Ambassador Elliott Boyd




    This is the homepage of  Ambassador  Elliott Boyd. Here you will find his biographical information and all other pertinent data on this officer.

Name: Elliott Boyd
Age: 42
Home Planet: Earth
Rank: Ambassador (Commander)
Position: Chief Diplomatic Officer
Ship: The Citadel


Starfleet Background

Elliott joined the Diplomatic Core at Starfleet Command as a clerk after graduating the Academy. He stayed in that position for 2 years. Then Yeoman Boyd was transferred to the USS Socrates as the captain's Yeoman. While aboard the Socrates Elliott made the decision that he wanted to be an Ambassador someday.  He distinguished himself during this point in time. Elliott's work with the sensitive materials that he dealt with during the Federation's negotiations with the Romulans drew the attention of his superiors.

He was promoted to the rank of  Lt.Jg. and give the position of Diplomatic Aide and assigned to the Office of the Federation Ambassador on Starbase 15 near the Cardassian border. During his time there Boyd was involved in several successful negotiations with civilizations the wished to join the  Federation of Planets.  He was wounded in one unsuccessful negotiation and spent 9 months recuperating in a hospital on Earth. He received several citations and the Federation Distinguished Service Ribbon for bravery for his part in the conflict.  He was also promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Due to his hard work and his willingness to deal with peoples that others were not he was eventually granted the rank of Envoy-General (Lt. Commander) He became known as one of Starfleet's best diplomatic officers with a success rate of 90% for negotiation.

When the position of Chief Diplomatic Officer became available on the Strikeforce Citadel Boyd who had returned to duty sent in a request for transfer. He saw an opportunity that he could not turn down.  He is the Fleet Ambassador and has his office on the Citadel however, He is on loan throughout Starfleet.

 He was transferred in early 2079 to Starfleet Special Ops-- a newly formed group in the Delta Quadrant and is promoted to the rank of Commander. He functions as the Fleet's Chief Diplomatic Officer and the first person that Delta Quadrant alien species will meet when First Contact is established.

Academy Information

Elliott had entered the Academy knowing that he wanted to be a diplomat. There were not a lot of Diplomatic cadets in his year and he found himself in a position of being a bit of an outsider. Elliott discovered that he had a penchant for language and culture. He minored in Ancient Earth History. Although he did not have many close friends  Elliott found that he was able to mix with many different types of people. He got the name of "Morpho" from those who knew him best. He always seemed to know how to find a way to deescalate difficult situations.

Elliott did well at the Academy but he was more of an original thinker and often found himself on the other side of many of the lecturers.  In time he won the respect of his professors because he could defend his position with  honesty and integrity. His attention to details and semi-photographic memory helped him a great deal in his studies.

Background Information

Elliott is the oldest child in a family of 6. His mother was a school teacher and his father a lawyer on Earth.  His father died when Elliot was 13 and he took over the leadership of the family. When he was 19 he entered the Academy and left the family's matter in the hands of his next oldest sister.  She has contacted him every week since to let him know how the family is. He is devoted to his family and they are a major focal point of his life. His youngest brother  Eric has just entered the Academy's Engineering Department specializing in structural engineering.

He is quiet and thoughtful but is also charming and possesses a keen skill at observing the cultural and linguistic characteristics of those he meets. He enjoys  archery and fencing and often uses the Holodeck for practicing.  Elliott is a very spiritual individual and finds the religious beliefs of cultures fascinating. He tries to live his life by what some has called an unbelievably high standard of ethics.

Elliott is a cat lover and had a large, old Calico named Plato that he has been a kitten. Plato is  Elliott's only remaining link to  his partner. His partner  of 10 years was killed in the failed negotiations near the Cardassian border three  years ago. Elliott is still grieving his loss but has decided that it is time to move on and has thrown himself back into his work full force.




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