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Compensation Plans:
Simply advertise your ClickBucks Gateway Website
to generate new affiliates.

You'll earn $0.50 to $4 per new SFI Full Access Affiliate
(an affiliate who has confirmed their SFI registration).
The exact amount you will earn will depend on the activity of the CB signup after they've confirmed their registration.

To clarify, we are monitoring for "normal" behavior (as seen in non-ClickBucks-generated affiliates). If your sign-ups do not exhibit "normal" behavor, the maximum amount you can earn is $0.50 per affiliate, and you will not be allowed to continue to participate in ClickBucks if this becomes a trend for your sign-ups.
You will also receive 1 SVP for every $2 earned. Generate as few as five qualified signups, and you could earn 10 SVP and EA status! Plus, your upline will earn CV (50% of the amount you receive).

NOTE: Amount payouts are SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

IMPORTANT: Be sure you understand that affiliates you generate via the ClickBucks program WILL enter the Powerline under you (if you are an Executive Affiliate), but sponsorship of the affiliates is awarded to other SFI affiliates who have purchased Eagle Co-op units. You cannot earn Executive Matches or Team Matches on ClickBucks-generated affiliates. ClickBucks affiliates will also not be counted as retail sales.
Put simply, if you participate in the ClickBucks program, you get paid upfront, but you give up all the long-term sponsorship benefits and residuals. Please make sure you carefully consider this before participating in ClickBucks.
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