bert: Uh...well, we got some of it, but you see- "Oh we're so screwed." he complains and lets his body fall limp. Brer Fox: Gold Armor? So you really WERE up to something, huh? Oh well, I guess it didn't quite work out. Now then, did you actually come here to fight me, or are you just here to say good-bye? Luigi: Shut up'a you face'a!!! Mario: Yeah! We can take'a you! Brer Fox: ...why are you here?...alive?... Yoshi: We teamed up with the Sesames, and now we're gonna pay you back for all the pain you've caused our Masters! Brer Fox: ...I think I'll eat you four EXTRA slowly...(He turns to you) Last chance. Give up now, and it'll be much less painful. I promise. Bert: Thanks, but no thanks. Big Bird: Yeah. If we're gonna die, we might as well go out with a big, flashy battle. Cookie: Me not be scared no more! If it time to die, me die fighting! Ernie: Yeah! And if we're gonna die, I might as well hit Bert with this! (Ernie hits Bert with a chocolate pie) Bert: ... ... ...Ernie, just how much pleasure can you draw from hitting me with a pie? Ernie: You'll never know. Brer Fox: Alright then. Let's end this game, once and for all!


With Purple and N-Squad, no armor:

Brer Fox: Ah, there you are! I gotta say, you're stronger than I gave you credit for. I never thought you'd make it up here. Especially with Brer Bear in the way. What'd you do, get him to hit himself on the head? Hahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!


The elder Master speaks. "Did you get the Golden Armor?" Bert: Uh...well, we got some of it, but you see- "Oh we're so screwed." he complains and lets his body fall limp. Brer Fox: Gold Armor? So you really WERE up to something, huh? Oh well, I guess it didn't quite work out. Now then, did you actually come here to fight me, or are you just here to say good-bye? Luigi: Shut up'a you face'a!!! Mario: Yeah! We can take'a you! Brer Fox: ...why are you here?...alive?... Yoshi: We teamed up with the Sesames, and now we're gonna pay you back for all the pain you've caused our Masters! Brer Fox: ...I think I'll eat you four EXTRA slowly... Purple: Don't listen to him, boys. We can do this! Brer Fox: Oh, and I see you brought the bunny along too. How nice. Purple: Grr...DIE!!! (She launches a fire ball, but he knocks it away effortlessly). Brer Fox: ...look, it's nothing personal. You're animals just like me. You understand how it is. It's just my nature to eat you and those two. Big Bird: But...they created you! How could you- Brer Fox: Ha! They didn't create me. They just set me loose. And now, I'm gonna return the favor by doing what I was born to. So either lay down to die, or step up and fight!


And so, the final battle begins.


Golden Sesame Only:

Upon your entrance, the room is immediately filled with a glorious luminance. A dazzlingly immaculate aura fills its inhabitants. Radiant waves of golden majesty dance across its walls. Brer Fox leaps from his chair with a start. He turns quickly toward you, trembling. His stare is one of reverence, terror, and a purely animal desperation. Lost beyond all words, he begins to back away limply.

Your Masters are equally awe-struck. After a moment, however, they realize whom it is they behold. The elder Master breaks the silence. "You did it! *cough* Wow. I can't believe the legends are true. *cough!* Now you'll get yours, fox." Brer Fox, now flat against the wall, begins to comprehend what is now occurring. Brer Fox: "'s you! But...wha-...what are you?!" Deeming words unnecessary, you simply summon the might of the Golden Powercell around your body. Brer Fox's eyes grow even wider as he recognizes it. Brer Fox: That's...impossible!!! NO ONE can absorb the Golden Powercell!!! Golden Sesame: "So you thought." The initial shock of your presence begins to wear off, and your cunning foe regains his composure. Brer Fox: Oh well, no big deal. Golden Sesame: ... Brer Fox: It's just a case of casting pearls before swine. You have no idea how to handle that power. Golden Sesame: I can handle you. Brer Fox: You? Ha! Divine power or not, you can never defeat me!


