Past Puppies...
Now With Loving Families
Sevits Corgis strives to place puppies with loving forever families.  Our goal is to make the puppy and the new owner as happy as possible.  See what our past customers have to say about their new corgi buddy...
Name: Link
Litter: Chase/Toby June '07
Location: California
Comments: Link is a great puppy!...  And sooo handsome!! He has been a joy since day 1.  We feel so lucky to have Link! 
Name: Gizmo
Litter: Chase/Toby June'07
Location: Wisconsin
Comments: He is a great dog full of energy and very loving...He is full of energy 24/7. 
Name: Grace
Litter: Chase/Toby June '07
Location: Texas
Comments: She is a handful....she loves my grandkids....I love her. 
Name: Jack
Litter: Chase/Toby Dec '07
Location: Topeka, KS
Comments: He gets along great with my other pets and I can't imagine this house without him now! :)
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