1820 Settler Dyason, Joseph

Name of Settler
Dyason, Joseph - age 36
Name of Wife
It is not recorded whether his wife Mary Ann nee Hunt or Hope came to the Cape with him.
Name and ages of children
Ann (7). (Joseph Dyason aged 13, son of Isaac Dyason, was listed as accompanying this family.
A member of Dyason's party, sailed aboard the Zoroaster from the Downs on 12 January 1820 and arrived in Simon's Bay on 30 April 1820. The settlers were then trans-shipped to the Brilliant and arrived in Algoa Bay on 15 May 1820.

Another child, Susanna Dyason, born 1816 and died 14 10 1818 was born to the family before departure.

Joseph investigated the possibility of utilising the Kowie River as a landing place for further settlers. During 1821 it was reported in the Grahamstown Journal that "The first boat that was known to go into the Kowie River was a small punt from the colonial brig "Locust" under sail off its mouth. Under the personal order and direction of Sir Rufane Donkin, messrs Dyason and Hughes got into the punt with a good pair of oars. The two rowed themselves safely into the river. The brig made sail and returned to Algoa Bay."

In 1821 Joseph was appointed harbour Master and resigned in 1823. On 26 April 1823, he sailed for England on board the Sir Edward Pagnet where he remained.

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