Brer Fox: "None of you ever really understood just what I am, and now you're going to find out the hard way!" He positions himself in a combat stance. "And I was beginning to think this would be anti-climactic."


Someone without the Golden armor:

You probably should have sent in the guy wearing all the Golden Armor. Brer Fox just kind of laughs at you, then attacks. You're pretty sure that you're going to die.


With armor:

Upon your entrance, the room is immediately filled with a glorious luminance. A dazzlingly immaculate aura fills its inhabitants. Radiant waves of golden majesty dance across its walls. Brer Fox leaps from his chair with a start. He turns quickly toward you, trembling. His stare is one of reverence, terror, and a purely animal desperation. Lost beyond all words, he begins to back away limply. Your Masters are equally awe-struck. After a moment, however, they notice the other Sesames, and realize what's going on. The elder Master breaks the silence. "Yes, you did it! *cough* Wow. I can't believe the legends are true. *cough!* Now you'll get yours, fox." Brer Fox, now flat against the wall, finally begins to comprehend what is now occurring. Brer Fox: S-...Sesames! It's you! But...wha-...what are you?!



Big Bird: Say hello to the Golden Armor. Ernie: The shiniest armor in existence... (everyone stares at Ernie) ...I mean strongest, strongest. Bert: ...with the ability to absorb the Golden Powercell! Brer Fox: WHAT?! How come I've never heard of this?!?!?! Ernie: I dunno. Maybe it's because you never leave this stupid base. I mean, if you'd had even ONE guy spying on us, you could have- Brer Fox: Shut up! Grr, so you found a way to match my power. So what? That won't save you or your Masters. Cookie: Fox R delusional. We kill now? Bert: Nah, let's listen to him rant some more. Brer Fox: You don't believe me? Ha! Well then I guess I'll just have to show you. (He procures the White Heart Juice bottle from his vest pocket, full to the top with the tears from your Master's hearts). Brer Fox: You want this? Well come and get it!


With Purple:

Purple: Oh, it's nothing. Just the Golden Armor. You know, the legendary armor that gives its wearer the ability to absorb the Golden Powercell. Brer Fox: WHAT?! How come I've never heard of this?!?!?! Ernie: I dunno. Maybe it's because you never leave this stupid base. I mean, if you'd had even ONE guy spying on us, you could have- Brer Fox: Shut up! Grr, so you found a way to match my power. So what? That won't save you or your Masters. Cookie: Fox R delusional. We kill now? Bert: Nah, let's listen to him rant some more. Brer Fox: You don't believe me? Ha! Well then I guess I'll just have to show you. (He procures the White Heart Juice bottle from his vest pocket, full to the top with the tears from your Master's hearts). Brer Fox: You want this? Well come and get it! Purple: Ok boys, we can do this! Just let our golden boy do all the fighting, and the rest of us provide support! Golden Sesame: Let's go!!!


With N-Squad:

Mario: It'sa we, de N'a-Squad! And we're'a gonna kick'a you- Golden Sesame: I believe he was talking to me. Mario:'m I supposed to know? All: ... Golden Sesame: ...oh, it's nothing. Just the legendary Golden Armor, or Angelic Armor as some call it. With it, I have absorbed the Golden Powercell. Brer Fox: WHAT?! How come I've never heard of this?!?!?! DK: Ooo AAH! Ooo AAH! (You notice DK has deactivated the translator on his tie. It was probably broken anyway). Brer Fox: ...why are you idiots here?...alive? Yoshi: We teamed up with the Sesames, and now we're gonna pay you back for all the pain you've caused our Masters! Brer Fox: ...I think I'll eat you four EXTRA slowly... Luigi: I'ma no care! We beat'a you good! Mario: a'Yes'a! Come Sesames, don't be a'the lazy bastards! Let'sa go! Bert: ...just stay out of our way.


