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Compensation Plans:
The global market for digital music is EXPLODING
and is expected to hit nearly $15 billion in sales by 2010
(that's up from just $2.7 billion in 2005). As an SFI
affiliate you are positioned perfectly to profit from this
massive music revolution—thanks to new SFI division,

For each song purchased (retail sale*), you'll earn up to a $.20 commission. Your sponsor will earn up to $.05 per song (provided their rank is at least Executive Affiliate).
Note that songs are normally purchased via packs of song credits of 10, 20 or 40. Therefore, if you refer a friend to TuneFlow and he purchases 40 song credits, you'll earn up to $8 in commissions, plus 5 SVP.

If Your Rank Is:                        You Earn:
                  Affiliate                                      $.10 per song
                  Executive Affiliate                       $.20 per song

Tip: Sell just two packs of 40 song credits each month to earn $16 and an EA-qualifying 10 SVP (which earns you an additional Executive Bonus.)

Retail Price                  CV             SVP

10 Song Credits          $9.99 ($0.99/song)              $2.50           $1.25

20 Song Credits          $17.80 ($0.89/song)            $5.00           $2.50

30 Song Credits          $31.60 ($0.79/song)            $10.00         $5.00

NOTE: in-network sales of song credits (purchases by SFI affiliates), CV is paid out per the Network Builder comp plan.