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Featuring screencaps from episodes 149, 155-156, and 166-167.

Episode 149.
(Kagura approces Rin and Jaken asking about Sesshoumaru's whereabouts.)
Kagura approaches... Kagura asks and Jaken gets... jealous?
Episode 155-156
(Manga chapters 318-322)
Kagura watches Sesshoumaru enter the gate in 156...
Their companion shot from the sixth opening theme "Angelus." Sesshoumaru approaches Kagura. Kagura has a proposition. Leading him to the gateway Standing startlingly close...
Episode 166-167
(Manga chapters 350-351)
Jealous Jaken. :p Sesshoumaru looks away...
After rescuing Kagura. (How is Sess still dry? O.o) A bit surprised at having woken up alive... And then upset... Sesshoumaru remains emotionless. Kagura is surprised by Sesshoumaru's statement.
Rin jumps in after unconscious Kagura.
Sesshoumaru senses someone. After being blasted by Gouryoumaru, Kagura floats down river...
Offering him the fuyouheki. Watching on... Still watching... Kagura prepares to leave... Flying away... Just one more time I thought I could... A feather's eye view of Sesshoumaru.
Sesshoumaru speaks of Naraku... Sesshoumaru looks to her. "Jaken-sama, I think Kagura is in love with Sesshoumaru-sama."
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