With Purple and N-Squad:

Golden Sesame: I am God's divine love forged in the flames of courage and truth. I am heaven's might crafted in gold. I am mercy's blade. I am the cry of angels put to form. I am the destroyer of those who destroy! I am the light in the darkness! I am- Luigi: Shut up'a you dramatic monologue! It'sa bring'a me shame! Purple: ...They just used the Golden Armor. You know, the legendary armor that gives its wearer the ability to absorb the Golden Powercell. Brer Fox: WHAT?! Mario: That'sa right! And'a now we'rea strong enough'a to kill you! Brer Fox: ...why are you idiots here?...alive? Yoshi: We teamed up with the Sesames, and now we're gonna pay you back for all the pain you've caused our Masters! Brer Fox: ...I think I'll eat you four EXTRA slowly... Purple: Don't listen to him boys, we can do this! Just let our golden boy do all the fighting, and the rest of us provide support! Golden Sesame: Let's go!!! Luigi: Smash'a you face'a!!!


With Frieza:

"Hmph!" Frieza smirks, as Brer Fox continues to quiver. "Looks like you've failed again. You incompetent excuse for a villain! I don't care what they say about you! You're nothing but a stupid animal! You were so blinded with pride and zealous that you completely ignored one of the most threatening enemies you have! Had you checked even once on them, you could have stopped them, but you refused to believe that you could be defeated by any force! And now, you will pay for your arrogance." The Masters chuckle. The irony is just too much. Even Frieza seems a bit displaced by this radical turn of roles. Brer Fox, however, doesn't seem as tickled by the situation. Forgetting all about you, he stares Frieza hard in the eyes, standing slightly above him, claws bared. Brer Fox: This is none of your concern. I suggest you leave it at that and run while you still have legs to carry you. Frieza: It becomes my concern when a beast like you threatens good friends of mine. Brer Fox: This is between me and them. It's nothing personal, you understand, it's just nature's way. They are my prey, and I have caught them through the fairest means possible. Surely you can respect that. Jon: Those are our friends, and we won't let you make a meal of them! Brer Fox: Why not? To you, they're just some kids! But to me, they are life itself. Consuming them will make me whole. It is what I was born for! Jon: You're a monster. Brer Fox: No, I'm just a hungry animal. Now scurry on home. You've no right to meddle in private affairs. Ernie: Gee Bert, they sure talk a lot. Bert: Yep... Ernie: Wanna hit each other in the head with random objects? Bert: Ok. (They begin pulling out random objects and throwing them at each other). Big Bird: Sooo...should we do something? Cookie: Me want burn. Big Bird: ... Jon: Go home?! And then what, watch as you destroy this, and every other world?! Brer Fox: Hm? What are you talking about? Frieza: Oh please! You would think us so foolish as to believe that with all of your power, you'd stop your conquest with this universe? Brer Fox: Why shouldn't I? What do I need with material wealth and power? Jon: You're a cruel and malicious savage! Once they're gone, you'll move on, destroying everything you can sink your claws into! "Cruel?!?! I've been nothing but generous to these boys! Never once has our relationship been anything but straight forward and honorable combat! Kindergarteners are more heartless than I've been! Frieza, you should know the kind of atrocities I could have wrought to insure victory. You yourself have done most of them."


Frieza is silent.


"Is this why you're so involved?" the fox says laughingly, "You're afraid I'll come for your world next? Gentlemen, with the devouring of these two and their friends, excluding you, my counterpart and I will retreat to a state of perfect bliss. Our lust will be perpetually satiated, and you will never again be burdened with our presence. They're all we've ever really wanted." Frieza: You're a slave to desire. Brer Fox: It's merely my nature. It would be folly to oppose it. Frieza: You're weak. Brer Fox: And you're so much better? You're not even human, and you talk as though their blessings applied to you! Frieza: At least I can choose my fate. Brer Fox: And forever wonder what you really are. (Frieza bears an intense look in his eye.) Remember the thrill you got from toying with another's life? Frieza: Folly. Brer Fox: The pleasure of indulging yourself in every desire? Frieza: Childishness. Brer Fox: The boundless passion you used to feel? Frieza: (eyes flickering in anguish) ... Brer Fox: I told you, you're not human. You needn't struggle in spite of your true self. This is who you are! Come, join me! I will show you your true nature! (Frieza closes his eyes and clenches his teeth in infinite frustration).


