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Hi, my name is Tim. If you are at this site, odds are you asked me for more information about SFI. Hopefully, this will answer any questions you may have. If not, email me and I will personally see to it that you get the information you require.
Since 1998, SFI has been leading the Internet income revolution with its cutting edge affiliate program that empowers even average people to earn $20, $50, even $100 per hour working from their home computer.
SFI has shown millions of men and women from over 200 countries worldwide how to cash in on the Internet. In fact, our system is so successful that OVER 8000 people join SFI every week!


SFI is totally
FREE for affiliates to join. And there's absolutely NO OBLIGATION. SFI provides you with FREE Websites, a FREE course that teaches you everything you need to know to make money online ($295 value), and hundreds of exciting products to stock your online store shelves with.
Plus, SFI takes care of all orders, product shipments, and customer
service for you.
You just have to cash the commission checks!
"The simplicity of the SFI system has helped me to develop a six- figure income coming right out of college."
C Fuchs, CO, USA
"WOW, this program is the one that delivers everything they say and more!"
S Beveridge, CANADA
"This, by far, has to be the best Internet business on the Web to- date. It definitely has no equal."
R Collins, NJ, USA
"I have researched dozens of companies. SFI is simply the most powerful and productive!"
"I have never seen a system this impressive that does so much so quickly!"
P Dunaway, CA, USA
"The SFI program works! I cannot recommend any other affiliate program more strongly."
P Bates, AL, USA
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