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Compensation Plans:
NOC Merchant Program
Refer merchants to the NOC program and create
amazing residual income streams. You can make
money every time someone makes a purchase at
the stores you refer to NOC...
for LIFE!

Merchants are very attracted to NOC's no-risk,
"pay only for results" system. And because
there's no cost to enroll, and they can promote
unlimited offers through NOC, signing up
merchants is easy.
When a merchant signs up with NOC and creates an offer, they will designate the amount they will pay NOC each time the offer is redeemed. This amount is known as the Gross Bounty.
The SFI affiliate who referred the merchant to NOC will earn a Royalty, equalling 8% of the Gross Bounty, each time the offer is redeemed.
The sponsor of the referring affiliate will earn an Override Royalty,equalling 2% of the Gross Bounty, each time the offer is redeemed.

Royalties will automatically be paid to the referring affiliate for one year from the date of the Merchantís sign-up date. To continue to receive Royalties beyond one year, the referring affiliate must maintain the minimum rank of Executive Affiliate.
To receive Override Royalties, you must maintain the minimum rank of Executive Affiliate.

1. You refer a merchant to NOC that creates an offer with a $20 Gross Bounty. One hundred customers a month redeem the offer for a total of $2,000 in Gross Bounties. You would earn $160 (8% of $2000) per month and your sponsor would earn $40 (2% of $2000) from this single merchant! Refer more merchants to increase your total income.

2. Personally refer just five merchants doing $2,000 each in Gross Bounties each month and teach five of your personally sponsored affiliates how to likewise refer five merchants each doing $2,000 each month. You would earn a total of $1800 per month ($21,600 per year) for these just 30 referrals (five personal referrals and 25 referrals by your personally sponsored affiliates).
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