(if with Purple) Purple: "...Frieza?..."


Finally, Frieza loosens his body and lets out a sigh "...there was a time...when I may have listened to you. When your failings were my own. But I cannot deny what I've seen. I cannot turn from light so plain! You hurtle your temptations at stone, serpent! I will not be misled again! I CHOOSE to be more than an animal!" Brer Fox: Oh well. Suit yourself. I just thought you might want a chance to live. Golden Sesame: Hey, did we forget about me? Brer Fox: Oh right, you. You're no big problem. Jon: ...It couldn't be more obvious that you're bluffing right now. Brer Fox: You're powerful, maybe even more powerful than me, but that won't save you or your Masters. Not from me. Frieza: I've heard enough! Sesames, prepare yourselves! Jon: Hang on guys, we're coming! Brer Fox: Hahaha!!! Come then, spill your blood for me!


Final Battle part 2


Golden Sesame Only:

You signal for your friends to enter. They're almost as amazed as you are.


(if with Purple) Purple: You did it!!!

(if with Frieza) Frieza: Spectacular!!!


Jon: Way to go!

(if with N-Squard) Yoshi: Oh man! You're unbelievable!!!


With Purple:

Purple: Yeah! We did it!!!


With Frieza:

Frieza: Ha! Piece of cake!


Jon: Yeah team!


With N-Squad:

Mario: Ah ha ha! a'We win!


(later in scene)


Without Frieza:

Big Bird: It was really quite an interesting adventure. You see-


With Frieza: I still hallucinating from the blood loss, or is that Jon Anderson? Frieza: He insisted on coming. Jon: I couldn't just wait around while you were in danger. I had this feeling that you would need me. Master #1: How did you get involved in the first place? Frieza: Well, first-


(later again)


(without Frieza) Golden Sesame: So...what are they?

(with Frieza) Jon: What...are you?


(later still)


(without Frieza) Big Bird: Masters, is that true?

(with Frieza) Jon: Is that true?

















V. Death Messages



The many ways I came up with to say ‘You instantly die.’ You probably didn’t see most of them. Some of them are funny, so I figured I’d put them up.


1)      You kill the innocent civilian. This is quite illegal. Your Masters send someone to kill you.

2)      Everyone in the base is shocked as you kill you fellow animals. You have broken one of the dimension's only rules. Everyone in the base jumps on you and kills you. The end.

3)      Thou hath killed thy Master. Thou are torn apart by thy rabid friends.

4)      You've killed your friend. Frieza walks in. Frieza: ...why did you do that? Ernie: Uh...I don't know. (Frieza smacks his face) Frieza: Why do I have to deal with this kind of nonsense? (He blasts you into oblivion without another word)


I knew I should have stuck with the Nsquad...

5)      They didn't have a chance. You easily dispatch the legs and talking farm animals. The police show up moments later. You kill them all without breaking a sweat.


However, at that moment, Frieza appears. "Didn't we say no killing civilians!?" He shouts. "Now you will pay!!!" You never stood a chance. He kills you. You have failed.

6)      Breaking into people's houses isn't often a good idea. An alarm goes off and the police arrive to apprehend you.


They apparently weren't expecting such powerful beings as yourself, however, because they quickly die at your hands. Then Frieza appears and shouts "Didn't we tell you not to hurt civilians!? Now you die!"

