How To Generate Targeted Traffic...and Cash In On It.

We all know that generating traffic to your site is creating a flow of visitors, but what is targeted traffic? Targeted traffic simply refers to visitors who are actually interested in the topic of your product or service. Targeted traffic will greatly out produce non-targeted traffic in terms of open rate, click through rate, and sales conversions rates. I'd rather have 10,000-targeted leads than 1,000,000 non-targeted leads. Emailing a bunch of people who don't care about what you have to offer is a waste of your time and theirs.

This technique is now commonly referred to as Spamming. Spamming can get you in trouble and cause you to loose your ISP. There is absolutely no excuse for Spamming these days. There are many other legit methods for marketing your products or services. Email marketing is still one of the most cost effective forms of advertising on the Internet, but it must be permission based or opt-in email marketing. Opt-in email marketing will produce much greater results than unsolicited email or Spam.

Building your own list is an intimidating task for many people, but it is very easy to do. Basically you must capture the email addresses of people who visit you site. This can be done by offering them a bonus and getting them to subscribe to your newsletter. The second step is to stay in contact with your list by providing them good information through a weekly newsletter or monthly bulletin. Make sure you provide your list with good, valuable content.

By building a list of subscribers, you will be building a targeted group of potential customers that you can use to offer your own products or affiliate products to. You can also use your list as leverage to participate in joint venture with other ezine owners and Webmasters. Your list is a powerful thing.

Another great way to build your list and actually make money at the same time is to sell your prospects information and then add them to your list. This list will be superior to your freebee list because it will be made up of customers who have already proven themselves to be buyers and are interested in the types of products that you are offering. You will also want to stay in contact with this list as you would any other one, by providing a newsletter or bulleting.

One very important thing here that I must note; in order to sell information as you build your list you must be able to generate the targeted leads to advertise to. I have found an excellent system for generating over 2,000 fresh leads a day. These are not just any old leads either; these are real people who are active Internet marketers. How do I know? They are in the process of posting ads when they agree to receive email from me. For the information that I sell, these are the most targeted leads that you could ever find.

This technique of producing targeted traffic in known as reverse marketing and it is very effective. I have a coordinated portfolio of FFA networks that produce these active leads for me every single day. The way that everything is setup allows me to easily and quickly collect my email leads everyday. I also have everything setup so that I earn a nice residual income from the same companies that help produce the leads. You couldn't ask for a sweeter combination here. Income and email leads that you actually need. There is one source that will teach you everything that I have mentioned here in much greater detail than I can get into here. This source will explain to you all the techniques and resources that are needed in order to for you to generate all the traffic you can handle and build income at the same time.

(NOTE: This article has been reprinted from with permission.)