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Compensation Plans:
NOC Fundraiser Program
The (NOC) Fundraiser
Program allows you to help your favorite
nonprofit (NPO) organizations raise needed
funds...while at the same time setting yourself
up to earn a handsome income potentially for
years to come on sales to thousands of people.
The NPO earns 80% of the Net Bounty on all
sales it generates.
The SFI affiliate who refers the NPO to NOC
is compensated as follows:

If your rank is...                           You earn:
               Affiliate                                   7.5% of the Net Bounty
               EA (Executive Affiliate)             15% of the Net Bounty

5% of the Net Bounty is also paid as an override to the Sponsor of the SFI affiliate who referred the NPO. Note: To receive fundraiser override commissions, you must maintain the minimum rank of Executive Affiliate.
Commissions on fundraisers will automatically be paid for one year from the date of the NPO’s sign-up date. To continue to receive said commissions beyond one year, you must maintain the minimum rank of Executive Affiliate.

1. An NPO you personally referred to NOC has sales generating $4,000 in Net Bounties.
The NPO would earn 80% ($3,200)
You would earn 15% ($600)
Your SFI Sponsor would earn 5% ($200)

2. Personally refer just five NPOs doing $4,000 each in Net Bounties each month and teach five of your personally sponsored affiliates how to likewise refer five NPOs each doing $4,000 each month. You would earn a total of $8,000 per month ($96,000 per year) for these just 30 referrals (five personal referrals and 25 referrals by your personally sponsored affiliates).
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