7)      You kill the innocent civilian with ease. At that moment the police arrive. You dispatch them without breaking a sweat.


However, at that moment, Frieza appears. "Didn't we say no killing civilians!?" He shouts. "Now you will pay!!!" You never stood a chance. He kills you. You have failed.

8)      You kill the innocent person. The jail guards attack you. You kill them. But then Frieza appears. "Didn't we tell you not to kill civilians?! Now you'll pay!" he shouts.

9)      You kill the innocent person. However, it seems this entire building was linked to his life. It explodes. It really doesn't hurt that much. But then Frieza appears and says "Didn't we tell you not to kill civilians?! Now you pay!" he shouts.

10)  You break into the building and trip an alarm. The police soon arrive. You kill them easily. Then the US army comes in. They soon explode. Then Frieza comes up.


"Why did you do that?...You morons! Now I have to kill you!" And so he does.

11)  You kill the security guard. The police arrive, but soon die. Eventually, the armies of the earth rise up to slay you. But before they can have a significant effect, Ernie then gets bored and decides to blow up the planet. Frieza appears and says


"What you just did broke every law of inter-dimensional diplomacy-do you know that?" Ernie: Really? ...well at least I had fun! Frieza: "I'm sure you did." And with that, he kills you.

12)  You kill them all. As evil and bothersome as they were, they weren't threatening YOU at the moment. Therefore, you violated a law of inter-dimensional diplomacy. Frieza appears and angrily murders you.

13)  By now, I think you know what happens. You kill him, Frieza kills you for being evil. The End.

14)  You murder the civilian. The police soon attack you. You kill them. The army follows. You kill them too. Then, an angry Frieza appears. Frieza: "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn you


into an eight year long fireworks show for the amusement of those people?" Ernie then destroys the planet. Ernie: Because they're all dead. Frieza: " are soooo dead." And so he kills you.

15)  You kill them for their insolence. Frieza appears and says "You know, it really wasn't necessary to kill them. They were no threat to you." Ernie: We know, but we don't care. We like to kill! Frieza: So do I.


Frieza kills you.

16)  Not wanting to kill anyone, you run. Unfortunately, you didn't think this through well. The FBI chase you. The sight of them starts a riot in the street, during which many are killed. Frieza appears.


Frieza: "You really should think through what you do more carefully. But it's too late now. Bye!" And so he kills you.

17)  You kill the innocent civilian. They all run at you with spears. You laugh in their faces as you blast them. Then Frieza comes up. Frieza: You're killing people on your master's homeworld. That's just not smart.


Ernie: We're all doomed anyway. Let's just have fun with what time we have left! Frieza: "I'm sorry. Your time is up." And he kills you.

18)  You morons!!! You killed Chris Squire! Frieza appears and says "Why, in the name of all that is sane, did you do that!?" Ernie: It was fun! Frieza: Yes, of all people, I know just how fun murder can be. But was it worth what I'm about to do to you? Ernie: Gee, I'm not sure. Frieza: "Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to think about it." And so he kills you.

19)  Ernie uses his prank magic and annoys the hell out of everyone. Unfortunately, this doesn't do quite what you'd expected. The villagers simply go insane and attack you, forcing you to kill them. However, some escape, and terrorize the entire dimension with their pantlessness. Frieza appears, looking very displeased. "You four need to THINK more often." Bert: This isn't our fault! How were we supposed to know they'd go crazy?! Ernie: Yeah! It's not our fault we're stupid! Frieza: ... Bert: ... Frieza: ...

20)  You kill the odd pantless man. The others run in fear. You decide to blast them too. Frieza comes up. "I know they didn't belong here, but there's better ways to make them leave." Ernie: Such as? Frieza: " time, try asking." Then he blasts you.

