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                                      Welcome to The Samurai Champloo Hangout!
This is my new layout! It's about time I changed my layout from a background picture to a professional layout. Also ill have ALOT of new episode downloads up and ton's of images of Samurai Champloo!
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OK Site is coming along real Well! Please click on mod-chip ad's!
Sunday, October 24th, 2005
Alright, I added a whole bunch of GBA roms. I added 6 psp roms up 4 downloading. And 2 PS2 ISO's. The Full episode section is online and is now in bittorrent form. I am sorry for the inconvenience from direct downloading like before but hey torrent's are ALOT more better. Also The entire series of Love Hina, .Hack//Sign, and Samurai Champloo are up for downloading!. I hope every1 is enjoying my hard work and continue 2 download and support this website by clicking the mod-chip ad's. Thank you and ill keep updating!

Featured Ps2 Iso's:



OK BiG UpDate! Please click on mod-chip ad's!
Sunday, October 23rd, 2005

Ok EVERY1! I added a whole load of GBA roms. Also I will have some PSP ROMS up! Yes PSP ROMS, so ill have a step by step guide up that'll show you how to add PSP roms to your psp. Also, I know every1 wants the episode download section back up. I am trying my best to get it all set. The only thing is, no1 is clicking on the mod-chip ad's. So please continue to click on the mod-chip ad's for me. Also here is today's featured GBA RomS.



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New Website! The New Samurai Champloo Layout!
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005

Hey Everybody! Well based on your clicking on the mod-chip.com ad's I was able to have a new site up and running again! My new Samurai Champloo website is up now. Everything will be perfect now and I really need everyone to Donate with paypal to help me pay for the server. PLEASE! Donate in any way possible. Ill really appreciate it and if you click on the mod-chip ads that'll give me 2 cents per click. So PLEASE keep it up! Thanks Guys! All these episodes that are now up are because of you heheh. OH and here is a mod-chip ad for you guys to keep clicking for me!

Goal: $129.99
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Thank's For Donating!
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