Working TFT 8.4" LCD with Inverter and Controller Card

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Great for in dash LCD in cars for a MP3 player!!!.  Originally made for my 240sx which i just had an accident with. : ( so i am selling this whole package in working condition. Just the controller card cost me $200 plus. This a fast PCI Lcd controller usess the C&T 65555 chip not those cheap ISA cards that only have 1M of memory.  And you wouldn't believe how much time i put into getting the LCd specification..   Every thing is ready to go ..  just plug in the PCI controller card and tap the 12v off the power supply or the LCD controller itself............ Take a took at my photos below.  This is an all digital setup .. way...... clearer then a composite video setup.
Suggestions : TV via the usb port ,... playstaion emulation with bleem or VGS ,,,, game boy, ..  super nintendo ?? .. what ever you can think of......

Things included with this package are:

8.4" Sharp LCD part # LQ9D011
Inverter that takes 12v
PCI LCD controller card
The cable that being used with the LQ9D011 ( an IDE cable )
Manuals and pin outs


The LCD is a Color Sharp TFT, Resolution is 640 x 480
The PCI LCD controlr uses the CHIPS and Technologies 65555 chip suports both CTR and LCd at the same time.
Soupport from 640 x 480 up to 1280 x 1024 DSTN or TFT, from 256 color to 16M colors

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Here are some photo of the set up and wiring..  Note!!! .. The LCD is crystal clea,r it is just the photo that's not..   It's hard to get good pictures with LCDs........

Loading Windows 2000

hum.... and i thought win 2000 is stable

here you see the pci card , the cable , LCd and the Inverter

nice wall paper huh ??

online with netscape and Real player

Runing Street fighter 2 with Callus Arcade emulation

just another shot with SF2


another game with Callus

Bid on it!!!:

Pin out for LQ9D001 and LQ9D023