21)  You killed Alan White! Frieza appears. Frieza: there something I'm missing here? Was there some reason for this? Ernie: Of course! Frieza: I mean some SANE reason. Ernie: Oh... Frieza: I see. So you just snapped? Big Bird: Pretty much, yeah. Frieza: Well then, I think I feel like snapping too. Ernie: Really? Frieza: Yes...snapping your necks!!!

22)  You enter the portal and are transported to a land of fire and death. Along with your friends and Masters. Hmm...why, you're in the Bad Guy's oven! Well, I guess curiosity killed the morons!

23)  You have killed the fortune teller. Frieza appears and asks "Why did you kill that innocent woman?" Ernie: Because we're insane. Bert: No! Only Ernie is insane! Spare the rest of us! Frieza: "Sorry, but it's your responsibility to make sure that Ernie behaves, and you failed. Now you die!" Bert: NNOOOOOOO!!!!!!

24)  You killed Rick Wakeman! You bastard! Frieza soon kills you for your idiocy.

25)  You kill the big slime and feel proud of yourself. However, a bomb was linked to his life, which immediately explodes. It doesn't hurt you much, but there was an innocent civilian in the building who you didn't rescue, and he died. And so you die...goodbye.

26)  You break into the house. An alarm goes off. The Police soon arrive. They are killed by a mysterious shower of fireballs. Then the UN army arrives. They explode for no reason. Then Frieza appears and says " I knew we shouldn't have let you come here." Ernie: Yeah, probably not, but what's done is done. Frieza: "Yes. And you are done. As of now." And he kills you.

27)  You kill the civilian. Then Frieza appears. Frieza: I was going to kill you, but in light of your recent success, I've decided not to. Ernie: Really?! Frieza: "No." And so, Frieza kills you...good day.

28)  You killed Jon Anderson!!!...and you died...goodbye.

29)  You kill the guards. You are then terrified to see Frieza approaching in the distance! You are then relieved to find it was only a Shoprite bag blowing in the wind. You are then terrified to find Frieza right behind you! Frieza: There was a much better solution than killing them, you know. Ernie: Like what? Frieza: Well, like...ANYTHING!!! Sesames: ...Ohhh!!! Frieza: "Well, it's too late now. Goodbye!" And so he kills you.

30)  You kill Sailor Moon. As you are celebrating your pathetically easy victory, Bert mysteriously dies. Then Big Bird. Frieza walks through the door, and Cookie explodes. Ernie: Are you going to kill me too? Frieza: <sarcasm> No, out of all the Sesames, I assume YOU had nothing to do with this. Ernie: Oh good, I was worried for a second there. Frieza: ...

31)  You kill the man. Frieza then causes your faces to collapse. It is painful. Then the rest of you collapses, and you die...goodbye.

32)  Killing this person began a series of seemingly unrelated events which resulted in the destruction of the entire universe, as well as all others.

33)  You kill a person. You mysteriously explode. You suspect this was caused by Frieza, but your suspicions are never proven...the end...

34)  You kill Goku. Frieza appears. Frieza: Now I know I told you to kick his ass, but you weren't supposed to kill him... Ernie: Hey, that's not OUR fault, now is it? Frieza: Um...yes. Yes it is, actually. Bert: Uh oh...

35)  By killing this guy, you set off a seemingly unrelated chain of events that cause the universe to end.

36)  You kill the pantless creature in blind rage. Frieza arrives and smacks you. Frieza: WHY!? WHY NOW!? You were getting so close! Ernie: The T.V. made me do it! Honest! Frieza: ...

37)  Unfortunately (even though this is forced give) you can't hold it. Therefore, you must die...goodbye...

38)  The pantless red gate guard notices you fly over the gate. He call security, who shoot useless shotguns at you. You obliterate them. Then Frieza kills you for breaking the laws of inter-dimensional diplomacy. The end.

39)  You kill the civilian. Frieza appears, beats you, ties your mangles corpses into a mace, and beats Goku over the head with it. He then makes you into a glorious fireworks show, and goes home. Unfortunately, the universe is destroyed. How sad. The end.

