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Compensation Plans:
Executive Bonus

The SFI Network Builder Program (NBP) has three parts. Part one is the Executive Bonus. Just become an Executive Affiliate (EA), and you'll start earning a share of every sale and purchase from every SFI affiliate worldwide who joints SFI after you (see diagram!) Not just once, but every month you maintain EA status! The bigger SFI grows, the bigger your share can become!
The Executive Bonus is based on SFI's companywide "Powerline." What's a Powerline? Simply put, it's a line that grows infinitely deeper, as every SFI affiliate is placed, one after another, in the line.
Every affiliate who joins SFI after you is placed under you in the Powerline. And you can earn income from each one by simply becoming an Executive Affiliate (EA). Becoming an EA locks in your position in the Powerline.
Once you've locked in your position, you'll start earning a share of all the commissions generated by every affiliate under you in the Powerline. And not just once, but every month so long as you remain an Executive Affiliate.
Executive Match
Minimum Qualification Rank: Executive Affiliate

Part two of the SFI Network Builder Program (NBP) is the Executive Match. The Executive Match is the first step to creating a sizable residual income stream.
For every affiliate you refer to SFI who becomes an Executive Affiliate (EA), you'll earn a 100% to 200% matching bonus (of their Executive Bonus), then a 50% matching bonus each month thereafter! There's not limit to how many matching bonuses you can earn each month, and referring affiliates to SFI is easy because it's free to join.
For each person who becomes an SFI Affiliate and then upgrades to the rank of Executive Affiliate (EA), you'll earn a matching commission!
Whatever your sponsored affiliate's Executive Bonus is, YOU earn a matching bonus.
For the first month, this is a 100% match. And you can double that to 200% by generating two or more new Executive Matches in the same month (see earnings example below.)
For each month thereafter that they remain an EA, you will earn a 50% match. If they earn $10, you earn $5. If they earn $12, you earn $6, and so on.
Because joining SFI is free and because becoming an EA requires no purchases, building a group of affiliates on whom you earn Executive Matches every month is easy. And there's no limit to how many affiliates you can refer or how many matches you can earn!

Five affiliates you referred to SFI became EAs this month. They each earned an Executive Bonus of $10.
You earned a $10 (100%) match on the first and a $20 (200%) match on the second-fifth EAs. Total: $90.
In prior months, you referred 20 EAs, who each earned a $10 Executive Bonus this month. You earned $5 (50%) on each of these 20 EAs for a total of $100. Grand total Executive Matches you earned this month: $190.
Team Match
Minimum Qualification Rank: Team Leader

Team Matches allow you to tap into the bank-account-bursting power of Leveraged Income and the exponential growth that can occur in your group over time.
With Executive Matches, you created an income stream based on your Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs). Team Matches now take your income to a whole new level by allowing you to earn handsome "override" commissions on all the affiliates your PSAs refer to SFI.
Please review the Powerline diagram at right. Note the "2G's." A 2G is the term we use for an affiliate sponsored by one of your PSAs. For every 2G below you in the Powerline, you earn an 8% Team Match (that is, you earn 8% of whatever the 2G's Executive Bonus is) starting with that affiliate's second month as an EA.
"2G" is short for "Second Generation Affiliate." We use the term "generation" because of it's similarity to a family structure. That is, if PSAs are your "children," then an an affiliate "born" from your children would be "second generation" to you. Hence, a "2G."
Team Matches don't stop there though. You'll also earn 8% Team Matches on every 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, and 7G in your Powerline--no matter how deep they are below you--starting with their second month as EAs.
3G = Affiliate sponsored by one of your 2Gs4G = Affiliate sponsored by one of your 3Gs5G = Affiliate sponsored by one of your 4Gs6G = Affiliate sponsored by one of your 5Gs7G = Affiliate sponsored by one of your 6Gs
Network Builder's Program
Look How Fast Your Team Can Grow!

If you and every affiliate you refer to SFI refers just 2 new affiliates per month, here are the number of affiliates you'll have in generations on which you earn Team Matches:

After month 3 - 4 affiliates
After month 4 - 8 affiliates
After month 5 - 16 affiliates
After month 6 - 32 affiliates
After month 7 - 64 affiliates
After month 8 - 128 affiliates
After month 9 - 256 affiliates
After month 10 - 512 affiliates
After month 11 - 1,024 affiliates
After month 12 - 2,048 affiliates
After month 13 - 4,096 affiliates
After month 14 - 8,192 affiliates
After month 15 - 16,384 affiliates
There is no limit to how many Team Matches you can earn each month. Over time, the six generations that you earn Team Matches on can grow to hundreds or even thousands of affiliates (see chart)!
Note: "Dynamic compression" is also used with Team Matches. This major income boosting feature means that for every generation that is NOT a Team Leader, the Team Match commission "rolls up" a generation, allowing you to actually earn Team Matches far beyond just seven generations! Infinitely deep in fact!
Tying It All Together

The Executive Bonus (EB), Executive Match (EM) and Team Match (TM) are all closely tied together. Understand the relationship between these three components, and you'll have a solid grasp of the compensation plan for SFI's Network Builder Program.
Everything starts with SFI's Executive Affiliates (EA). Every EA earns an Executive Bonus each month.
The Executive Bonus for each EA is calculated at the end of each month. The exact amount of the Executive Bonus is determined by the total amount of sales under each EA in the Powerline (See more on this here).
Executive Matches and Team Matches are then calculated and paid based on the amount of the Executive Bonuses. That's it!
9 Things To Love:

1. Clean, simple, fair!
2. Fast, generous payouts!
3. EAs get a guaranteed check every month (Executive Bonus), and can be in profit with just a handful of recruits.
4. Earn 50% to 200% matches monthly on every EA you personally sponsor, PLUS 8% matches monthly on every 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G and 7G in your Powerline.
5. You only need to be a Team Leader to immediately start earning SIX compressed generations of override commissions (Team Matches). And the qualifications for Team Leader are realistic and attainable for all.
6. Unlimited earnings potential! If everyone sponsors just five affiliates, you would have 5 affiliates in your first generation, 25 in your second, 125 in your third, 625 in your fourth, 3,125 in your fifth, 156,25 in your sixth, and 78,125 in your seventh!
7. Income streams from which you are earning can never be blocked so long as you maintain your basic EA/Team Leader qualifications.
8. "Orphan commissions" (for non-active affiliates) are automatically rolled up to active upline members.
9. Compression is utilized on Team Matches, which means you can earn override commissions infinitely deep in your Powerline!

The PSA earned an Executive Bonus (EB) this month of $10.
As this person's sponsor you earn the Executive Match. Because this was your second new PSA this month earning an EB, your Executive Match is $20 (Your PSA's $10 EB x 200%).
Your sponsor is a Team Leader (TL) and there are five more TLs above him. Each of these six TLs earn an 8% Team Match (Your PSA's $10 EB x 8% = $0.80.)
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