The South Florida Reef Research Team, Inc.

      The South Florida Reef Research Team, Inc. (SFRRT) was formed as a non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code for the purpose of gathering data on the reef systems of Broward County, Florida.  Members are volunteers interested in observing, collecting and documenting physical and biological information and specimens from the natural and artificial reef.

     The aim of this origination is to train non-scientists in the proper methodology to gather and store information that is acceptable, retrievable and useful to the reef builders, users and the scientific community through the establishment of a public reef data base.  Appropriate agencies will interpret the value of the data gathered off the natural and artificial reefs over an extended period of time.   Scientific, commercial and other interested parties will be allowed free access to the data in order to interpret its relation to economic, environmental and recreational activities.

      The only source of funds has been through dues, donations and one grant.

      One dive a month is required to collect our data.  The smallest boat available to take us where we need to go is a six passenger and the owner/captain likes to have six paying customers when he goes out to sea.  That relates to 6 divers once a month, a minimum charge of $35 each equals $210.00 per month, equals $2,100.00 per year for 5 years, that's $12,600.00 just for the ride to the site.  This does not reflect the cost of any of their equipment/travel nor does it included the sampling equipment we use.

      Our members are expected to pay their own way on the dive boats we go out on.  Each team member brings their own gear, pays to have their own air tanks filled and spends half a day collecting data each and every time we go out.

      We presently have continuos data on three sites since 1993.  There is no way this could be done with out volunteers spending a lot of their time and own money !!

      No one has been paid, collected a salary, or been paid to solicit for us.

The South Florida Reef Research Team, Inc.

      It is now necessary to get our data on line and easily accessed for users. Your help is needed to cover basic expenses such as: salinity, DO & free oxygen monitors, camera equipment, film it's processing into both diskettes, slides & prints. The cost of obtaining and maintaining our data has been on just a few volunteers.

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