40)  You kill the innocent creature. Frieza appears. Frieza: Why did you have to do that? Bert: It was pretty scary... Frieza: Oh please! You live in I.L.T.! You're used to this sort of thing! Cookie: We die now? Frieza: I'm afraid so.

41)  Looks like you killed the wrong dream. The real false dream appears, and you are all consumed by Ernie's fears...the end.

42)  You feverously attack the downed Nitemare king, but to no avail. Shortly, it rises and destroys you.

43)  The Nitemare King finishes charging its attack, and decides to show you its true power!

44)  You can't hold a necessary you die..goodbye...

45)  You are a murderer. For this, you are killed.

46)  You can't hold the item. You must die now.

47)  You step off the balcony, and fall into the abyss, where you die...not the brightest one, are you?

48)  I warned you!

49)  No, it was the other way...oops.

50)  You suddenly die...goodbye.

51)  You pull the lever. The floor opens and you are devoured by ravenous tigers. The end.

52)  You kill the wrong monster. The rest of them become all powerful and kill you.

53)  Don't do stuff unless I tell you to...oops, too late.

54)  You kill the guard. The voice says "Hey! That's cheating! Now you die!!!" And so you do.

55)  You've killed the voice in Ernie's head. Ernie goes crazy and kills you all. Then he explodes. Then this dreamland implodes. The end.

56)  You kill the person. The others get mad and try to kill you, but fail. Then Frieza appears. Frieza: Now what did I tell you before you left? Ernie: Uh...I forget. That was a long time ago. Frieza: Pity...

57)  You kill the man in blind rage. Unfortunately, the cave you're in implodes for whatever reason. The end.

58)  You kill the ticket guy. This, unfortunately, was part of some deranged chiropractor's plan for universal destruction using potato-powered toothbrushes, which is realized immediately. The end.

59)  Ryo has died. You have failed. The end.

60)  In order to have killed this man, you must have been cheating. We don't take too kindly to cheaters 'round these parts...

61)  You killed something. You mysteriously die. You're not sure how, but you assume it had something to do with Frieza. Oh well.

62)  You've killed an innocent person. Ryo: Um...guys, why did you kill that guy? Ernie: "Meh. He was an idiot." Frieza descends from above. Frieza: BLAST IT, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SCREW UP NOW!!!?? YOU WERE SO CLOSE!!!! Ernie: Shut up Frieza! We're sick of taking orders from you! Bert: Yeah! Cookie: Now on, we do what we want! Big Bird: And that includes killing morons like him for no apparent reason! Frieza: ...I really don't care whether you're being serious or not.

Frieza: "You're dead either way!!!" He shouts, and lunges at you. An epic battle ensues, resulting in the destruction of the city, and most of the planet. And though it was fun, you didn't quite win. How sad. The end.

63)  You kill the civilian. Sage: WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?! Bert: He was bothering us, so we took him out. Sai: You people are nuts! Consider our partnership over! We ought to kill you right now! Frieza: I'll handle that if you don't mind. Sai: Huh? Who are you? Frieza: (to Sesames) Rutabagas. Bert: ...Um... Frieza: What does that have to do with the situation? Bert: Um...nothing? Frieza: And what is it I'm about to reduce you to? Bert: Uh... Frieza: Exactly.

64)  The Ronins have died. You have failed. Game over.

65)  You kill the man...why did you kill the man? He wasn't botherin' nobody. Why'd you have to kill him?...oh well. Goodbye.

66)  All of the Ronins are dead. You lose.

67)  You kill the pantless red guy. Frieza appears, looking tired and annoyed. Frieza: (sigh) I know I'm supposed to kill you for this, but...I'm just not in the mood. Besides, who's gonna miss him? Bert: Um...thanks? (Frieza vanishes). Bert: ...hey! We got away with murder! (You send up an enthusiastic cheer, then forget the whole thing ever happened) [not actually a death message, but what the hell]

68)  (Frieza appears and looks down at the dead demon) Frieza: ...whatever. (Frieza vanishes)

69)  A run time error has occurred. Namely, you've killed Tulpa when is should be impossible. There is only one possible solution to this.

70) are completely and utterly evil. [killing the Ronins during the moment of silence]

71)  You kill the girl in response to the nagging voice in your head. Though you are unable to identify it, it sounds very convincing. It gives several very reasonable, well thought our motives for ending her life. Unfortunately, you can't remember a single one of them when Frieza arrives and kills you. The voice bids you farewell as you are reduced to dust.

72)  Ryouko realizes that she cannot win this battle by ordinary means. So, she calls upon the Golden Powercell, which she had apparently borrowed. You are instantly annihilated. Guess that wasn't such a good idea...

73)  You have killed Tenchi. All of the other women here happen to hear his dying screams, and rush over. Upon noticing Tenchi's corpse, they go absolutely insane and begin killing you. You fight valiantly, but just as it appears you may win, Frieza joins them. Ernie gets very desperate and blows up the planet. This pisses Frieza off to no end, and he brings to you horrible death.

74)  Sasami: I win! Bert: Um... Ernie: Ha ha! You lost! Bert: Uh...that was just a practice round! Let's do it one more time. Sasami: Ok, it's your funeral! Ernie: Shove over Bert! I'm playing!


[Ernie has a 70% chance of winning, but should you fail again:]


Ernie: ... Bert: Ha! You're no better. Sasami: I guess that makes you my slaves! Big Bird: Hold on! We get one more try, and this time, we'll all fight you at once. Think you can beat that? Sasami: You bet! Cookie: Girl R fool! We kill now!!!


[You only have a 10% chance of losing this, but if you somehow manage it, here’s what happens:]




Bert: ...we...


Bert: ...we lost?...what the hell?! Is this thing rigged?! Sasami: I guess that means you're my slaves! We'll have so much fun!


(Frieza suddenly appears) Frieza: ...what the hell is wrong with you?! You couldn't beat a little girl in a 4 on 1?! Bert: I don't know...I guess we were just off today. Frieza: That was more than off! That was disgraceful!


And now you're this little girl's slaves?! Bert: ...Kinda- Frieza: IDIOTS! (Frieza gets pissed, grabs you all, and shoves you down Sasami's throat.) Sasami: Why did you do that sir? Frieza: What? You're still alive?...well whatever. Goodbye kid.


(Frieza blasts Sasami into cinders, then leaves. You have died a shameful death.)


75)  Ryouko marches up to Aeka. They begin bickering, and just when it looks as though this will be boring, they attack. The battle is fierce. Unfortunately, Ryouko gets a bit carried away at the end and uses the Golden Powercell, destroying the planet. And you. Hmm...guess that plan didn't work out too well...

76)  Ryouko's beam crashes down, instantly vaporizing the women, then the planet. Then you.

77)  You kill the person. You're not sure why; you just did. And now, you must die...goodbye.

78)  You have killed Violet Eyes. An angry mob nails you to a wall and burns you.

79)  You drop your weapons, and surrender yourselves to the enormous army of minions approaching you. They deliver you to the kitchen, where you are cooked with your friends, and eaten alive by Brer Fox and Brer Bear. In the pit of their stomachs, you experience physical and spiritual torment which can only be described as Hell. Your fear and lack of confidence has brought this quest to a tragic end. Your Masters are consumed by a darkness of their own creation, and as for the will never know its fate.

80)  Suddenly, the walls around you come alive with fierce energy. You have sprung a deadly trap. You are surrounded by light, and blasted into atoms. You are no more.

81)  You have cheated. Cheating is not allowed in this game.

82)  WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?!?!?! [killing your master or friends in the final scene]

83)  In order to have done this, you must have cheated. You will not cheat in my game.